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542 users ask for this file. 56 users rated it as not dangerous. 3 users rated it as not so dangerous. 6 users rated it as neutral. 8 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 5 users rated it as dangerous. 8 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about CcmExec.exe:
I believe it is part of the Microsoft SMS system   Sput_uk
part of the Microsoft SMS system   F-MS
It is part of SMS client, however it makes calls to C:\WINDOWS\system32\tftp.exe   Jon
Even if it is Microsoft it kills system performance.  
ccmexec.exe is a part of the Microsoft SMS operating system service. This service calls upon another service, the SMS Agent Host. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.   Arvind
Part of Microsoft's Windows SMS Patch and Update management mechanisms  
It is part of MS SMS process  
hogs my CPU   Xavier
It kills system performance and reduces hard drive life since it repeatly scan all files on your drive.  
It is part of the SMS server but is not requried for stable and secure operation. You disable the services associated with this program if your organization does not use SMS  
It's the Hardwarescan-tool from Microsoft SMS. Remember that you have to vote if this process is DANGEROUS or not! It's NOT DANGEROUS only because it may cause high CPU-usage! Its absolutely NOT DANGEROUS!   BigDaddyXD
Change and configuration management service. Part of the MS SMS Process. It should at minimum be regularly run to ensure your system is kept up to date, but it can be easily shut down if desired. Just remember to restart it when you want to get your system updated. This link provides some additonal info and instructions for stopping and starting the service.  See also: Link   mirozen
It looks like a Microsoft Corporation Executable. What I am wondering, is whether ones employers could use this to spy on you?   Angela
It scans your hard drives for known applications that might need updating. IT departments often use this to update software & settings on PCs thoughout an organization. The scanning is particularly bothersome for laptops where you have a USB drive attached to your docking station - you won't be able to undock if this service is scanning the USB drive. It's certainly safe to shut down the associated services using the Service control panel admin tool (disable SMS Agent Host, and SMS Remote Control Agent)  
SMS-agent, sometimes important for corporate networks   Lazy Lone Lion
Its a MS SMS advance Client Agent for managing the Domain computers and if you do the push installation   Farrukh
It is a memory hog   Doug W
ccmexec.exe is a part of the Microsoft SMS operating system service. This service calls upon another service, the SMS Agent Host. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.   Duncan
hogs the cpu  
i think it is possibly the reason my pc is running sluggishly, or it could be related to an issue i am having with wmp and web browser running at the same time on winxp pro, gives me comm surrogate error. and another process is using alot of cpu intermittenly, sychost.exe. this is also a legitimate microsoft process, but sometimes is used to disguise as malware. possibly the problems are related, i do not know. i personally am going to look into it as much as i can, because i do not like the loss of performance. ly   dajadelibra
Only exists if the SMS Client is installed, therefore, considering SMS may be used in your organization to patch the OS I would highly recommend you leave it running.   DD
SMS Agent host  
its a trojan horse, mutated from corupt windows xp malware  See also: Link   Bill Gates
Far worse than most viruses, ccmexec is an infamously badly written service (possibly the worst ever written by Microsoft). Once it kicks in, your PC becomes totally unusable and you need to hard shut down and restart and disable the service.  
SMS Inventory Collection  
I get occasional shutdown errors listing CcmExec.exe as the "application error". I could not remove it with the Control Panel. I had to use the Windows Task Manager.   Richard Mohlere
SMS process file for hardware information.   netadmin1
consumes too much memory (20,000K right now!)   User
It is part of SMS, older versions of the file take up lots of CPU & Disk newer version not so much. It allows corporations to keep laptops maintained from both a software/patch and hardware perspective.   Rod
Kills system performance, but may be required as part of corporate big brother (SMS)  See also: Link   Dr.B.
It's part of microsoft SMS  
Nothing. But it's where I go when my computer freezes.  See also: Link   Jim
Agree with BigDaddy. This is an obnoxious process that ought to be disabled if you don't use SMS, but not a dangerous one.   Nathan
SMS - but slows down the PC  
It is Microsoft SMS client   Emad
Just because it slows your system down while it's running doe NOT make it dangerous! Annoying, yes, but not dangerous. A lot of companies that rely on the SMS service run this program on all of their computers on a daily basis. Usually around lunch time because they feel most people are out eating lunch and not using their computers. Unlike a lot of other software that slows performance down while it runs, this one usually only needs about 20 minutes to do the bulk of it's checking. Of course, the more programs you've got on your machine, the longer it'll take. But it is NOT dangerous!   JackGrover
Software Mgmt Service   DF
this is an Audit software and you Boss might be Spying on you.   SMS administrator
It is the Client Agent which is part of Systems Management Server   Ken Higgins
Not needed, but used by corporate IT for updates   dex
I know mcafee doesn't recognize it. Also, it keeps wanting to connect to the internet and I don't know why. I've never encountered it at all before 48 hours ago.   jenn
Microsoft System Management Server 2003  See also: Link   Adrian GEORGES
It gets read access chunks by chunks of every active user executables that falls under certain rule and records meter mgr(mtrmgr.log) rules log   Talha Ekram
Memory hog (97%)   Ewingdweller
SMS Client executable; mandatory for running the Systems Management Server and it's processes on the network.   Richard
Microsoft SMS Malware   BubbaT
It is not a spy software, it does not 'hog cpu'. If it's using cpu, it's because it's doing what it's designed to do: scan your system for potential updates. If it's running on your corporate machine, it's supposed to be there. It is not an app that your boss uses to spy, it simply keeps your software versions in sync with IT standards.  
CCMEXEC.exe is the primary component of either a client SMS or SCCM. It is also seen as the SMS Agent Host services. Its purpose is to control all aspects of the client’s activities and is design to use minimal threads/processing and ram. Sometimes you can see the SVCHost (of which the CCMEXEC is active in) using high CPU activity. There is a patch for this in certain conditions or it is possible and more likely you could have an issue with WMI on that machine. The SCCM client extensively uses WMI in its activity and so is very prone to issues if your WMI is having trouble.   Ken
This can malfunction and cause up to 90% cpu and 1.5gb memory constantly. Stopping the service fixes the error but that also stops updates in a corperate environment so is not recommended. There is currently no fix for this problem from Microsoft as of 18/1/11 Found a fix if this is using tons of memory and cpu. Stop the services "SMS Agent Host", change the logon to a network admin account, start it and wait for the install to finish and then change it back to a local services account.   Liam (SiX) Deeney
This is a process used by Microsoft SMS/SCCM Client this it the process that communicated with the SCCM Management server and gathers data about your system and can install software based on what you SCCM/SMS admin pushes.   Justin C
it's part of Windows but it should not touch USB drives the way it does   PM
May it is doing what it's supposed to do, but it would be nice if it did it more efficiently. It causes my x64 2.67 GHz 6GB RAM system to periodically stall for several seconds.  
Type in "services" in the Run window, find SMS "Agent Host" if is the status is "started" stop it. Mine reset to automatic and CPU usage dropped to 10%....   RAH
CurrPorts identifies it as Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager in C:\WINDOWS\system32\CCM\CcmExec.exe, the module filename is C:\WINDOWS\system32\WLDAP32.dll.   Scooter
ccmexec.exe belongs to Microsoft System center configuration manager which is used on silent installation of applications from servers to clients automatically. at deoplyment you may see the file ccm.exe ( downloading + installation ) once the installation is completed or at its final stages the file ccmexec.exe appears.  See also: Link   mehrdad mobayen
This process hang a lot of files, it's better to disable it   Thomas
Windows Update for managed office PC's, totally harmless MS ptoduct.  See also: Link   Robin Armstrong
eats memory bandwidth and hogs cpu...pita   Gravy
It forms part of the SCCM client that is used by SCCM to provide information on you device HW/SW.   SCCM Fan
Virsus are rewriting this process, have been for a while. Check the IP addresses it's attempting to access. Common malware site has been seen utlizing this app. Again do not assume this is a system link. Very evil malware is out there.   Matt
McAfee's core AV engine  
it is from microsoft   me
This is not dangerous at all. It is part of the MS System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) client update agent or the SMS Agent Host. This program is used much like Windows Update or WSUS to keep clients up to date with current Windows patching, security updates and will also coordinate the update of non MS programs like java or adobe flash. It only takes a hardware and software inventory once a day and report to whatever site code it is set for. Once the reporting is done, the system it reported to will tell the agent what it is missing and tell it to download/install the missing programs/patches. The CPU usage is typically only high when it is running its inventory and reporting cycle or downloading needed updates.   Eric
Badly designed program. Overuse of the disk drive. Killing it from the task manager provide relief from deadlocks due to its overuse of resources.  

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