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Process name: StarWind iSCSI SAN Software

Product: StarWind Virtual SAN

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Rocket Division Software (starwindsoftware.com)

File: StarWindService.exe

StarWind Software, Inc., a privately-held spinoff in 2008 of Rocket Division Software, provides small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) with the Storage Area Network (SAN) capability used by larger enterprises on a virtual basis using the iSCSI standard pioneered by IBM and Cisco in 1998. The StarWindService.exe program lets any standard 64-bit or 32-bit Windows Server use existing Ethernet connections to become a scalable SAN with all enterprise-class features. In iSCSI terminology, this makes the Windows Server machine a "target" for client computers, ("initiators"), which send requests to it to store or retrieve information in virtual disk drives. Implementing iSCSI-standard SAN software such as StarWind allows a client computer to function as if its data is stored on a local disk drive, while allowing the concentration of storage capability in a single data center to reduce the expense of providing extensive storage capability for multiple servers. StarWind Software is able to work together with DoubleTake data replication software to enhance this SAN capability with a remote copy of all data on the SAN at a disaster recovery location.

StarWind also supplies Alcohol with a version of the StarWindService software which is shipped with its Alcohol 120% CD and DVD burning software for Windows, but that version is named StarWindServiceAE.exe (Alcohol Edition) and should not be confused with the independently marketed StarWind product when determining what is present on a system. If you want a detailed security rating about your StarWindService.exe (and all other running background processes) read the following user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/starwindservice.exe.html 

Note: Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk. If a "non-Microsoft" .exe file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! Check it out!

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of StarWindService.exe: based on 112 votes. Read also the 86 reviews.

  • 1754 users ask for this file. 64 users rated it as not dangerous. 16 users rated it as not so dangerous. 20 users rated it as neutral. 9 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 3 users rated it as dangerous. 7 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about StarWindService.exe:
Installed with Alcohol 120%. Shouldn't be dangerous. Matt
it mounts image files - not harmful at all ben meyer
It is part of Alcohol 120%
A Part of Alcohol 120% King
Alcohol 120% (Virtual CD)  See also: Link John Nightingale
StarWindService.exe is a process which belongs to Alcohol 120% and provides network drive sharing capabilities to this product. This program is non-essential process to the running of the system, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems.  See also: Link phantom
StarWindService.exe is a process which belongs to Alcohol 120% and provides network drive sharing capabilities to this product. This program is non-essential process to the running of the system, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. elliB
maybe alcohol virtual driver goemon
Part of Alcohol 120% KnightKiller
Used by Alcohol 120%. Doesn't need to run, but doesn't hurt to leave it. xI
alcohol 120% sean
belongs to Alcohol 120%; provides network drive sharing capabilities to this product;  See also: Link Daisuke
It belongs to Alcohol 120% and provides network drive sharing capabilities to this product. Chris James
Is a process of Alcohol 120% porkerias
it is part of alcohol 120% but this process is running even with alcohol closed!so who knows what it is doing  See also: Link Makaveli
It is an Alcohol 120% process that allows network drive sharing capabilities Dank
It's a part of Alcohol Soft
alcohol 120% program add. peter
StarWindService.exe is a process which belongs to Alcohol 120% and provides network drive sharing capabilities to this product. This program is non-essential process to the running of the system, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. Richard
Running Process of Alcohol Redbird
Alcohol 120%  See also: Link Cyrius
StarWindService is a process of Alcohol 120%, it is not a threat to windows Matt
part of alcohol software, I think only of newer versions Peter
It is a part of Alcohol120% Emulation Software. I think you can close the process without problems. mykey
It is used by alcohol soft for network drive sharing
Program that emulates CD-ROM drive to use some software without CD. This file is it's module to emulator works. Oleg Sokolovskiy
This the process for the alcohol 120% virtual Drive, It is hatmless, but if you think its causing problems, check the image it had loaded.
Alcohol 120% Service Jean Michel Jarre
Appears to have effect on my Radeon X700 GPU, responsible I suspect for performance issues in gameplay Christian Cawley, IT Analyst & Freelance Writer
starwind belongs to burnung applications (here: alcohol). i don't know exactly but i think it has to do with the drive emulation (imagedrive) ro
The task manager file for Alcohol 120% program you probably downloaded yourself.  See also: Link PestVolk
part of alcohol 120% program, not sure... chaos
Alcohol 120% Virtual Drive mounting of image files Stefano
It's essential for the functionality of the virtual drives of Alcohol 120% and should not be terminated. If causing troubles reinstall or terminate Alcohol's virtual drives solution.  See also: Link Jan
Its a tool to mount SCSI devices for the use with Alcohol 120 % Mugl
As everyone has said, not so essential part of alc120% mr.shadow
Is used by Alcohol 120%. This application allows Alcohol 120% to read emulations, virtual CD or DVD drives, or network drives. This process is not required except by Alcohol 120% for virtual drives. Kiznik
Since all I know is that it goes with alcohol I can't say it without feeling misleading that it is or is not dangerous. Dem. Sen. John Kerry
this destroys system files on computers owned by gay people. stan cook
Part of Alcohol Software - not dangerous JB
I believe someone setup an ftp server on my computer using this program. zapato the annoyed
Belongs to Alcohol 120% Alex
Alchohol 120% installation causes this to appear, harmless, but this and the gearsec thing have been showing up at bad times. I don't need to dedicate memory to them if I'm not using the software!!! Terminate them, but may cause problems. hydra
120% you can remove it doesnt cause any harm billy bob
if computer crashes, when i reboot and attempt to use any program involving the internet (AIM, firefox, etc) , it will not open or start (although it is listed in windows task manager) until I close starwindservice.exe through task manager, at which time instantly all programs tryin to acces the internet appear and work immediently after. Ryan
Star wind blows goats. I have proof. Spanku Verymuch
I can only agree with Matt it belongs to Alcohol 120% and my Anti Virus software didn't detect any Viruses (sames with my firewall) so I this process is not dangerous.......I mean momentally Nobody
part of "Alcohol 120%" AliBaBa
alcohol 120%, very safe DaveMontreal
Comes with Alcohol, can be terminated if Alcohol is not being used, be sure that it runs before opening Alcohol. Lyrae
StarWindService.exe is a process which belongs to Alcohol 120% and provides network drive sharing capabilities to this product. May Hang On Reboot
It's part of alcohol 120%. It's needed for a performance of emulation from copyprotection.  See also: Link -dura-
StarWindService.exe is a process belonging to Alcohol 120% - In breaf, if you don't want or need any mounted DVD/CDROM drives, it does not need to be running and can be turned off within Alcohol 120% Poyda
Starport iSCSI service installed with Alcohol 120%. Unless you are using iSCSI to network mount drives you can safely disable the service.  See also: Link dmaurer
Belongs to Alcohol 120%. Zero security risk. ThatTechGuy
virtual driver for alcohol 120% and part of alcohol 120% Scharper
it's trying to act as a server so I've blocked it :)
it an alcoholic awsome prog covsoldier
alcohol 120 service
alcohol 120! nsane
used by alcohol 120% amokk
Alcohol 120% Service, tested on secure workstation without network. Absolutly harmless BitHit
The related DLL contains program copy protection and it calls home in part to notify you of updates, but seems fine to terminate... and it is possible then to mask a trojan Praxis
It does seem to be part of Alcohol but why does it want to access the internet even when Alcohol isn't being used? Graham
Belongs to Alcohol 120%, BUT downloads about 400kb every 5-7 days. WTF? xRay
This process waits for the user to go to sleep, then attempts to climb out of you computer to raid your fridge. Part of Alcohol 120% installation, not harmful Stink-o-fun
it connects to the internet, not jet sure what it does, it should not connect to the internet RJBoer
I terminate this crap: del exe, clean registry kandar
A part of Alcohol 120%  See also: Link Cpututor
alcohol 120% service GoblinKing
The Windows Firewall has detected an application listening for incoming traffic. Name: - Path: D:\Program Files\Alcohol Soft\Alcohol 120\StarWind\StarWindService.exe Process identifier: 376 User account: SYSTEM User domain: NT AUTHORITY Service: Yes RPC server: No IP version: IPv4 IP protocol: TCP Port number: 3261 Allowed: No User notified: No authmx
Comes with Alcohol 120%  See also: Link LinkTree
alcolhol 120% file  See also: Link Toef
the alcohol 120% software is pretty good, but it has the starwind service, after i uninstalled everything it is still running,someone could be using servers or some s!!t. DZUP
if you installed alcohol 120 not dangerous. if you dont probably somethin that hooks up the name. sattis
It kills my UMTS internet connection ! carcasshead
Check the log files in starwind files. I see server connections, control port access attempts. Seems fishy. jessie
Its a part of Alcohol!!! i searched my pc , and he found it at the alcohol files anarchist
part of alchol 120% which let to mount images via network brokenhills
Alcohol 120% process. Periotically checks for updates now and again. If you are leary about it running in the background communicating to the internet, you could restrict it's access via Firewall. IT Tech Guy
Starwindservice.exe belongs to iSCSI-Drivers eg. Trekstor. It is used to mount network drives. Alex
There is now a new file called StarWindServiceAE.exe located in Root:\Program Files\Alcohol Soft\Alcohol 120\StarWind\Star\WindserviceAE.exe and is again associated with Alcohol120 full download edition The AE varient is not yet listed on file.net Argonath
application is running, so u cant delete it. Open task (ctrl+alt+dlt) processes choose "all processes from all users" find "starwind" and END PROCESS open C: program files delete "alcohol" angel
evidently also runs with alcohol 52% services.msc enables network access to local burners via iSCSI protocol gonna change it from auto to manual or disabled Denzi
it's maybe not dangerous, but i think it is to hard for good condition for my computer. I will uninstall alcohol 120% szwos

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