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Prozess Name: Microsoft Synchronization Manager

Produkt: Windows Vista

Support: Hilfe Link   Update Link   Deinstallationsprogramm  

Firma: Microsoft

Datei: mobsync.exe


"mobsync.exe" ist ein Teil der mobilen Synchronisation des Internet Explorer Webbrowsers. Er synchronisiert Offline-Webseiten und bearbeitete Offline-Dokumente, Kalender und E-Mail-Mitteilungen. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/mobsync.exe.html 

Wichtig: Die Datei "mobsync.exe" befindet sich im Ordner C:\Windows\System32. Wenn das nicht der Fall ist, handelt es sich bei mobsync.exe um einen Virus, Spyware, Trojaner oder Worm! Überprüfen Sie dieses z.B. mit Security Task Manager.

Viren mit gleichem Namen:
WORM_SDBOT.CNT - Trend Micro
und andere...

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Kommentare über mobsync.exe:
Microsoft Synchronization Manager Alex
Application that is associated with Internet Explorer and used to update the network copy of materials that are edited offline, such as documents, calendars, and email messages. Ebula
See the link to eliminate mobsync.exe  Siehe auch: Link
mobsync can be used to synchronize offline files and folders in Microsoft environment Jane Hall
It also appears in the Windows Startup list (msconfig). You can't switch off it via msconfig, altough you can uncheck it, but after restarting of Windows, it appears again. To switch off mobsync.exe do the following steps: Double click on "My Computer", choose "Tools" from the main menubar then select "Folder Options...", then select "Offline Files" pane and finally uncheck "Enable offline files". Lazlow
It's stealing my data. Patrice
If you do not use IE or the offline parts of IE, as in you use FireFox. You can stop mobsync.exe running to reduce the amount of stuff thats starts with windows. The Hippy
part if IE, normal windoz crap  Siehe auch: Link NetWanderer
mobsync.exe is a process associated with Internet Explorer and is used to synchronize the offline pages you have chosen to be stored locally with the matching online pages. louis
sync manager XP
it sets itself in a few directories bob the builder
Installed with winME , win2000PRO, wniXP. M$ second back door #1 MediaPlayer. Spybot always finds it even if you Stopped it with Winpatrol. Never Let any M$ OS access the WEB before installing and Running Spybpt,IndexdatSuite,Winpatrol,Trackless,CCleaner,jvPowertools,ZA, Unless you dont care that M$ and most other Venders CALL HOME BILL MacGregor
Online runs once you start using offline caching Ben
Another strange ?useless? windows service. Better turn it off and block it from contacting the internet. dumbledor
When trying to delete it from c:\winnt\system32 and c:\winnt\system32\dllcache it rewrote itself back. I restarted in safe mode and renamed all the mobsync.* files to crap.* then disabled it from restarting. After restartng in normal mode it was gone. Very Strange...almost virus like. rmckinjr
Many businesses with corporate domains rely on network shares to store user data. If you are on such a nework, disabling this program may result in a loss of data. It's best to leave it running, as it invokes no consequential performance hit. Tom
Disable Offline Files from Control Panel and mobsync will stop running sprabs
to remove mobsynce.exe errors go to start/run/search/mobsynce.exe.....when the list comes up ind the most recent entry by date and delete that file....then go to msconfig and uncheck the box in the startup menu this should l cler your error message LemansbluC6
It's short for Mobile Sync, syncs media files (music, pictures and videos) with mobile devices (mp3 player, video player, camera) though USB using Media Tranport Protocol (MTP).  Siehe auch: Link Tae Song
50% CPU utlization hit with 8MB of resource memory taken. This is a resource hog so not sure why posters here would so otherwise. This should be removed/disabled at all cost. Nads
The file is as Tom said. The exception is when you are not on a network shared with other people. Then its good to disable and prevent it from being misued by an internet hijacker or hacker Ryan
apparently my keyboard lost thr letters n an y, however they reappeard after stopping mobsync.exe THH
The exe is used to sync data with another computer, if working correctly it is not a reasource hog, and should not be taking up a huge amount of your cpu. If you have no need for syncing the data to another computer/location, the process is not needed, however, if your on a network, or a network that is being maintaned by someone, you should not mess with it whatsoever. Darcy
It syncronizes offline webpages etc. on the internet upon logon/logoff. If you don't use onffline web pages/offline email, then dissable it. Trevor
addition to active sync, sync folders/files on sd-card etc. with folders/files on the PC Makes active sync more useful Gerd B.
Controls Windows Mobile Phones from Your Dektop Kris Watson
It´s stealing my RAM Martin
It syncs offline files during logon and logoff times. This is not a service as some one quoted above.  Siehe auch: Link Claudia
Mobile and Network S(t)ync. It is very stupid and annoying, but I need it at work to sync my computer with the network, unfortunately. I wish that we used Linux!  Siehe auch: Link Fiskwagarn
Mob Sync means "mobile syncronizer" - It synchronizes your windows phone with your pc.  Siehe auch: Link Informatie_de_PC
Slows down my computer extremely during start. Slows down IE and Firefox. jgt
The file doesn't do anything harmful for system,mobsync.exe doesn't take RAM memory[when it is opened automatically it takes 1364 KB] even for 3 seconds,besides,none of the antivirus I used/use considers as a harmful file.so I think it's not dangerous. Vazha Gelashvili
it might be data stealing but u can disatable it witht his comand sc config CscService start= disabled , then restart on W7 jehovah

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