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Process name: Odyssey COM Host

Product: TheSky6

Company: Linksys (linksys.com)

File: OdHost.exe

A background process that starts with Windows, the Odyssey COM Host is a driver file for Linksys Wireless G Network Adapters. This application comes installed on laptops that have the Linksys adapters installed. This driver file allows your computer to communicate with the network adapter for internet connectivity. Founded in 1988, Linksys has been owned by Belkin since 2013. Some products from Linksys were branded as Linksys by Cisco, until the Belkin acquisition.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/odhost.exe.html 
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All comments about OdHost.exe:
when you install Corega CG-WLCB54GT,odhost.exe(1, 0, 0, 1) is co-installed for Win98. kitapea
this file is for your router or a wireless card provided by linksys systems Nate g
Linksys Wireless G Notebook adapter - 3rd party supplicant for wpa  See also: Link Steve
Appears to be part of the 802.1x solution installed with the Linksys 54G Wireless Adapter  See also: Link ajh
odhost.exe is a process associated with the Wireless-G Notebook Adapter from Linksys
Wireless G Marty
Linksys related
It only appeared after I installed the Wireless-G Notebook Adapter on a ME system computer it did not show up on the XP operating computer. maley
It was furnished with the official installation disk for my Motorola Wireless USB Adapter Jerry
If you take it off, Linksys wireless cards quit working Tim
Needed for wireless 802.11 network cards LostInNoise
Is used by Linksys Wireless network card Dan
probably belongs to ZyXel G-360 Wireless network card client adapter utility, size 24,641 bytes, version, in path C:\Program Files\ZyXEL\G360 Eric
Loaded with Linksys Wireless G Adapter, Enterprise security client
On my Win2K system it leaks handles at the rate of 32/minute. Soon after bootup it is using more handles than any other process Jonathan M
This may be linked to Linksys Wireless-G cnotebook cards, but I just accessed this page over a 54 mbps wireless connection using a Linksys notebook card AFTER I removed the odhost.exe process using the Windows 2000 Task Manager. So maybe it's necessary for the card to start up -- I don't know -- but it's not necessary for the card to *work*, at least under Win 2K. Randy.
Its a file which is required by linksys wlan monitor to work
i have installed a linksys 54g wireless adapter on a panasonic cf-45 laptop with win me, and had no problems with odhost until i installed norton internet security 2005, then i formatted the drive and tried to use sbc all in one security and had the same problem, odservice error, has anyone had this problem? What choices do i have for internet security? Joey
It is a Linksys Wireless Driver Patrick w/PG Computer Outlet
Odhost.exe is also used by Odyssey software from FunK. Located in the windows prefetch
Needed for W-LAn Siemens Gigaset SE551 master
essential file for Linksys Wireless G Adapter. If you kill it, you kill your wireless router access Lungmanjack
It seems to hog the cpu and there is no need for it. The wireless card works just fine with it shut down. Dave
required for the flux capacitor marty
had a customer who had this error while launching the Linksys Utility ishq
ODHOST.exe is a bona fide device driver for many brands of wireless adapters. However, there are viruses that hijack this file by adding virus code into the file. Some Virus scanners will disable even norrmal, un-modified ODHOST.exe files. Theres no simple answer. It can be a valid file. It can also be an infected file. Mike C
My computer with Xp started running really slow after I installed the linksys wireless card. In reviewing the processes running I found ODhost taking up over half the memory after killing it my wireless still works fine. However it keeps coming back randomly Debbie
all i know is that when i removed it on my win 2000 windows stopped letting me log on for very long wven when i cna log on it kicks me off soon after i have found nowere that i can replace it either AJ

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