What is firefox.exe? Is firefox.exe spyware or a virus?

How to fix firefox.exe related problems?
1. Run Security Task Manager to check your firefox process
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3. Run MalwareBytes to remove persistent malware

This process is the popular Firefox browser from Mozilla, in use by an increasing number of computer users. The process will be present whenever the browser is running. This is just an application, not a system service, so it can be terminated at will; note, however, that this will close all Firefox windows (something to keep in mind if only one window stops responding.)http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/firefox.exe.html 

If you want a detailed security rating about your firefox.exe (and all other running background processes) read the following user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager.

Note: Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk. If a "non-Microsoft" .exe file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! Check it out!

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of firefox.exe: based on 159 votes. Read also the 126 reviews.

3972 users ask for this file. 102 users rated it as not dangerous. 16 users rated it as not so dangerous. 15 users rated it as neutral. 6 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 20 users rated it as dangerous. 10 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about firefox.exe:
This is a Browser! It isnt Dangerous. Sorry 4 my Bad Englisch :P   Eren
Great Browser. Safe alternative to IE. Recommend A+  
Best browser available :)  See also: Link   KDE
Mozilla Firefox web browser   Tom
This is THE browser.   JimH
A good SAFE web browser, I prefer it to Internet Explorer   Rupert
If I have -9 i'll give this rate. Firefox is THE webbrowser. It's safe and fast.   Shio
Good browser. Patch it up though to avoid security holes.   Kallbrandt
The best browser out there. And by far the safest.   Grungi
This will cause compatibility problems if you are using IE at the same time.  
The best Browser   supo
FireFox is the best browser available  See also: Link   Jeroen Vandezande
Alternative browser to Internet Explorer  See also: Link   Ben!
A very safe browser stops popups dead in their tracks   Clarence
The BEST Browser, Safe and fast   TwoBears
Very Good Browser   Sztosz
Great Browser. Safe alternative to IE.  See also: Link   Tim
as people said its a web browser, aweosme one at that  See also: Link   Pac
this is a greae browser with security!!!  
Excellent browser, open source  See also: Link   bitfreeze
mozilla/secure web browser/very safe  See also: Link   glendor
des is der beste browser, nie im leben ein virus   TrAmPi
A much more secure browser than IE  See also: Link   Boyce
Firefox much better than IE   Nate
i just got a virus which names itself firefox.exe it is not at all asscociated with the firefox web browser.   stu
It's firefox, but it opens port 1244 for no reason, it's a client, not a server   Marcel
A good browser.   Lard Lad
Guter Browser, sehr sicher   Theo
firefox browser  See also: Link   1
Excellent browser!  See also: Link   denial_land
a good browser, BUT it should only run 1 process. I found a second process with the same name that is BAD. there should only be one with that name, if there's 2, u have a virus or something.   marc
Firefox is a very good browser. Tab function to open in the same window and Ctrl + or - to increase / decrease text size is very useful.   Alcides
Dump Microsoft and get Firefox and Gmail Today!! So popular though it may be under attack. Keep security up to date!  See also: Link Link   herbsmokinfreak
This is a web browser. It's more secure than most browsers (thats until it gets really popular!)  See also: Link   Doody
Mozilla Firefox - decent on security, but requires updates just like any other program.   C.D. Random
It's Faster and " intelligent "   Justin
A brower better than IE   mausau2000
Best browser ever   OG Shinji
Check to see how many processes you have running using this name - seems that something has started masquerading as firefox.exe even when the genuine firefox isn't running. Firefox is still great - but someone's trying to spoil it for us!   steveanderic
Itīs a Browser from Mozilla, this browser donīt Danger.   Rocky
Mozilla / Firefox browser, excellent, way safer than IE, doesn't work on many Microsoft corporate sites.  See also: Link   DJ
The best browser   RuFy
Mozzilas attempt at a safe web browser, possible reasons for having more then one in your processes is that the first one froze and you ran it again and so on.  See also: Link   Robert Ketron
I love the browser Firefox. But it seems like I've got a virus now called firefox.exe. I just can't find any startup for it in hijackthis. Anyone know where I can see the file path for it?   Simon
like interbet explorer   matcor
This browser rocks add the xtension stumble and wow  See also: Link   Ian
Consumes alot of CPU as you add extensions (1.0.7)   Paul
best browser   devotee
Best browser ever, very secure, and works good with McAffe Virus Protection.   Xavier
FIREFOX - Spread the word!  
Best Browser so far, make the change of your life ! Get Firefox !!!  See also: Link   BEN AYALA
You can make it even faster. Find information over here  See also: Link Link   asdf
fantastic file browser, konqueror is faster :) but firefox is still excellent. dump microsoft all together and get linux and USE FIREFOX NOW!  See also: Link   chris
Mozilla Firefox, a webbrowser that is userfriendly. As with all browsers they sometimes have security flaws, but the Mozilla team quickly provides patches for those.  See also: Link   BJaw
Excellent browser. It opens with a little delay but during its use you have absolutely no problem... no matter how many windows (or tabs) you open it doesn't crash.. while IE opens faster than firefox but if you're willing to open many windows then you're pushing your luck...   Greg
It is a browser, but whenever I restarts my computer, or my explorer.exe process, a virus by the name of firefox.exe appears and really slows down my computer, altho I can turminate it thru Task Manager.   Lone Wolf
A browser- more secure than IE, but has exploits that didn't get fixed for almost two years now. Prone to eat your ram for breakfast and is the slowest out of the "big three"- Opera, FF, and IE7.   Moo!
Very useful   Viet Anh
Best Browser on the Planet  See also: Link  
Firefox. Ew. Unsafe. Memory hog. Slow. Use Opera. 'Nuff said.  See also: Link   Kisara
safest browser you may ever see...  
the best browser available! But...I got a virus named the same thing recently... now i can't open the real one!  See also: Link   Skyler Nathanson
Firefox is the only browser I use. I think the multiple process thing might be a small glitch that hopefully will be fixed in the future.  
Mozila Firefox. This is one of the best browser!  See also: Link   Filipp
firefox.exe running in my processes even tho firefox isnt being used... think this is a trojan? I cant remove it, and it is something to do with a file called ali.exe   tron
Its a W32 Worm. Or i can be. If you havent installed the webbrowser, its a virus. I got the shit from a program called "Webspycam" . So i got 2 firefox processes. The normal one i can close, but the other comes back the whole time..   Chrilloo
Firefox empowers you to browse faster, more safely and more efficiently than with any other browser  See also: Link   Firefox fan
You have to be joking if you think it is dangerous. Its a browser   Dylnuge
Yay for firefox. the best browser!   Jeltz
I have a process with that name, I end it manually and it starts again by itself. It's different from the web browser. I don't know where it is to delete it.   Oscar
It is a copy of firefox.exe in memory, which start itself, without user(my) permission by dllhost.exe(??), and forcing my CPU to 100%! If you try to close it, it starts again and again. My firefox.exe(orginial Mozilla Browser) isnt in run or on any other startup, and i didnt start it by myself, spyware terminator dont recognize it as threat, neather NOD32 2.7, but based on my experience as an programmer, it's some kind of fake_name.exe service! Any explanation??   PEGASUS2007
Best Browser Ever.   ang
If you have two Firefox.exe running you probably have a trojan called Poisonivy. It's bad news. It can be used to tunnel into your system, keylog, copy files & change settings. Do yourself a favor, dump Norton & grab NOD32.  See also: Link Link   jj
Mozilla Firefox, safe but slower than IE or opera   Anon
on startup there is a file named firefox.exe, about 5700k, when firefox is started there are 2 firefox.exe files, the second about 60000k, if the smaller is terminated, firefox works fine, otherwise the computer hangs   dave anderson
Internetbrowser from Mozilla  See also: Link   X-Ray.Ger
Firefox empowers you to browse faster, more safely and more efficiently than with any other browser.  See also: Link   fans
does anyone know the name of the second firefox.exe virus or how to remove it?   jj
i have it too, it startsup alone and if left running for a while, the pc almost stops responding at all, have not figured how to remove it yet though, and people should help instead of spamming about how good firefox is   some1
If update Mozilla Firefox, GREAT! I Also use Opera Latest version! I language Hungarian, I Understand(Not fully) In english. :-) Download Thunderbird now.  See also: Link   meow
Firefox.exe is the executable file for Firefox, which is the best browser ever   NJ
c:\windows\system32\firefoc.exe wants ip;6667 I never installed firefox   Todd
its the W32/Tibick-F worm if it runs at about 3.000k   Paul powers
One major flaw - Can't run in the background, always takes up huge amounts of memory.   Jeff
Fewer flaws than IE   Robert
Safe obviously, unless you are running 2 processes, one will be small. If thats the case you are infected with a keystroke capturing trojan horse.   Steve Savage
Great Browser without the issues of IE  
firefox is a great browser. safe, secure and if have siteadvisor (www.siteadvisor.ca). i found a funny add on which renames your tabs so only you know what is on those pages   anonomous
Best browser available. BOW DOWN TO THE FOX! (Who happens to be harmless).  See also: Link   Dave
wtf it keeps spiking to 50% cpu usage when ever I use it causeing it to freeze for like 10 seconds, in intervals of about 40 seconds or so... whats goin on here, my IE is doing the same, except it freezes while loading web pages instead.  
it is just a browser,good browser :)   Humuhumu
This is a program now that is less safe that IE. IE has gotten better security now, and it has now more SSL protection than firefox.   -.-
sometimes it takes up 99% CPU usage for seemingly no reason. there is only one process and it can be terminated without coming back on its own. perhaps it is a conflict with internet explorer but i need IE in order to do the windows updates. the windows updates refuse to work with firefox so it seems like i have to keep both. any feedback is appreciated at majikmoneyvoodoo@yahoo.com   Midnyte
firefox browser is not dangerous but a worm named zasran can create a process "firefox.exe" which restarts ur computer periodically   Adi
So how come I have 14 firefox.exe processes still running although I just ended the application with winxp task manager? Even with normal close window those 14 firefox.exe still keep running oO   Oh ye?
I would worry about it if I have never installed the browser and have firefox.exe running.   angela
It is a Browser! Not Dangerous!!!   Justin
File firefox.exe is located in a subfolder of "C:\Program Files" or sometimes in a subfolder of C:\ or in a subfolder of the "My Files" folder (usually C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\). Known file sizes on Windows XP are 6637156 bytes (10% of all occurrence), 6631012 bytes, 7633008 bytes, 7190637 bytes, 7604331 bytes, 7166053 bytes, 7183469 bytes, 7620696 bytes, 6636644 bytes, 7177325 bytes, 7162979 bytes, 7191149 bytes, 6621794 bytes, 6637161 bytes, 7200365 bytes, 7172197 bytes, 7206509 bytes, 6627428 bytes, 7171685 bytes, 6631017 bytes, 6636649 bytes, 6626916 bytes, 6610944 bytes, 6578276  
Hidden as a Virus, Theirs a Process called "firefox.exe" that is a Backdoor. if u open up the original browser firefox.exe you can see it takes up way more memory than the original!  See also: Link   Peter
Firefox is the best browser! Not dangerous!   Nyar
Best web browser that is getting better.   Desert Crystal
if you have 1 firefox.exe whitout having started firefox u have a virus. wen u remove firefox.exe from its directory u get 100% Cpu on explorer so have no clue how too get rid of it.  
The application failed to initialie properly  
It is a very nice browser thats faster and appearantly more secure than IE. It has started to grow in usership.  
Mozilla Firefox, highly secure browser.   Joshua
The browser that is superior to IE in every way   Mart
broussardaleshiab1   Darryl Broussard
Free, open-source Internet browser. There are a wide variety of third-party plug-ins available, not all of them reliable or secure.  See also: Link Link   Jingfired
C:\DOCUME~1\USER~1.EFR\LOCALS~1\Temp\9a5a_appcompat.txt   jaffaz
remover este firefox da minha net  
Pretty good browser, except that it eats up a lot of memory. So I highly siggest getting a ton of memory and ram before you use Firefox. xD and I've heard about a virus that masquerades as firefox.exe. so if your computer has 2 firefox processes going (in processes in Task Manager) then one of them is the virus. And if you don't have firefox and the process is showing up, then you have a virus.   bluebird1494
Well it Seems Easier to Handle, But It Also Seems Like there are some Imposters out there trying to spoil it for us. According to what I read. I Personally like it.   Anonymous
Mozilla Firefox is a web browser.  
@bluebird1494 - If the firefox application doesn't go up to 30,000K, it won't start. You can sometimes see two applications when you bring up a new window, but they will join into one.   Andrew
it is very good softwere.   niranga
Best browser available  
scanned with super anti spyware & malwarebytes showed no virus but when using firefox 5 malwarebytes blocks firefox.exe malware cannot find the file to get rid of   vim
Best webbrowser :)   Peter
Best Browser on the Interwebz. However acts like a virus when bad flash and javascript is nearby.... COMON MOZILLA, re-create your javascript engine, needs to be as good or better than Google Chrome's .JS Engine.   Won't Convert to Chrome.
it will create four files that as shortcut in removeable drive ., and one recyclerfolder ... and also some name file will shit in the starup that cant be details if u delete it & remove for the regedit ..then u ct able to logon to the windows .. the logon window never goes ..i had suffered lot by this virus ex .. u can c some file as oijmufxg.exe and an foleder is created in program file named as gfrakcos   joo
its a fast browser   g
firefox is constantly consuming 100% of my cpu and overheating my powerbook because of flash conten  See also: Link   DSustin
firefox.exe is safe if you have Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or above and are running the browser. However, if it runs without permission, starts without user command, starts at startup without proper configuration, or other things, you probably have a trojan or a worm. For the browser on Win7/Vista I suggest you get an /ftp/ version so that it downloads directly from the server. Also if you have a plugin running plugin-container.exe will be in task manager.   Geek
Mozilla Firefox browser   ssErgiy
First off, THOSE VIRUSES ARE NOT FIREFOX, they are a trojan masking as Firefox. Firefox is a web browser by Mozilla, it is one of several F/OSS web browsers. Your virus warning is going to make people believe all versions of Firefox are bad, if you have a trojan masking as a program use only one red dot. I prefer chrome, but i also usually install Mozilla Firefox. TIP: Safari and Iexplorer are horribly slow and bulky browsers, always get a third party like chromium or firefox.  See also: Link   JD
Firefox is a good browser and is certainly less prone to attach by virus. However, new release are becoming more and more compatible with Microsoft and its threaded internet explorer. Any browser is prone to attach however there are few out there less used such as opera and safari these would be great alternatives to the the big 2   Trevor Goble

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