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WgaTray.exe is a system tray utility that comes bundled with all versions Windows XP, including the Media Center and Tablet PC editions and also with the Windows Genuine Advantage software. This process checks the authenticity of the copy of Windows running on the host and issues a notice when a non-genuine version is found. It validates again when updates are required to be downloaded for the Operating System or for the Microsoft Office suite.http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/wgatray.exe.html 

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Average user rating of WgaTray.exe: based on 28 votes. Read also the 18 reviews.

944 users ask for this file. 10 users rated it as not dangerous. 7 users rated it as neutral. 11 users rated it as dangerous. 3 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about WgaTray.exe:
This program is installed by windows update and cheaks to see if your windows in genuine.   d4rky
New scheme from MS to check your version of Windows XP. Is it a legal copy. Windows updates won't work without it   Xax
Windows genuin advantage tray, notifys you that you are not running a legit version of windows, it does not however effect the startup message when you log on.  
process windows is ok   stefanoxe
wgatray.exe is a process which belongs to the Microsoft Windows Operating System and provides a notification system for Windows Genuine Advantage product validation software. This program is a non-essential process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. Should not be disabled, required for essential applications to work properly   JZ3MAX.co.nr/JUN41D24F4R
This program causes my startup to slow to a near standstill, upon closing, normality returns.  
Its not dangerous its just annoying i quarintaned it  
eg aris ylee  See also: Link   alex
This program causes my startup to slow to a near standstill, upon closing, normality returns.   rew
Associated with, NTT America, IP  See also: Link   Juneau
We are entirely legit yet it stalls certain user logins   Ric Curtis
it shuts down and locks your computer in about 30 days... but thats how i got a new computer!   Computergeek
part of a virus  
This application stands for Microsoft Windows Genuine Advatage Tool and checks to see if your Windows is GENUINE, i.e. a LEGAL version. Anyone else who disagrees is obviously thick or wishes to breach Microsofts rules and register an ILLEGAL copy of the Windows Operating System. This application is fully safe !  See also: Link   JoLea
Ransomware - Disables updates until you pay Microsoft for a genuine license.   Anonymous
It will check for genuine windows software product ID   Mike
should be in small letters (wgatray.exe) windows genuine advantage windows xp validation file   T.P.
Ok,it is a program for winXP for updating. If don`t you want that process open the task manager,right click it and end process. If reappears,do it again and again BUT never turn off the process tree!!!   Stefan

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