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Process name: Panda Web Proxy

Product: Panda Internet Security

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Panda Security (pandasecurity.com)

File: WebProxy.exe

A proxy service for Panda Internet Security, this process runs in the background and starts with Windows. Using this program aids in keeping your personal information private while using the internet. As you are using your browser or other client based internet program, your identity is filtered through a web proxy so that the destination address can only see the proxy information instead of your actual host information. Panda Security was founded as Panda Software in 1990. Based in Spain, Panda provides internet security, antivirus, and antimalware software.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/webproxy.exe.html 
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Users Opinions

Average user rating of WebProxy.exe: based on 55 votes. Read also the 45 reviews.

  • 848 users ask for this file. 26 users rated it as not dangerous. 2 users rated it as not so dangerous. 11 users rated it as neutral. 9 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 7 users rated it as dangerous. 9 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about WebProxy.exe:
Proxy do Panda Antivirus  See also: Link Manimal
Proxy for Panda Antivirus  See also: Link blender32
panda antivirus proxy
Sometimes the diagnosis of Panda Platinum internet security says my computer has a low protection degree. If I start Webproxy, then the same diagnosis tells me that my PC is very well protected. I inserted the instruction to start Webproxy in the startup section for all users under the section "run" in the registry". But the effect still remains unchanged. I have to start manually the program to obtain a good protection.
antivirus file  See also: Link psycho
Part of Panda security software
panda antivir proxy process alex
Associated to Panda Antivirus Platinum suite  See also: Link Admin
It's a Panda Software JFS
Adding more comments: I just installed Panda onto my computer, a three-months trial version that was on a CD bundled with a mag, I just bought. After installation the computer(brand new with very little on it) slowed down considerably. After checkin I noticed webproxy.exe using between 82 and 99 % of CPU-time. After uninstalling Panda, webproxy.exe were nowhere to be found. Anders Vretenäs
It is panda.. Paul
Panda "anti"virus proxy (it can't delete after uninstall panda) salero
Panda's du
This file does belong to panda antivirus. I cannot terminate this process. I wonder why panda requires 2 processes: AVENGINE.EXE and webProxy.exe to run....The former consumes quite a lot of resources...(usually 24MBs to 40MBs) Anchit
When I start IE sometimes my home page can't be found. If I remve the running program WEBPROXY.EXE (PANDA) it works ok maggie
yes i to have that problem every time i try to update my panda i have decided to unistall panda and install again hopefully it will make a diff. Learning Tech 21
It used up 100% computer resources for so much time I had to abort.
Does consume a lot of memory. Panda is actually one of the most stupid antivirus software ever created! Consumes more than McAffee or Norton User
Helped a friend of mine who happend to get bandwith limiter or something.. she could ping out WAN but not use any webbrowser, so i asked her to open and chek the processes and there we instantly terminated the process, and voila the internet worked perfect. think it's considerlly dumb of Panda to have such a process? if it's theire file of course
only appeard when I got Panada to tprotect me, seems more going on here than meets my knowledge & yours too. Need more info, so who has the more info?! "Thanks" jc
i never had panda antivirus warden
This file if damaged will stop all browsers from surfing the net Geek Squad agent 587516
Panda Proxy Timmes
I installed Panda about a month ago, works really well. Today I noticed I could not access the internet or se adware or restistry programs, after a lot of searching and uninstalling i found the problem was webproxy.exe in taskmanager under processes? put this in search engine, Unistall panda and webproxy now here to be seen..... amanda
process of panda security luc
WebProxy.exe is a vital part of Panda Platinum Internet Security 2007. I have used this product for two years without any unreasonable loads on my CPU. No problems with slow downs either browsing or using computer programs. I strongly reccomend Panda to others.  See also: Link Serenity
since i installed this my computer crashes regularly after starting up stuart chen
Its panda... it is memory intensive but seems to protect well Ozzie
I have the Panta also from a mag for three months but It does't take a alot of resources to me just 9k of memory and near to 0 CPU. Elias
I'm going to try to reinstall the program since it's giving me a problem. Upon startup, my task bar gets loaded with WebProxy.exe and cannot terminate this process. Juan
File belongs to Panda Software Antivirus, its part of the built in firewall.
Tried for days to get rid of a nasty virus. Finally got rid of it, except one thing - my internet would just "stop working" for no reason. Turns out if my laptop goes in standby mode and get's turned back on, there's no Internet. Poorly written software? I don't know, but when I end this task, I get my Internet back. I'm un-installing Panda right now! para-dice
This is the HTTP protection component process of Panda Security anti-virus and should only be terminated if you are experiencing specific issues sorrunding connecting to the web, after which contact Panda to address the problem, terminating the process will prevent the AV software scanning HTTP traffic for malicious traffic.  See also: Link Pieman
It makes the internet to slow down like 40%... Hellomoto! :D
resoucre hog, no good for anything
It's intricately integrated with Windows Internet Explorer so that if its disabled, IE will not work properly.  See also: Link Rosario De Medici
Panda is the worst antivirus I have ever installed. It prevents from internet access while it's working on background. mridulsouth
it is sending data over the network without telling me Robban
Panda Endpoint Protection  See also: Link Zorbit
It seems to block pop3-Traffic (without webproxy the traffic works very well). I'll try some whitelisting... mopped
webproxy.exe also is a part of "Webfreeer browser" Size: 231 KB (237,070 bytes) M. Akhlaghi
It uses 99% of my CPU babi
webproxy.exe (32-bit) is shown as CPU-intensive in my Task Manager, showing than 97%. This is unprecedented on my laptop. It restarts automatically after I press End Task in Task Manager. I use WebFreer browser to bypass local filtering. I suspect that there is a relation between these two. Ostad
Also used by VIPRE 2016 Internet Security tool Vince

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