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This module is installed as part of some CyberLink products, such as PowerDirector. It speeds up editing operations on these products by storing initial video analysis results for future use, so it does not need to be repeated, and so it can be cached and shared among users. Terminating this process directly may cause malfunctions in CyberLink products that use it; it would be better to look for an option to turn it off within the parent program.http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/richvideo.exe.html 

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Average user rating of RichVideo.exe: based on 74 votes. Read also the 60 reviews.

3282 users ask for this file. 29 users rated it as not dangerous. 18 users rated it as not so dangerous. 22 users rated it as neutral. 3 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 2 users rated it as dangerous. 11 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about RichVideo.exe:
it belongs to cyberlink powerdirector v4 or more   bambam
ge÷hrt cyberlink programmgruppe   maddy
It's part of PowerDVD 7 (the new release). It is not crucial to PowerDVD's operation. If you wish to remove it, go to services.msc and disable "Cyberlink RichVideo Service"  See also: Link   Nathan
Installed by Cyberlink PowerDVD 7 - removed file DVD player still works!   Michael Peer
Associated with PowerDVD video editing   Tyger
Its a shared file for Cyberlink powerdvd 7.0  
cyberlink products can install this "C:\Program Files\CyberLink\Shared Files\RichVideo.exe"   Craz1
a part of cyberlink powerdvd   TRAppERz
It's a service you can set on manual start, then it will only start if e.g. PowerDVD runs.   Rico
It seems to be a Cyberlink program used by PowerDirector etc...   Kit Walker
It's a file to Cyberlink, PowerDVD   Bjarven
PowerDVD, non essential non dangerous   Know it all
part of cyberlink dvd  
Jo Cyberlink   Chris
Is sowas wie Power DVD glaub Cyberlink   yeah
A subapplication of Cyberlink Powerdvd   xero paradox
it's part of PowerDVD 8   NeLiSjE
Richvideo.exe is a file installed with CyberLink's Cyberlink Power Director. It's function is to save time during video capture and editing modes.   Glad to help
RichVideo.exe is installed by Cyberlink PowerDVD. It is located in "CyberLink Install folder\Shared files". There is 3 more files in this folder:- Richvideoinstall.exe, RichvideoUninstall.exe,Richvideops.dll. You can remove richvideo.exe from memory by executing richvideouninstall.exe.   Ashish
part of powerdvd   ronan17
this process is loaded at windows startup due to PowerDVD application. When killed via task manager, it has no adverse program effects.   SkyNet2029
I have powerdvd 7 and it came with that so harmless   Aidan Smith
Use C:\Program Files\CyberLink\Shared Files\richvideouninstall.exe to remove. This program also does not allow proper shutdown of Firefox!   M
It is a technologoy used by Cyberlink's PowerDVD. Check out the following link for more info.  See also: Link   Rapscallion
its in cyberlink power dvd 7 deluxe  
I got this Cyberlink PowerDVD and it suddenly came on my process list.   Mechax
runs after installing new powered dvd(cyberlink)  
Come with "Trusted" Cyberlink PowerDVD Player.   SP
It slows my computer to a stop, when I have used power Producer to edit and burn my J.V.C camera`s movies once downloaded to my PC. I have been leaving "Task manager" on so I can delete it when it starts to "flash". It reappears up to 4 times, in task manager and is a slippery thing in that it appears in any order on the list. I close the application until it disappears. My videos then can carry on sorting themselves out into sequence and the the burning follows in due coarse. If I dont termanate "RichVideo" my computer comes to a stop and It has to be shut down to regain control.   Noel Bourke
Service added by Cyberlink Powerdvd. See link for removal  See also: Link   Ale
cyberlink powerdvd   jbl_elnar
Part of Cyberlinks Power DVD 7   Metallicum
This is installed by Cyberlink's PowerDVD 7 suite, and possibly other products that include video editing capabilities. This service can be disabled if you're not editing videos.  See also: Link   Mike
Part of Power DvD Located in C:\Programms\Sharedfiles  
more infos concerning "rich video" can be found here:  See also: Link   solandre
in my case installed with powerdvd 7; unknown purpose; deaktivate with "services/cyberlink richvideo service"   solandre
this file is a CyberLink PowerDVD Components   RoBiCseR
as already said, its part of power dvd 7   john
Power Director all versions - when converting an audio file.   Douglas
Safe and comes with legitimate software.   pwnerer
Is a simple program instaled by Power DVD. You can make a search and delete all these file. It will not be a problem !   Polec Eric
Comes with CyberLink products (like PowerDVD...)   Vinod
Installs with Cyberlink products. Set to manual start to save memory.   Ed O
Teil des PowerDVD Player  
cyberlink products can install this "C:\Program Files\CyberLink\Shared Files\RichVideo.exe"  
It's a Cyberlink process  See also: Link   Taryd
dualview server service  
when richvideo service can not be started - pc freeze   alias
This item is configured in the Windows Service without indicating manufacturers name, address etc In todays world any reliable IT provider associate its product with name, address .   chui
Cyberlink Power DVD Tho i havent ran that in ages..so not wure why Richvideo.exe runs from time to time   Zach
CyberLink RichVideo is an advanced technology designed to save precious video editing time by storing initial video analysis for future references.  See also: Link   tejas
This service caches data from your video editing and DVD creations, automatically loading it next time you open a saved Cyberlink project. Not needed.  See also: Link   Aguazales
powerdvd 9. can be safely disabled. used to save time during video capture and editing  See also: Link   jeprira
associated with cyberlink power director  
From Cyberlink's website FAQ: "What is Cyberlink Rich Video (CLRV) and how do I use it? CLRV can save an enormous amount of production time by reusing video file information created by MagicCut or Scene Detection functions. PowerDirector stores the information within the files, ensuring that the next time these features are used on the same files, the speed of production is dramatically improved. You can check CyberLink's rich media technology by accessing "Preferences". "  See also: Link   Random
Was installed by Acer Arcade Deluxe (by CyberLink)   rupi
presigned malware installed by you that sends out info, see cloud tec, stuff   nobody
go into configuration & turn off auto check and receice cyberlink info   TomJ440
It's a file by CyberLink Power Director 10 Deluxe   jo

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