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Compatible with Windows 8

Compatible with Windows 7

Designed for Windows XP

Security Task Manager / Update

Minor updates are free for all registered users. To find your version number of Security Task Manager, click Info... on the Help menu.

How to update

  1. Download the latest version to your computer.
  2. Install the new version into the existing Security Task Manager directory.

Version History

Security Task Manager (2014)

  • Windows 8.1 compatible

Security Task Manager 1.8g (February 2013)

  • Windows 8 compatible
  • faster start-up
  • better descriptions for drivers
  • minor adaptations and bugfixes

Security Task Manager 1.8d (July 2011)

  • better 64 bit apps analysis
  • "Run as Admin" as menu item
  • allocating tray icons to software products improved

Security Task Manager 1.8 (November 2010)

Security Task Manager 1.7h (February 2009)

  • Recognition of stealth methods used by conficker worm (W32.downadup)

Security Task Manager 1.7g (October 2008)

  • Faster BHO scan results in faster program start
  • Better Windows Vista support (Winhelp messages)
  • Better unicode languages support (custom 2 byte line break char)
  • Fixed bug: icn_12341 access denied error on start up

Security Task Manager 1.7f (May 2008)

  • Online scan with all known Antivirus programs (VirusTotal.com)
  • Better Windows Vista support (sys driver display, Winhelp adaptation)
  • Better overview of running services and drivers
  • Display of Dependencies of services and start time
  • Improved Thai and Spanish version
  • Fixed bug: scan failure on start up

Security Task Manager 1.7d (April 2007)

This version also runs on Windows Vista, however with the following restrictions:

  • Program help doesn't work
  • <Access denied> error message with prozesses of other users

We release a updated Vista version without these restrictions in few weeks.

Security Task Manager 1.7 (October 2006)

  • Fixed error GetProcessImageFileNamew (with IE7 google search)
  • Unlocking with spaces
  • Clearer Remove dialog
  • Better Asian language support
  • Japanese and Korean version

Security Task Manager 1.6f (June 2006)

  • working together with other security software
  • non-latin language support
  • fixed bugs on startup

Security Task Manager 1.6f (June 2005)

  • Hosts file validation
  • Windows system restore included
  • More languages and known trustworthy programs
  • fixed bugs on startup

Security Task Manager 1.6e (February 2005)

  • better process name and description
  • detects further hidden startup methods
  • 64 bit processor adaptation (DEP)
  • extended list of trustworthy processes
  • uninstallation of processes/programs
  • fixed bugs

Security Task Manager 1.6 (July 2004)

  • identifies trustworthy software modules
  • driver names are better to understand
  • faster reading of texts contained in files
  • detects further startup methods
  • clearly displays service and process with same PID
  • displays service with PID 0

Security Task Manager 1.5 (April 2004)

  • detects hidden stealth processes
  • Process ID (PID) and active runtime as columns
  • enhanced process libraby on the web
  • fixed bugs

Security Task Manager 1.1 (January 2004)

  • displays dependencies (process start from/after)
  • column for process start time
  • program starts 5% faster
  • better keylogger rating

Security Task Manager 1.0e (December 2003)

  • better integration with Zone Alarm Pro

Security Task Manager 1.0d (November 2003)

  • faster process analysis
  • memory scan instead of file scan
  • improved display of texts found in file
  • French and Spanish versions
  • fixed bug: blue screen in Windows 9x

Security Task Manager 1.0 (October 2003)

  • process start time added
  • process cpu usage graphs added
  • help topics for risk ratings
  • fixed bugs in SpyProtector

Security Task Manager 0.9 (Summer 2003)

  • final German and English version