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Compatible with Windows 8

Compatible with Windows 7

Designed for Windows XP

Security Task Manager / Update

To find your version number of Security Task Manager, click Info... on the Help menu.

  • Registered users of Security Task Manager 2.x can download the latest version and install it over the old one for free.
  • Registered users of Security Task Manager 1.x can buy the latest version at a special update price of $14.95.

  • How to update

    1. Download the latest version to your computer.
    2. Install the new version into the existing Security Task Manager directory.

    Version History

    Security Task Manager 2.0 (2015)

    • Increased ease of use
    • Super-fast virus scanning with the leading anti-virus products
    • Detects security gaps in Windows, browsers and typical targets of attacks
    • Removes unerasable super cookies from browsers (DOM storage and Flash cookies)
    • Identifies new and modified processes
    • SpyProtector supports all browsers
    • Updated CPU graphic and display of Administrator processes
    • Improved installation, documentation and operation
    • Runs on Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Windows Server

    Security Task Manager (2014)

    • Windows 8.1 compatible

    Security Task Manager 1.8g (February 2013)

    • Windows 8 compatible
    • faster start-up
    • better descriptions for drivers
    • minor adaptations and bugfixes

    Security Task Manager 1.8d (July 2011)

    • better 64 bit apps analysis
    • "Run as Admin" as menu item
    • allocating tray icons to software products improved

    Security Task Manager 1.8 (November 2010)

    Security Task Manager 1.7h (February 2009)

    • Recognition of stealth methods used by conficker worm (W32.downadup)

    Security Task Manager 1.7g (October 2008)

    • Faster BHO scan results in faster program start
    • Better Windows Vista support (Winhelp messages)
    • Better unicode languages support (custom 2 byte line break char)
    • Fixed bug: icn_12341 access denied error on start up

    Security Task Manager 1.7f (May 2008)

    • Online scan with all known Antivirus programs (VirusTotal.com)
    • Better Windows Vista support (sys driver display, Winhelp adaptation)
    • Better overview of running services and drivers
    • Display of Dependencies of services and start time
    • Improved Thai and Spanish version
    • Fixed bug: scan failure on start up

    Security Task Manager 1.7d (April 2007)

    This version also runs on Windows Vista, however with the following restrictions:

    • Program help doesn't work
    • <Access denied> error message with prozesses of other users

    We release a updated Vista version without these restrictions in few weeks.

    Security Task Manager 1.7 (October 2006)

    • Fixed error GetProcessImageFileNamew (with IE7 google search)
    • Unlocking with spaces
    • Clearer Remove dialog
    • Better Asian language support
    • Japanese and Korean version

    Security Task Manager 1.6f (June 2006)

    • working together with other security software
    • non-latin language support
    • fixed bugs on startup

    Security Task Manager 1.6f (June 2005)

    • Hosts file validation
    • Windows system restore included
    • More languages and known trustworthy programs
    • fixed bugs on startup

    Security Task Manager 1.6e (February 2005)

    • better process name and description
    • detects further hidden startup methods
    • 64 bit processor adaptation (DEP)
    • extended list of trustworthy processes
    • uninstallation of processes/programs
    • fixed bugs

    Security Task Manager 1.6 (July 2004)

    • identifies trustworthy software modules
    • driver names are better to understand
    • faster reading of texts contained in files
    • detects further startup methods
    • clearly displays service and process with same PID
    • displays service with PID 0

    Security Task Manager 1.5 (April 2004)

    • detects hidden stealth processes
    • Process ID (PID) and active runtime as columns
    • enhanced process libraby on the web
    • fixed bugs

    Security Task Manager 1.1 (January 2004)

    • displays dependencies (process start from/after)
    • column for process start time
    • program starts 5% faster
    • better keylogger rating

    Security Task Manager 1.0e (December 2003)

    • better integration with Zone Alarm Pro

    Security Task Manager 1.0d (November 2003)

    • faster process analysis
    • memory scan instead of file scan
    • improved display of texts found in file
    • French and Spanish versions
    • fixed bug: blue screen in Windows 9x

    Security Task Manager 1.0 (October 2003)

    • process start time added
    • process cpu usage graphs added
    • help topics for risk ratings
    • fixed bugs in SpyProtector

    Security Task Manager 0.9 (Summer 2003)

    • final German and English version