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Process name: Realtek HD Audio Control Panel

Product: Realtek HD Audio Sound Effect Manager

Company: Realtek Semiconductor (realtek.com.tw)

File: rthdcpl.exe

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All comments about rthdcpl.exe:
it's just audio manager
Realtek HD Audio Manager
Realtek HD Audio Control Panel ^^
Yes, this is a problem with a recent update and can be fixed by going to the windows site but a better fix is to update to the software with hd audio codecs on the realtek website  See also: Link Alan Chesters
It is the control panel of your Realtek HD audio device. And it's signed by Microsoft, so I'ts clean. Lollerfish
RealTek Sound Output Effects Settings Manager trecool999
rthdcpl.exe - Illegal System DLL Relocation mack07.koli
It can be fixed with a patch from Microsoft. Mike
C:\WINDOWS\system32\HHCTRL.ocx Jphnathan Aubrey
it has been moved to memory
an error appears on start up (illegal system manuel corona
this file is also associated with the ethernet pic nic integrated port. Anthony Bacchetta
c:\windows\system32\hhctrl.ocx occupied an address range reserved for windows system dlls
Error msg: Illegal System DLL relocation. HHCTRL.OCX occupied an address ranger reserved for windows system dll's. ron morrison
On my XP Prof system it causes HHCTRL.OCX to be relocated in Windows system address space before user32,dll runs to that user32 must be relocated at another address, giving an error message each system start-up. Richard L
every since i started getting this error message (2 days ago) my computer is unresponsive, hanges when i try to open a web page Jeremy
On my PC this runs as a startup item. Could I end it and not face any problems? charles
It has come intoC:windowa\system32HHctrl.ocx Neil Campbell
Started showing up after a Windows update. JGS
There is a fix from Microsoft  See also: Link Ashley
my comp. gives me a message that this rthdcpl.exe has been illegaly relocated by hhctrl.ocx.? eric
has been relocated in memory Scott Chapel
system dll user32.dll was relocated in memory
RTHDCPL.EXE Illegal System DLL Relocation Cheryl Forrester
illegal system dll relocation j walton
when I turned on the computer message came up the screen Shehzad Safdar
show up when window boot up rey
Latest Update from Windows Blocked device Kay
it's replaced by an illegal file gabrielgarza
It may be getting bumped in the process of installing Windows update KB925902- HHCTRL.OCX is displacing it. Tom parker
access violation error JR
Neccesary file for Realtek Audio Control Panel Micah
realtek audio manager and yes fcked up by microsoft updates or dotnetfx framework ver3 andrew doak
HD Audio Manager - end it and you will see the tray icon for audio manager go away fred
Manages the Realtek equalizer, you need it for HD audio. Ryan
Realtek HD Audio Manager FC
Realtek HD Audio Control Panel and is bundled alongside Realtek sound cards and audio hardware
not dangerous
It comes up as Illegal system DLL Relocation(HHCTRL.OCX) David Kiefer
Realtek HD audio manage, leave it on. performance isnt affected by it and its apparently needed to run ur raltek sound well. no problems here so just leave it going.
It´s an audio app, bundled with many motherboards Emilio
useless sound effect control panel. remove it unless you like your sound to be crappy. Mike Chambers
Realtek Control Panel, can be removed with no danger Goran
Realtek High Definition Driver mostly on HP-machines. It is necessary for the sound and harmless when you install the latest drivers. No virus.  See also: Link Jos
Its a process of Realtech Sounds. Which gives sound effects.  See also: Link Surya
Put in by Realtek audio. Did a clean install of OS and it is one of 2 things in my startup. Not a virus since it was a clean OS. Urtica
Less than a minute after I start up, my mouse won't click on anything, except for the task manager. After I end the "RTHDCPL.exe" process, all is back to normal. Roel
Reaktek Control Pannel PROJECT 3000
this is for audio, disable it and you may hear some crackels in music etc steven
RealTek High Definition Control PaneL (RTHDCPL) Solar
It is the control panel of your Realtek HD audio device. And it's signed by Microsoft, so I'ts good. ARUN
This was taking up 22meg of precious memory on my EEEpc (XP SP3, no page file due to disks being SD ram). Not needed for sound to work. Removed it from startup and added a desktop icon to it for the rare occasion I need to run it. Andrew
Realtek hd audio
realtek audio controller with currious funktion... (...?)  See also: Link Bongert
It's a needed file for HD Realtec leave it alone. MaindampleMal
Its Realtek High Defination Control Panel Service Mohsin Saiyed (Ahmedabad)
Realtek HD Audio Control Panel Utility (normally) Brendan
AVG reports it as malware and I quarantined it.. doh! NorthHighlander
its shows abnormal program in the start up page thompson itoro david
Realtek HD Audio Manager pravin korde
It is The Realtec High Definition Control Panel, however it is causing issues. B. Shimel
Required for audio. Anyone saying its a virus is a troll. Bubba
RealTek Audio - Usually dissipears after reboot Kenny
Realtek HD audio control panel. Jackdoor
My computer was slow and hanging, after I stopped this process from running... Wow big difference! Um
Realtek Audio Manager, can slow down your computer though. Recommend setting the priority as Below Normal in task manager instead of Normal. Jack Yorges
Takes up way to much processing power. A friend
if this file is in c:\windows directory of winxp, it is a duplicate and a malware program. It idled all the processes running on my computer and until I renamed it, I could not get a malware scan to complete. It foiled at least 5 free malware programs by idling them before they could detect the malware. I was able after renaming the file to complete a normal malware scan. ngildelamadrid
Realtek HD audio control panel.
Running the Realtek Audio Manager under Win XP is what's responsible for creating the two dozen or so ".bin" files in your Local Settings Temp folder, one per supported language. really tired
Realtek HD audio control panel. However i crashed it with VST "Massive" and dont know how to fix it now ALfiux
Ad aware does not pick this, nor does virus scanners. This file attaches to sound or video executable's/services and redirects your google search's to random pages. The only way to stop this is to locate the infected service in task manager then search their locations out and delete and replace the actual files with clean one's also make sure before that to stop the startup in msconfig.exe but make sure you activate it once the clean file is in. Noah Boudreault
This is the Realtek HD Audio Manager Pizza Kitty
I am doing without RDTHCPL in the startup procedures in the HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run path. Everything about my sound is still running just fine, since I never have a need to change any features of my sound quality. Alexander Moon
I do not use sound very often, and when I stopped the process my internet got faster.
It could be targeted by a virus program so it could become infected, but the file itself is just a driver! YeaHYeaHYeaH
having "weird" gpu usage? As in almost 100% even on the desktop? Delete the file and its all good again... Björn
Realtek HD audio control panel. On my PC happens to hog GPU and VRAM resources, causing overheating. Need to terminate via Task Manager, sound still works fine after termination. MazzoPowah

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