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Process name: Intel PROSet/Wireless Software Management Zero Configuration Service

Product: Intel PROSet/Wireless Software

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Intel (intel.com)

File: ZCfgSvc.exe

This executable file is a background service included in the Intel PROSet/Wireless Software Management. It forms an integral component of this software and disabling it may make some background features of Intel PRONet/Wireless management software inoperable in a way that may be hidden from the end user. The name of the service when it is seen on the user's computer may be "ZCfgSvc" or "ZeroConfigService" depending on the operating system. It helps the user maintain a reliable wireless connection by monitoring the link status. If the link is down this service automatically invokes the driver of the wireless device to scan for a profile match and then tries to reconnect. This is meant to help maintain a wireless connection in environments where radio frequency (RF) difficulties exist.

Intel PROSet/Wireless Software was first developed as a replacement for the Microsoft Windows Zero Configuration Service in Windows XP but versions exist for use with Windows Vista, 7, and 8, as well. It provides tools, statistics and diagnostics not available in Microsoft Native WiFi. It is required in order to connect with wireless networks using CiscoCompatible Extensions, at least for specific Intel adapters such as the Intel PRO/Wireless 3945, 2915, or 2200 Network Connection, or the PRO/Wireless 2100 LAN Adapter. Once Intel PROSet/Wireless management software is installed it must be used to configure the Intel wireless device and manage the network connections. If you want a detailed security rating about your ZCfgSvc.exe (and all other running background processes) read the following user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/zcfgsvc.exe.html 

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 See also: Link Nicola
Zero Config MFC Application Windows 2000/XP/2003 Service, part of Intel’s ProSET utilities and installed by the drivers for many of Intel wireless network cards, whether onboard as seen in some laptops (e.g. Intel Pro Wireless 2100 in Dell laptops amongst others), or in the shape of PCMCIA wireless network cards (e.g. Intel Pro Wireless 2011). This task provides background support functions for the Intel ProSET utilities which enable you to configure your wireless adapter and connection through the Intel ProSET icon in the System Tray.  See also: Link Jahas
Everytime my intel centrino laptop logs on line wirelessly, after about 2 minutes i get an error message and it disconnects and then reconnects. The error message is the send or dont send m/soft one. mike girling
I found my PC very slow...after examining in task manager discovered the cpu at 100%...this pgm was causing the prob...after I ended it PC ran fine...it seemed to affect mcshield causing it to use a lot of cpu. After stopping ZCfgSvc.exe mcshield was fine Greg
I found my PC very slow...after examining in task manager
Toshiba Laptop - Discovered that ZCfgSvc.exe was using 100% of my cpu. I would just kill the process and everything worked fine unless I tried to access Intel's ProSET utilities. If I tried to start them, ifrmewrk.exe would start eating up 100% of the cpu. I ended up downloading the ProSET utilities and the driver fom Toshibas support website. After I got them installed, everything worked great. Good luck Bryan
up date the driver for your wireless card and it should stop it worked for me will
Directly related to divx6.0 update, but still dont know how to fix it. Rick
Well, I kept getting an error with my computer every time I went to shut it down... That all stopped once I got rid of that file... Hunter
It IS a part of the Intel PROset wireless, BUT is only seemingly needed during startup. After that it just hogs as much CPU as possible and screws your computer;s performance heavily. Let it startup with windoze, then immediately open task manager and kill the process. DRAMATIC performance increase for Centrino laptops. ;) Iczer Jones
I have a Dell D600 latitude laptop with the error message. I installed latest version of Intel Proset Wireless s/w from the Intel website and the error disappeared. Chris
It crashes after the upgrade/install of DivX 6.0 Steve
I have the message with ZeroCfgSvc MFC Application error when I start wireless connection, my PC(Dell) is slow, I did download and install Divx 6 before, what do I do to fix it, Intel troubleshooting does not find any file about it, do I have to update anything? jean-noël
part of intel proset wireless utility, if you got an error message it is possible to solve running control panel, add and remove programs, intel proset utilities, click change and than repair, after restart the machine you should have not any error message anymore tommaso mottironi
“Wireless Zero Configuration” service to Disabled. If that still does not solve the problem, then try renaming the C:\Windows\System32\ZCfgSvc.exe file to ZCfgSvc.exe.old as ZCFGSVC is seemingly not necessary for the part of the ProSET utilities which enable you to connect to your wireless network.
I know that this process prevent one of our client from running properly her Excel DDE Link along with Reuters BridgeChannel. As soon as we ended the process the Excel started to update correctly. Mame D. Fall
Causes problems with my satellite internet connection mocowboy64504
It seems this file and its partner (SV24EVMON.EXE) both from the intel proset along with McAfee Anti Virus doesn't seem to work. Killing this file seemed to fix everything. Very dramatic performance increase! Jules
I have 2 such files on my machine. All with different sizes and in different folders. Now i am confused. Which one is right one and how do i know if it's a valid file or a virus. My pc just does memory dump on start? Sacs
This file causes system instability if it is unable to update the user profile because of a network change. The instability is cause due to consistent 100% cpu load, caused by the program looping it initial code. I would say to stay away from INTEL made software IMHO. Stick with the windows wireless config. James S.
Was installed as said for Intel Wireless connection wizard. I have removed this program from my laptop and was getting a max of 60% signal strength with it gone my range is much greater and 99% signal strength. My note, remove the intell software and just use windows to config the wireless networks :) Ashley
part of Intel PROset completely useless utility, uninstall it your wireless will work with out it better, listed in add/remove siiix
it is a intel virus that collects information for the Illuminati Pan
At shutdown it causes sample application can't be close warning message. Homer
zcfgsvc.exe and ifrmewrk.exe are both intel proset utilities for your wireless NIC. Run MSConfig, click on the startup tab and uncheck both of these boxes. Voila! No problems. Dell associate helped me resolve this same issue.  See also: Link Chris
Apparently this file is just an unnecessary strain on the CPU...at least on my computer. I just ran msconfig and set Wireless Zero Configuration to disabled. Worked like a charm, never had to worry about it again.
Part of Intel Pro-set utility. Does have a problem running cpu at 100%. Uninstall and re-install software from Intel or PC maker. Brad
Update "Intel Proset Utility" may solve the cpu usage problem. Thank Bryan for his answer on this page Sheng T
Not virus/spyware. Only needed stop process if install ASUS ChkMail for ASUS Notebooks. To run properly ASUS ChkMail, not needed stop process. Not dangerous. Process analyzer
I have a Toshiba Satellite A105 lap top, every time I woult try an reboot I would get a "End program-ZCfgScv.exe Not responding"error, I opened my yask Manager anf found that it was using 90%of my cpu. After removing it my computer is once again super fast and seweet!! tobi
Whenever I boot my laptop This application takes all cpu causing everything to run dead slow I will be renaming it and leaving dorment in case I need it at some point when I go wireless steve
I know now what it does, by reading the posts, but... For me, it's the same story: Kill the procces if u want your compuer to run normally. LAGS LIKE HELL: KILL IT(before its too late)!!!!! Siim O.
After checking on this page, I followed Tommaso Mottironi's remedy of repairing the Intel Wireless Proset and it solved my problem. Not only is my computer back to normal speed, but the program no longer prevents my computer from shutting down without being forced to quit. jqubed
it slows my laptop down, and evrything works fine without it
From Intel: ZCfgSvc is one of several background services that make up integral components of the Intel® PROSet wireless management software. The service aids connection reliability in difficult RF environments by monitoring the wireless connection link status - and if the link status is down (connection lost) it invokes the wireless adapter device driver to do a scan, looking for a profile match - and attempts to reconnect. By disabling this service, certain background features of the wireless management software will become inoperable, but may not be apparent to the end user.  See also: Link Mark Seamans
bugs up my wireless connection and takes about 47% of cpu time Kojapo
Intel Proset
I found all information on this page accurate with the addition that it can be removed with the Intel installer from Add/Remove Programs. I use windows to manage my wireless connections, so I just removed everything but the wireless driver. Steve
I believe it's just part of the GUI for configuring the adapter. I think if you disable it you can just use the Windows config system instead. RT
It appears to be an Intel networking file. I checked Task Manager and in my case it does not really impact perfomance. Steve P.
When windows XP closes, it is not closed. Always windows kills the process Zerrin
if it occupies the cpu: 1. download your Intel wifi driver 2. uninstall the "Intel Proset Utility" software 3. restart windows 4. install the driver worked for me
it belongs to intel proset network utility,its quite harmles...but when v shutdown the machine it show that " sample program cann't close,,,,and asks fro endprogram ".. I just tried renameing the file Zcfgsvc.exe as Zcfgsvc old.exe.....now my machine works fine.. Sathiysh.A , Ultras Systems,erode,
Part of Intel WiFi drivers Brian Wallace
Tommaso mottironi suggests the correct remedy. I have followed this suggestion on two different laptops and it has worked very well both times. widemal
I had this problem about 2 weeks, I thought it was a virus so I scanned with 4 most updated antivirus but foung nothing then I tried (7/20/09) Tommaso Mottironi's suggestion and it worked. Thanks Tom. Purwanto
Yay Tomasso Motorini. Your solution worked wonders Michael
Microsoft Wireless Zero Configuration Sevice. Part of Windows wireless drivers, NOT Intel PROset wireless utilities with which it actually conflicts. Disable this via services.msc if using Intel drivers, or vice versa. Source: IT Analyst since 1998 Hexadecimus
Its not malware or a virus, but a driver for an early model wireless network card. This driver is only useful for early model Inspiron's and gets installed by mistake quitte often. I did it once and it took me 13 hrs of windows not loading and 98-100% CPU clogging to find that simple problem. Like I said, its not harmful for your computer but it definately ranks high in human health concerns...LOL Just delete it, download the right wireless driver needed-BOOM away she goes once more.. Garret
it is an Intel wifi driver and my laptop has an Atheros card, which explains why it uses almost no resources, a nessesary driver if i had an Intel wifi David Ewoldt
ZCfgSvc.exe is a required file for wireless management software. Bijunath
It will not let me connect to the internet. mary
I uninstalled the ENTIRE intel wireless manager because it was asking for some crazy access code and basically not working. I then let windows detect the wireless card and choose the driver from the driver subdirectory on my computer. It works without the intel stuff and just windows wireless. Bruce
I work on computers, and for any computer with less than 1GB of RAM or an older processor I recommend running msconfig.exe and removing this from statup. However, if you're not good with computers Do not do this yourself. Doing this may cause side affects that are quickly solved by somebody who knows what hey are doing, but which can make life miserable for anybody who doesn't. After all, it is part of your wireless configuration. Peter Hubbell A+ Certified
I rated it as Dangerous because Annoying, Misbehaving, Buggy are not options. On my Toshiba Satellite PC75-27310 running Windows 8.1, it fills the admin's documents folder with .csv files like this: #Event,Source,Time,Error Severity,Domain,User,Description 1,ZCfgSvc,04/05/2014 11:09:19,Information,General,SYSTEM,ASTK: The adapter does not suppport Asset Tracking! 2,Profile Manager API,04/05/2014 11:09:19,Error,Profile,jmcneely,An unexpected error occurred! 3,Profile Manager API,04/05/2014 11:09:19,Error,Profile,SYSTEM,An unexpected error occurred! 4,EvtEngine,04/05/2014 11:54:26,Success,Connection,SYSTEM,iAMT - Failed to read Windows Events Log 5,EvtEngine,04/05/2014 11:54:28,Success,Connection,SYSTEM,iAMT - Failed to read Windows Events Log 6,EvtEngine,04/05/2014 11:54:28,Information,General,SYSTEM,WTS_SESSION_LOGOFF:Start trace 7,EvtEngine,04/05/2014 11:54:28,Information,General,SYSTEM,WTS_CONSOLE_DISCONNECT:Start trace Richtofer
Part of Intel Zero Config FiOS-Dave

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