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Process name: Catalyst Control Center: Monitoring program or ccc-core-static

Product: Catalyst Control Centre or Catalyst Control Center - Branding or Catalyst Control Center or AMD VISION Engine Control Center

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Advanced Micro Devices (amd.com) or ATI Technologies (ati.com)

File: MOM.exe

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of MOM.exe: based on 84 votes. Read also the 45 reviews.

  • 1061 users ask for this file. 42 users rated it as not dangerous. 14 users rated it as not so dangerous. 18 users rated it as neutral. 2 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 8 users rated it as dangerous. 8 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about MOM.exe:
Its a part of ATI's Catalyst Control Centre, harmless i guess. Mr Plenty
ATI installed program
It is something to do with of catalyst control centre Daniel
mom.exe is a Catalyst Control Center
ATi Catalyist process  See also: Link Digdeep
ati driver enrico
ATI File- Its in the ATI folder, but im unsure whether or not its needed. I would venture a guess that it is DMONIC
Braucht Grafikproggy Ritterchen
comment supprimer mom.exe Abdelwahab Hamrouni
a cataylst control center.moniters the status of the ati program and processes...dont delete it... ChiefFluffykins
installed and my system is clean, I have ATI CCC so I assume it is OK, having no problems. Ximvader
Essential for Catalyst Control Center keeker
just found it and stopped the process, hasn't effected display but computer works better Soroya
I run Radeon HD 4650 it came in the driver install Fallout3 Champ
Ati Control, for your video card don't delete Jon N
MOM.exe is directly related to your graffics and is usually preinstalled on your computer from ati technologies, it monitors the graffics and the cards that you use and reports to the catylist control center  See also: Link challam1064
Stand 2010  See also: Link Frankdakrank
Takes a lot of ram out, I don't know why.... Luke
installed by ati drivers
The problems accur after installation of ATI drivers Needo
My computer slowed to a crawl playing games. I deleted MOM.exe now it works fine. Spyware Hater.
ati graphics george
Catalyst Control monitoring system. Barely uses RAM. Typically 1,900 KB. Johnathan Van Prooyen
Harmless file that helps monitor graphics. Made by ATI. Andrew
MoM.exe-Application Error sajib
Its for AMD Graphics cards, Its whats needed to keep it running well, If you dont have AMD you dont need it POOTIS
MOM.exe is normally a part of a program called the ATI Catalyst Control Center.The program is generally harmless and MOM.exe it should not be deleted aphrodite k.
Ati Graphic Card Timm638
It dramatically slows your computer. I've got it on my computer and its not doing anything but it looks quite mysterious for a .exe file to be called MOM. I don't want to delete it and wreck my computer, I've scanned it with Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and the report is saying its safe. I don't have any problems with it so far but reading the reviews and votes I've wondered whether it would improve the CPU usage of other system processes, therefore increasing the speed of the computer. Anonymous
its a spyware andy
MOM.exe is directly related to your graffics
ATI Catalyst Control program. Harmless. WolfRunner
try installing dot net 4.0 neer
Monitoring program from ATI Technologies Pedja
It can be mimicked and could be a trojan, that's what happened to me. Jarett
the file itself showed up on a firewall alert as trying to start another process. MOM.exe has no signature, and I've never seen any firewall react to it before. I blocked it, if it keeps trying to start another process again (2 attempts so far with 2 pids) I'll terminate it, and quarantine it, and see what happens. ...first I'm going to check when it was installed, with the original drivers? or as an 'update' if it's an update, I'll roll back the drivers and delete it.
ATI - never again, ATI Software makes promlems on all of my pcs, updates causes black screens and such shitty programs produces error messages. it just should make a f**** picture! Peter
Its passive and does'nt do anything just leave it PRO
My computer kept crashing, and the speed and accuracy, especially of spaces, was greatly diminshed. I noticed that MOM.exe and CCC.exe were using a lot memory. I deleted them both. Now my computer is running faster and doesn't crash as often. Typing anything while using Internet Explorer is still a bit delayed, but the speed and accuracy has improved. Deleting MOM.exe and CCC.exe improves speed.
its an ati driver, also with ati (or AMD) is CCC.exe
once i saw this mom.exe at any pc,it will cause TROJAN infection at the end.action taken (format pc) Nor Azman Bin Yaakob
AMD VISION Engine Control Center
It's from ATI and it doesn't heart your computer. ;) Villa
If you have ATI Catalyst Control Center, it shouldn't be a problem. It is one of those default things that happens  See also: Link Darion
ATI Monitor 123

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