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Process name: Windows User Mode Driver Framework

Product: Windows User Mode Driver Framework

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Company: Microsoft (microsoft.com)

File: wdfmgr.exe

Installation of Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 causes this module to appear in the Windows Task Manager. It is installed with a Startup Type of "Automatic." It is a convenience for owners of hardware MP3 players such as Apple iPods who want to synchronize their device content with Windows Media Player 10. The module's startup type can be changed to "Disabled" or "Manual" by users not owning a hardware MP3 player or not desiring synchronization. If the user later desires the service it can be changed back to "Automatic" startup. Instructions for changing the startup type are available from Support.microsoft.com. If you want a detailed security rating about your wdfmgr.exe (and all other running background processes) read the following user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/wdfmgr.exe.html 

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All comments about wdfmgr.exe:
Windows User Mode Driver Manager - comes with Windows Media Player 10
Part of WMP 10 h2k.nl
Part Of Windows Media Player 10 h2k.nl
it raises the cpu up to 100 % (may be a security flow????)
if media player freezes kill it in processes then it will work beakjason
Supposedly, it helps increase the compatibility with drivers and devices that interact with Windows Media Player 10. It has been known with a few apps like Nero and WinAmp.
It appeared in the task manager after installing media player 10 Kev
Do Not Let It Access Internet ! It collects lists of played items and sends it back to Momma! surfingfool2003
Part of Windows Media Player 10 Dmitry
Microsoft Corporation (WMP10) Pascal
part of a very insecure program called Media Player
its part of the new winowd media player but its name bears no clue to this !! grr MrWhamBam
Running this file on my 1ghz pc causing system hanging from every boot - Have had to reinstall my pc because of this, as its rollback didn't work neither did xp rollback work. Bits of WMP10 still on the system before i reinstalled, problem it certainly is..... WMP10 and go back to v9 - Peice of shit software Windows Media Player v10 is don't bother with it. Didn't run virus or spy checker as system hanging was to probmatic to try. Frustrated xp user
Microsoft verified signed file. Make sure it is signed by Microsoft and not a Malware pretending to be wdfmgr.exe Druid Zeb JP
part of Media Player 10. In 2005 will be used with more drivers so keep activated in Task Mgr. Info is from www.answersthatwork.com  See also: Link roadtrooper
wdfmgr is for keeping track of drivers related to WMP10.. harmless if closed in taskman. John Hay
Windows Media Player...appeared after an install of the DivX plugin...uses little memory...leave it alone. KiTcH
Part Of Windows Media Player 10
just a part of win media player 10
Comes to your PC when you have Windows Media Player 10 installed Inu_Stelios
Used by Microsoft Media Player 10 to help with format and driver compatibility within the player.
it is not completly needed, but it's not hurmful and it's made to increase stability (against driver incompetability) Neowizard
Used by Windows Media Player 10 to send your computer information bout songs you have in your library. Is not harmful and can be killed with no worries. Dazza
Windows Driver Foundation (WDF) is the Microsoft strategy for the next generation of Microsoft® Windows® drivers. WDF addresses driver reliability problems and simplifies the development and support of Windows drivers. Hope thats helps Johnster
since i Installed wmp 10 my system slowed down, i blocked the process and no everything is good I want an Apple!
It is NOT part of WMP10. It runs on my machine and I don't have WMP10 installed. Spiff
To get rid of it disable the "Windows User Mode Driver Framework" service by running services.msc phibster
not sure but i believe it is the automatic update for media player 10 , I just shut off the service with no affect on performance Aime Bouchard
It's a service - change its starting attribute from automatic to manual. Needless program taking valuable cpu cyles. Ozcan Dogan
part of windows media player 10 and above  See also: Link el mago
part of wmp10, disable the service PGP
do not confuse with wfdmgr.exe, which is a worm
could be a worm  See also: Link erkut
it slows down my computer. My comp. is 1.66ghz, 512 ram. It slows down my computer, it might do the same for others that have 1 ghz computers. For some reason whenever it is running, my computer is slow and constantly reading something from the harddrive. Ned Polenski
This service causes your system to boot slower and needs to be disabled until the new WDF drivers are fully forced on us to have to use it. Zeus
It's part of Media Player 10; Under Windows Services it calls itself "Windows User Mode Driver Framework" and is set to load automatically at startup. If you don't want it to, change it from "Automatic" to "Manual" SMyTH
Part of Windows Service Pack 2, for the drivers of the future. Totally unecessary at this time. GarGhuul
Part of wmp. Haven't hogged my cpu any time. Wmp works fine. Alex
It is the Windows Driver Foundation Manager. ProcessLibrary says: This process decreases compatibility problems whilst the product is in use. This program is non-essential process to the running of the system, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. vince de vrie$
it gave me a woody sure did
I am not sure, but since I installed WMP10 in my PC, I started to have many problems, mi CPU goes to a 100% use, blocking the complete operation of the machine, has to do with be conected to Internet... after reading the above posts, I think my problem maybe, HAS TO DO WITH THIS PROGRAM: WDFMGR.EXE. It it is useful, the services that consumed most CPU times was: csrss and my firewall. B Regards - Carlos Carlos Paulista
Detail: ""The Windows Driver Foundation (WDF) is the Microsoft strategy for the next generation of Microsoft® Windows® drivers. WDF addresses driver reliability problems and simplifies the development and support of Windows drivers."" McCapp
I am treating this as spyware/malware. I don't know how it got on my computer. I don't have media player 10 installed nor do I have sp2 installed. So I have no idea how it got there. Dale
Not dangerous, but annoying. Part of Windows Media Player 10. I have not found a use for it, and I kill it each time I reboot, no problems. Nunya
uses 0% cpu cpu time 0 seconds and a memory usage of 32kb wont matter if u keep it running or not wont hamer performance Snipergod87
Sending netpackets to windows - mp3 datas etc - disable @ msconfig h4( 3r
part of micro$oft Media Player 10
part of WMP 10 Porno Ralle
its not nesseserry so it should be disabled
Prevents proper shut-down, trying to end this process... I nuked i! Cory
Read Erkuts comments on this process.....It is listed as a worm that arrives as a Windows executable file. Upon execution, it drops a copy of itself in the Windows system folder as WDFMGR.EXE. It terminates itself and executes the dropped file. See link!!  See also: Link Monika
It's part of WMP10 and shouldn't cause a problem, but if it does, it can be stopped in process and set to manual start in services. Quite a common filename for viruses to use, so check that it's an official MS file in c:\windows or c:\windows\system32 Dr. Confused
this process is not ususally needed for a home pc narayan
freaking n00bs. windows media 10 file. 1337cshacker
wdfmrg.exe is the virus! Not wdfmgr.exe. luvhuffer
slows my computer down... wmp10 play's fine... still confused, i have process i dont even know about. my external hd, printer, lightscribe dvd writer, 6 in 1 card reader (attached to cpu), and usb(also attached), any help would be greatly appreciated AJ
it's crap slows down the system and spys your system out, just deactivate it in the services, name there is "windows user mode driver framework"  See also: Link moneysoft
safe 100% windows user
Just go to the link at Microsoft.com for an explanation.  See also: Link
its already disabled on mine and wmp still jumps up to 100% processor time, and it starts eating up memory, the longer its on the more of my ram that gets dedicated to it. ElectricFuneral
i found that changing the video acceleration in preferences fixed it. i also disabled the wdfmgr just to be sure.  See also: Link actual
 See also: Link siersciuch
it takes a lot of CPU !! maracao
agree with u. it is part of Media Player 10
wdfmgr.exe is not a virus, is a "personal" driver for Media Player 10 and meny new video & audio players.It is known as a Local Service, meaning that it use your internet connection to send/recive info. about media from ur playlist.I don't know why it have to do this, and what is helping for (us/creator), but u can remove it from C:\windows\System32\ (wdfmgr.exe) is there. Shift+Del it! Tnx for ur attention. AbadBoy
part of WMP10 - leave it alone. Osarika
This file is a considerably harmful virus, although it claims that it's part of Windows Media Player 10. It causes your playlist and songs to be relayed back to server. If you find this in your Task Manager (and especially if you find it in your task manager and WMP10 isn't installed or running) end it immediately, and do a search for it with hidden folders and files unhidden. Wherever you find it as an .exe, you're recommended to delete it for the safety of your computer. nyiddle
Part of WMP10. Not dangerous in terms of function, but causes occasional crashing. Unnecessary file which remains after uninstall of WMP. Remove if so inclined.  See also: Link MS
Controls my volumn control driver-had to restart service in msconfig and restart before I could turn my volumn back on Amanda
This is a safe file, leave it. It's part of Windows Media Player. POOP
Part of XP SP2  See also: Link Zeno
If you aren't using WMP for the moment, why should it start automagically; set it to manual. It will only start if you use WMP then. Cheers all  See also: Link SafeBoy
It is for gathering information from your PC. If I let the similar stuff running in my pc, then they would 100 of them. KODIAC
Listen people, it is NOT, NOT! "part" of WMP 10 (although it may be installed with WMP10). I have it on my machine, and I DON'T have WMP 10. I think I got it through ATI Catalyst drivers install. guy incognito
It seems to be a part of WMP9 and above, i have 9 and it is on my system. dxman4789
This showed up after I updated to Media Player 10 uses all my cpu and literally shut down my system...it is canned. Leeann Miller
This is a normal part of Windows Media Player (V10)! BUZZMAN
I havent seen it do anything nasty or use up cpu time but if its not doing anything then its probably a waste of space. phase
windows user mode driver , i think it is for different users with different devices in the same computer badweed
I couldn't delete some videos until I shutted down the service :@ Stian
This file formatted my computer, killed my children, and punched me in the mouth. True story. Steve Ramsey
it can be apart of wmp 10 .... but it can also be a malware who record your passwords..... It's harmless ...kill it  See also: Link atwa
This is DEF. from Media PLayer 10 and or SP2. Uses 3 threads. It's suppposed to be for driver management (any poorly writen drivers will be detected and auto rollback will be initiated. However it does phone home and reports you media player database every now and again. For those of you with high CPU usage. START RUN type..SERVICES.MSC...right click (Windows User Mode Driver Framework) and stop it and also set to disable. Yur good to go.. WarRanger
Helps with installed plugins within Media Player 10. Leave it on manual in the windows services. If any plugins need it, it will turn on. If you disable the service, conflicts may occur when using Nero , other plugins and maybe, certain codecs. JackBlack440
If your going to play any games turn it off before you do, It will halt them while your computer reads something off the hardrive for some reason. kill it Rude
It's a service belonging to Windows Media Player 10. Its purpose is to sync your mp3 player with your PC (like iTunes does for iPod). If you don't have an Mp3-Player that you like to synch using Windows Media Player, you can disable it from the Services manager. see the MS link.  See also: Link Maarten Jansonius
It is normally installed as part of Windows Media player 10 and is not necessary unless you have a piece of hardware that Media player can sync with. It's well documented on the Microsoft web site, see the following link.  See also: Link Ed
i liked that comment about what it was exactly called in the windows services- thank you for helping this poor celeron out Isaac Pettis
It is part of Windows Media Player 10, can be closed using CTRL+ALT+DEL if you are unsure what it is MOzza
Local Service ( Windows User Mode Driver Framework ). Sounds like this will become required as more and more user mode drivers are written. Click on this service in Services for MS explanation.  See also: Link esop
it's not a Virus, but may not necessary. It's a Service, wich can be easily stopped unter mmc - "Services". I've just wondered, because many ppl. say it's a part of the Windows Media Player 10, wich is definately NOT installed on my System (Windows XP Removed Media Edittion!). Since this, I decided to disable this "Service". DanDare
Sometimes is the mask of AGOBOT-TB. Neohakk
It can be 2 things. Another one is the windows media player 10 what sends played items back to momma. Another choice is Windows User Mode Driver Framework, if you need it it should not be disabled. I have the second one. If its the first one disable it. Tuomas
Ah right. Yep didn't think it could be that important running at 0 CPU usage most of the time. Don't really know why I've got media player 10 anyhow, I always use iTunes.
 See also: Link Alena
WMP 10 file...just check the spelling to make sure it's not a viral version.
To get rid of it disable the "Windows User Mode Driver Framework" service by running services.msc HardKorn
I think anything is said above - harmless and can be disabled to free up memory $killed1
wdfmgr.exe, used by wmp10 to automatically link devices that share .wmv files such as Portable Media Devices. Without this file your devices will not communicate nor sychronize files. User Mode Man
The Windows User Mode Driver Framework service is a driver component that is used by Windows Media Player 10. The Windows User Mode Driver Framework service supports synchronization of content with hardware players. For example, an MP3 device is a hardware player. If you do not have a hardware player, you can set the Windows User Mode Driver Framework service Startup type setting either to Disabled or to Manual.  See also: Link writemars
I never noticed this file until today, and i always had wmp10 etc. That's weird :) Mike
I have WMP9 and the file is on my system. Pegasus
This service gets installed on Windows XP when you either install Windows Media Player 10, or when you upgrade to Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. The WDFMGR is a framework that enables developers to create drivers for network connected devices and some USB devices, where the drivers run in user mode rather than kernel mode but still behave as standard Plug-and-Play drivers. geminicricket
Integral part of XP (and Vista); Per ATW: This service introduced in 9/2004, is now an essential service which you should leave running as, in 2006, many manufacturers have now produced WDF drivers and WDFMGR will therefore be needed for those drivers. PainMan
its a little bit annoying, but harmless. M
It consumes a hell lot of cpu resources. Plus many times just restart the machine causing some more issues. Love Free ware
If you see wdfmgr.exe on your process list, then it is a trojan. It collects email addresses from your computer and then leaves you vulnerable to other attacks in the future.The normal wdfmgr is not a process under normal conditions, so delete the file. it is located in C:\Windows\System32\ Absolute Genius
Windows Media Player needs it
it appears in my new computer,so it is microsoft's file -Dimitris-
I moved up to wmp11 and found setup_wm.exe causing trouble, it also tried to setup urge music service, I moved back to wmp10 and since then wdfmgr appeared. I was scared coz wdf looks abusive acronym wat - d - fk ..!! Unfed Neuron
not a threat, but it's also not needed. disable to speed up pc. microsoft should work on making it's original software reliable, not using add-ons to achieve reliability ophielx
Deathlink for NT Kernel  See also: Link Dr.Evil
Windows media player 10 leave - Doesn't take any system resources, left it alone
All i know is that this file is a useless one .If only slows dialup internet . Asrar Hassan
windows service
The Windows User Mode Driver Framework service supports synchronization of content with hardware MP3 players. If you do not have a hardware MP3 player, you can set the Windows User Mode Driver Framework service Startup type setting either to Disabled or to Manual. Later, if you obtain a hardware player and if you want to synchronize it with Windows Media Player 10, you can enable the Windows User Mode Driver Framework service by changing the Startup type setting back to Automatic. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/892552  See also: Link LeandroTLZ
It seems like above sayed, harmless part of WMP 10. SnorKle
Part of Windows Media Player 10. Harmless and can be disabled.  See also: Link TorTech
Part of WMP 10 - easily disabled - run: services.msc Stoob
Part of WMP 10, and a few other things (i dont have 10 installed, but its running), easy to turn off  See also: Link pixitha
Its installed with WMP10 -- sometimes and its always with Winamp. Supposed to increase compatibility but has worked adversely for many increasing the CPU to 100%. Either case, unless your having problems with Winamp or WMP then kill it from Task Manager. Kazna
After you install Microsoft Windows Media Player 10, a new process appears in Windows Task Manager. This process is named the Windows User Mode Driver Framework service  See also: Link smahdif
It can/will bog down your wireless access point by continually repeating information back to Microsoft. Shut it down in services.msc Alpha1
I do not have windows media player10 (only 9), but it's in here.
Comes With WMP10, eliminates problems with compatibility with any other Players... StranJer
This should be got rid of as soon as possible according to this site here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/startups/wdfmgr.exe-11233.html. It's added by the W32/Agobot-TB worm. When started, this infections connects to a remote IRC server where it waits for commands to execute.  See also: Link John Ward
It's from MS so it's not a risk. cheekyMonkey
NOT part of WMP 10 also present on a WMP 9 System, have disabled in services, no problems since ( I want my 32kb back) Ted
it caused problems - when i opened an IE window, it initially would give me an "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage", but the page would appear when I hit refresh. quarantining this file stopped that problem.
I don't have MP10 but recently installed some DivX stuff and wdfmgr.exe showed up in TM. I've disabled it in my current profile. I've noticed that my zone alarm "True Vector" service has been shut down a couple of times recently, so I'll keep an eye on that to see if disbling wdfmgr.exe "cures" that. hi_carb
Nero 7 adds it, even when I tweaked the install cfg file so that it only installed the Tools - CDSpeed,DriveSpeed etc, very determined to install this at any cost. I disabled it. Col Peters
Adware, also uses executable filename "mmc.exe". changes up to throw off the user. not sure if these files are needed for system, however these files are being launched on my system by a 3rd party program. Be careful what you download. the majority of "cracked" software contains malicious binaries. -react
it as similar to other files ...important to media plus respond to problem related to media file .. AHARWAR GAURAV
just a funny little service, do no meaningful thing to me, disable it if you wish MJ
The Windows User Mode Driver Framework service (Wdfmgr.exe) appears in Windows Task Manager after you install Windows Media Player 10  See also: Link aradu
Part of Windows Media Player 10, not harmful, but can be dismissed with no worries. NERD
Windows User Mode Driver Framework service (Wdfmgr.exe) Appears with codec installations, or Media Player 10, media Player 9 updates, or XPSP2...Just disable it in Local Services, and use Media player classic/Real Alternative/QuickTime Alternative.  See also: Link Greymatter
Comes with Windows Media Player, M$....only minor security risk with them.  See also: Link mucus
Thank you 'Spiff' & 'phibster'! It is NOT part of WMP10. I did not even have WMP10 installed - I have WMP9. Thanks! I did exactly what some of you said - I disabled the 'Windows User Mode Driver Framework', and it worked!! Thanks! Blade16
OK..now im even ,ore confused. I have it in task magaer, its listed like this: wdfmgr.exe(note the small letters) and its in the local service, is it suppose to be Wdfmger or wdfmgr..I know with some vurius etc the spelling and casing of the letters make a difference..thanks! debbie
Wdfme.exe doesn't have anything to do with Windows or WMP 9, 10. WDFME.exe is a Western Digital exe that runs its Front Parlor part of Western Digital Smart Ware software. It comes preloaded when you buy an external drive or other drives from WD, usually above the 500 GB drives. I have found that this takes up alot of CPU cycles (anywhere from 10 - 18% of CPU cycles) in the startup phase and then settles in to use approx. 26 meg of Mem. I definitely uses the CPU in the beginning (startup takes 2 - 8 minutes) and I was trying find out if anybody else has had this problem. MartinD
after a suspect java applet (later found to be infected) launched WMP without my consent to play a url I noticed this process along with WLIDSVC.EXE and the WLIDSVCM.EXE hanging around in my taskmanager which is also suspect and it could be a rootkit so beware, Windows-related objects, processes and dll's are all liable to be hijacked, these to the community are known as rootkits. terminate the process if you dont trust it. Bobby Doe
can cause BSOD, in windows 7
it showed up in my processes and wasnt there before. Did get it deleted but was tricky. Sheryl
Suddenly appeared after plugging in as 16 mb Sandisk flash drive WTF
Mine was as said above part of WD Western Digital drive software install started from their smart ware software and it hogs memory and cpu usually during start up. I uninstalled smart ware and not that problem is gone.  See also: Link zxylene
UniBlue SpeedUpMyPC recommends disabling this TSR on my XP(SP3). I have (for various reasons) only WMP 9, so this file seems irrelevant, even though the name suggest a more general driver application. Other sources suggest it is a common virus target. Gonna disable it, see what happens. Tony Patriarche
My old PC, internet becomes toooooooo slow. Franca Filho

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