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Typograf   font manager

Windows OpenType font manager
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"Typograf is one of the best font utilities we've seen, commercial or shareware." ZDNet

The Typograf top class font manager

  • previews all OpenType, TrueType, PostScript Type 1 and printer fonts,
  • displays all font properties (typeface classification, kerning pairs, designer, copyright...),
  • views character set, keyboard layout, zoom view,
  • finds similar fonts and compares several fonts,
  • prints fonts in many ways and
  • manages fonts in database, Sets and networks.

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View and preview fonts

Display all OpenType, TrueType and Type 1 fonts on hard drives, DVD or specific folders, including all subfolders. Sort viewed fonts by name, file, family, copyright, width, date, size.

Typograf displays following font types:

  • OpenType and TrueType fonts (preview, installed, loaded by Typograf)
  • PostScript Type 1 fonts (preview, installed, loaded by Typograf)
  • Printer fonts
  • Raster or bitmap fonts (system fonts)

Display all font properties

  • font information: full name, family name, designer, vendor, version, copyright, trademark, ...
  • file data: size, date, file location path
  • typeface classification by PANOSE system, IBM Font Classes or the Windows internal metric structure
  • Unicode character set
  • keyboard layout
  • zoom view for details
  • edit font information

Compare fonts

  • find related fonts based on typeface classifications
  • compare various fonts using tables that show major font features, file data, character width, number of kerning pairs, ...
  • find duplicate fonts on DVD, USB flash drives, ...

Print fonts

  • print 1, 6, 20, 40 or 80 fonts on an A4 page
  • two kinds of sample page for a font, including character set
  • print character set, keyboard layout
  • pdf export

Manage fonts in Sets

  • Group your fonts for a specific project/client into Sets to load them as needed.

Network / Server

  • quick preview of font files on your network
  • all employees have access to the same font Sets
  • authorize users to create, edit or load font sets using Windows' user management
  • It is not necessary to install the Typograf software on individual users' computers for access to shared font Sets.


  • Catalog all your fonts with the database. That way you'll always know which drive, DVD or folder your fonts are on.

Font file management functions

  • copy, move, delete font files
  • load or unload fonts
  • install or uninstall fonts

Information about typefaces and typography

  • Choosing an appropriate Type
  • Mixing & Matching Typefaces
  • OpenType, TrueType and Type 1 Reference
  • Typeface Classifications
  • Typesetting


  • ZDNet wrote: When just any old font utility won't do, you need Typograf. This extremely well-done 32-bit app lets you preview, print, and manage TrueType and Type 1 fonts. You can use it to view font samples, whether the fonts are installed or not; sort font previews by filename, directory, font name, size, date, kerning pairs, copyright, and more; display a font's properties, including general, metric, and kerning information; and check out a typeface to see what (if any) extended characters it has. You can also use Typograf to compare fonts, print several types of sample pages, organize fonts into a database, and place fonts into groups that can be instantly activated and deactivated. If you're a real font fanatic, you'll appreciate the excellent typeface tutorial in the Help file, complete with a typeface history. Other features include the ability to search for duplicates; shortcuts to Control Panel, Adobe Type Manager (if installed), and the Registry Editor; and the ability to see the keyboard layout of each font. Two sample TrueType fonts are included. Typograf is one of the best font utilities we've seen, commercial or shareware.
  • THE GREAT SOFTWARE LIST wrote: The most complete font manager software available, period. You can manage, add, delete, rename, view, compare, uninstall, and more. And that's just for starters. Typograf not only provides a classification and history of various typefaces according to the Association Typographique Internationale, but document design and typesetting tips, along with over 20 font-related websites and newsgroups addresses. In other words, Typograf covers all the bases. If your work demands a variety of fonts or requires frequent font substitutions among your files, then TypoGraf will simplify your life. Most of all, Typograf is fast, responsive, and flexible, showing your fonts in a wide variety of ways and comparisons that will have you slapping the side of your head and saying, "That's exactly what I was looking for!"
  • Point Central wrote: Typograf is not only one of the few font managers avaliable for PC-based people, but it is also one of the very best, either commercial or freeware. Because most graphists or graphic design professionnals are Mac-based, very few high quality font tools are avaliable for PC. But Typograf is bound to change that: it got all the features you can requires, and is very unexpensive! Typograf can load and unload fonts with few clicks, gather them in sets, preview and print them whether they are loaded or not, and display lots of usefull informations about them (metrics, kerning, author, etc...) And if this is not enough for you, you'll probably appreciate the fact that Typograf can search for duplicates, and offers a very well done Typography tutorial, and comes with two True type fonts for a starter! Working on Windows, this small soft is a very clever one, and features all the functions of the big ones from Adobe et al. The only one missing is the one that recently appeared on its competitors that allows you to repair corrupted fonts; but this is probably only a question of time before Typograf includes such a feature... And knowing how deceptive is the PC version of ATM deluxe there no question about knowing wehther we should recommend this one to all Windows users! Note that Typograf deals with both true type and Type 1 fonts, but that you need to have ATM installed to use the later ones. Definitely a must.

System requirements

  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP or Windows Server
  • 2 MB free disk space

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