To share Sets on your network

Users on your network can access to shared Sets and load or unload fonts as needed. It is not necessary to install the Typograf software on users' computers.


How to share Sets with other users in your local network:

hmtoggle_plus1Sharing a folder

First, you should create a folder with Windows-Explorer. This folder is used to save your shared Sets.


To create a shared folder on your network:

1.  Run Windows-Explorer.
You find the Windows-Explorer in the Windows Start menu in Accessories group.

2.  Create a new folder on your server.
You can use a NAS as server or each computer available on the network at all times.

3.  Right click the new created folder.

4.  Click Share with >   (see next paragraph)
You can create a hidden share by adding the dollar symbol ($) to the end of the shared name (i.e. foldername$). Hidden shares are not visible in the network environment. The new created folder is available at the address \\servername\foldername$\ on your local network.

Instruction for Windows XP user



hmtoggle_plus1Editing and using shared Sets

Just use the Windows access rights management to determine who are permitted to use shared Sets or even to edit shared Sets:

1.  Right click the new created folder. (in Windows-Explorer)

2.  Click Share with >   [Windows 7 instruction]


hmtoggle_arrow1 How to authorise users to edit shared Sets
   (Permission for shared folder: Read/Write)

Users have to follow these steps to be able to add, remove or edit Sets:

1.  Run Typograf.
(Typograf can be installed either locally on the user's computer or centrally on the server)

2.  Then click bar_Set font management.

3.  On Edit menu click Options...

4.  Enter the network path to the shared folder \\servername\foldername$\

Now that user can create, edit, remove and load Sets. To take over already existing Sets, just copy all files from the old folder to the newly created folder.

Because Sets contain only links/copies of the source font files, the source font files are not touched.


hmtoggle_arrow1 How users may load shared Sets
   (Permission for shared folder: Read)

Read-only permission should suffice for most users. So these users can load Sets on their computers, but not change Sets.

Each user have to run \\servername\Ordnername$\FontSets.exe once on his computer to be able to load Sets on his computer. Then the user can see the Quick access to Sets in the tray of the task bar:


It is not necessary to install the main Typograf software on users' computers in order to load shared Sets. (a Typograf license is required only)




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