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Process name: Drive Letter Access Component

Product: Drive Letter Access

Support: Help link [1][2]   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Corel Corporation (acquired Roxio from Rovi Corporation in 2012).

File: tfswshx.dll

This dynamic link library (DLL) is a component of Roxio Burn, which replaced the Drive Letter Access (DLA) software that Sonic Solutions acquired when it bought VERITAS Software in 2002. Roxio Burn is, like DLA, a commercial packet writing application for Microsoft Windows that allows optical disk storage devices to be used in a manner similar to floppy disks. Instead of writing to a CD-R or DVD-R in tracks, packet writing preformats the disk as small sectors which it can read and write to individually. This allows files on the disk to be updated, extended, or deleted. DLA proved to be incompatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and Roxio Burn was issued to replace it.

The DLA product has been identified with several different companies because of successive acquisitions or sales. It was developed by VERITAS Software and in 2002 it was acquired along with VERITAS by Sonic Solutions, a company formed in 1987 in Novato, CA, by former employees of Lucasfilm. Roxio was a parallel acquisition by Sonic in 2003. The replacement for the product originated by VERITAS (DLA) was issued through Roxio (RoxioBurn). In 2010, Rovi Corporation acquired Sonic Solutions, but then in 2012 Rovi sold the Roxio division and product line to Corel Corporation. Roxio products are still advertised on the Roxio website and do not appear in the listing of products on the Corel site. If you want a detailed security rating about your tfswshx.dll (and all other running background processes) read the following user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/tfswshx.dll.html 

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All comments about tfswshx.dll:
VERITAS Software 200
Installed with Sonic Record Now! CD burning software (might be pre-installed on IBM thinkpad)  See also: Link JM
Installed by some DVD/CD - RW drives using Sonic Record Now!  See also: Link MPC Tech
I think it's related to Sonic burning software Izani
it came pre-installed by Dell on my new desktop
Demon software for detecting BHO's had detected it and suggested it may be undesirable . It now seems it might be related to IBM preload computers and maybe even related to windows xp . Denise
I believe this file belongs to Sonic software (not dangerous) bbennu
Drive Letter Access Component For CD Burner Copyright 2004 Sonic Solutions Dave
came pre-installed by Dell, which came pre-installed w/ Sonic burning software Mike
Installed with Veritas DLA software for Sony DVD Jim Kennedy
came with my Dell PC
came pre-installed by Dell, which came pre-installed w/ Sonic burning software
came with my dvd-burner, seems harmless Pascal
Pre-installed on a brand new IBM Thinkpad + WindowsXP Mozai
Installed with the opertaing disk supplied with my HP laptop
Installed Sonic DLA for cd burning. Use unknown?? Eric Greenberg
came w/ Dell for Sonic programs
came preloaded on my IBM laptop
used by Sonic wall
Came bundled on my Dell desktop as well.
pre-installed with Dell MC
Sonic's Driver Letter Access Link to FAQ's attached  See also: Link Richard
CD burning
preinstalled on my new Toshiba laptop Holly
Preinstalled with HP Compaq nx6120 RVH
VERITAS Backup Exec Software is actively being exploited, see link  See also: Link Greg
"Sonic DriveLetterAccess". Component of Sonic CD Burning software. Preinstalled on Dell Computers and others. Locking up CD drive sometimes in conjunction with tfswshx.dll (also belongs to DLA). When shutting down Windows often generates message like: "DLA is processing operations for another user" even if no other user is logged on. Not known as dangerous - yet. MK
It came preinstalled with my dell laptop it allows you to copy and burn cd's and dvd's Nicole
agreed ..it came preinstalled with sonic on Dell pamela
Installed by Sonic 'Record Now Deluxe' Richard P. Jones
Came with Roxio / Sonic Solutions DEborah
Propably used for CD burning directly from the explorer. Harmless, but uses memory.
preinstalled on dell pc
came pre-installed with HP xw...-Workstations DocDOS
Its a component of Sonic CD Burning software paul
This is part of Sony DRM protection to stop piracy. binx
came with Dell bundle KC
preinstalled on Dell w/Sonic
Preinstalled on Toshiba Laptop. When browser addin enabled, it stops drag and drop of items in Explorer favorites! Nigel
Sonic Record Now - preloaded on Toshiba Qosmio lpnwain
Sonic Solutions has one slight glitch. When shutting it down, it apparently fails to notify Windows that it is shutting down, so when you start Sonic Solutions again, it reports that it is already running. So when I shut down Sonic Solutions, I use the Windowns Task Manager to end the program and that solves the problem. I don't know whether the add-on in question has anything to do with this problem or not, but I agree with many of the other posters the it simply came with my Dell Dimension. Rational Geezer
Have a dell its on my laptop but I also have roxio and sonic don't think its anything to worry about but I disabled it in my browser just in case mshy
it came with my dell 2400 6 years ago and i have been using it ever since. if it comes between sonic and IE 8 i will go back to IE 7 sailray
I just installed Microsoft IE 8 and Sonic Drive Letter Access isn't compatible with this newer version of Microsoft IE 8, if you continue running this dll file on your pc you risk the chance of crashing your computer and loosing everything you have with it - Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 is willing to assist in searching for a fix to the error messege received after installation is completed of IE 8, The. Sonic is pre-installed on F "DriveLetterAccess Component" add-on version '' published by'(Not verified) Sonic Solutions' is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8.  See also: Link Cisco Steve
i think it came with sonic solutio on my Dell labtop maria
I disabled the Sonic add-on, microsoft support wrote that it would still function outside of IE8, which is the real conflict, but it did NoT--my XP system crashed JL
It came preinstalled with my dell laptop it allows you to copy and burn cd's and dvd's JTG
I have several computers Gateway ltd l 300 pent 3 and a Dell Dimension 82000 pent 4 freezes and crashes of IE8 and eventually the system needed to be totally reinstalled on both the common threads were the Veritas DLA and also Sonics record now with DLA both using this DLL it was so bad on one I had to Do a clean install. LOL never a fun thing with xp also for those of you wondering why only one of your Burners works its because the Dla only supports one Burner at a time you have to go in a switch Drive assignments from burner to burner its listed in the User manual from veritas so Beware Doc Jimi xmasterdarkx
Drive Letter Access (DLA) is a CD/DVD writing application. It is very popular mainly because it was and still is shipped with a majority of CD and DVD recording drives.  See also: Link Ax
I found that I had a program called Sonic Update Manager in Control Panel and once I removed it my problem went away. Sonic Update Manager John Burgbacher

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