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Process name: Java


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Company: Sun Microsystems (sun.com) or Oracle (oracle.com) or Oracle America or IBM (ibm.com) or Adobe Systems (adobe.com)

File: ssv.dll

It is a Browser Helper Object belonging to the Java Virtual Machine. Many Internet and mobile applications are written in Java and the Virtual Machine enables them to run in the user's browser. Java was first developed at Sun Microsystems, (merged into Oracle since 2010), by James Gosling. First released in 1995 it became free and open-source software in May 2007. Each particular host operating system needs its own implementation of the Java Virtual Machine and runtime environment. If you want a detailed security rating about your ssv.dll (and all other running background processes) read the following user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/ssv.dll.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of ssv.dll: based on 174 votes. Read also the 87 reviews.

  • 59633 users ask for this file. 95 users rated it as not dangerous. 15 users rated it as not so dangerous. 38 users rated it as neutral. 10 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 16 users rated it as dangerous. 7 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about ssv.dll:
It is a rerquired component for Java Runtimes, Java, etc.  See also: Link Dries Van Damme
Sun Microsystems, Inc. Shalianahe
New JRE IE extension. Get it now!
From Sun, needed for XP to run java  See also: Link Dave Bushong
This is the JAVA client for your web browser, it is an IE add-on that is needed to view certain (java) content in Internet Explorer Snadge
ssv.dll is a module belonging to the Java virtual machine Gary Allen
Well, since it is from Java, I don't think that it can be dangerous. Lobo Schmidt
Java  See also: Link Mik
java helper plugin for IE Jon
it is Sun Java's file gary deen
I Think it is a JAVA process magnekd
I't a Java Runtime Environment update. Artúr Herczeg
Java(TM) 2 Platform ODIN
it is used to open my chat rooms joann
I downloaded it myself, it makes certain video files playable on websites, as far as I know its not spyware Peter
this ties the REAL SUN JRE into IE dj-kirE
Program for use with OU studies Terry Anderson
Java Browser-Plugin  See also: Link Finomosec
Sun Microsystems Java  See also: Link Matt Baker
It appears to be a standard dll from the new JRE update  See also: Link Buffon
Sun's JAVA Runtime Environment  See also: Link John
Java related...others can see your screen I think...can be harmful Alex
I'm assuming it is necessary to run Java web applets or something, or made to look like it. Anyone know for sure? John Carpenter
Its just a Java plugin for web browsers right.
Part of Java Runtime Environment  See also: Link Balthazar
SunMicrosystems Java platform runtimes c
Used for Azureus for downloading. Related to torrent files. Smilies
It's Java.
SUN java security feature - SNEAKY  See also: Link Matt Ambrose
ssv.dll is a module belonging to the Java virtual machine.
Part of the Java runtime environment  See also: Link Andreas Senft
Why do you think Microsoft dropped it for a 3rd party developer, it was potentially one of the biggest security risks to Windows. Nicho
it runs most online games (java) andy
This file helps to run java in Internet Explorer Filipp
why i am getting this harmless vijayatluri
This is a java update for your internet-explorer and will not harm your computer, but windows is windows you know =) MaKeR
Nothing and thats why its a hazard Pathogen
Just DL'ed a Java update and this is now showing in running processes
haves something to do with Java  See also: Link
A module belonging to the Java virtual machine Nader
It is annoying. Tha-Flash
It's part of Sun Systems Java platform which enables you to view online webcams( using that system) in a Java console. Those particular cams will not show without it. specific to certain sites such as JMeeting.com Terry Bull
ssv.dll is a module belonging to the java virtual machine (JVM). It is a backgroundprocess, not critical for your system, but important because a lot of programs need it! Paul Majoor
Firefox Java Plugin???  See also: Link Universal.BF2 MaLuWa
its just a regular java extension for your internet explorer that allows you to go into chat rooms/play games/ download things/ open many things that are runned by this program around the internet but i like to keep my computer fast so i would end the process chris
it does me better good than harm. ven..
part of runtime enviroment for Java Platform. Can be harmless but, with any running scripts, there is always the potential for danger Michael
Required for Java  See also: Link Blake
ssv.dll is a module belonging to the Java virtual machine
well if you have ever goten a virus threw a java because of a script on a page this is what this file does but it is not dangerous. bill
Java Runtime Environment from Sun Microsystems  See also: Link Randy
A few web pages won't load without Java running and Windows Explorer then crashes. User ends up back at their desktop page. Robin
Java start process Clark
He's a funny one. I think I need to get to know him better before I lean either way. Howie Feldersnatch
It's installed with Java Ahmed T.
It's a Java Process used in opening chat rooms, objects on MySpace.com, flash games, and more. J-Zeus (Mr.Boxy)
ssv.dll is a module belonging to the Java virtual machine. And it is an background process. ProcessLibrary.com says: Not a critical component. Spyware: No. Adware: No. Virus: No. Trojan: No. Hugo
Needed to play Runescape Realmreaver
javaplatform bob
I't a Java Runtime Environment update. JoLahr
It's a safe software  See also: Link Ghassan
its made by Sun Microsystems and its completly harmless. the worst thing it might do is lock your computer if u have a Java Attacking virus or something Sweitzer Freund
Sun Java it ok SJ
its fine, its a java thing, which is nessary to show content on most websites... jeanette
Java(TM) 2 Platform DSG
It runs yahoo stuff and it doesnt effect my preformance Jen
It allows you to view certain java applets, it is not spyware, but in some cases can allow spyware to be downloaded to your computer, stop looking at internet porn and you should be fine with keeping it, lol. Matthew
Java Runtime Environment CvC
IE add-in for Java from Sun, installed without permission or uninstall. Makes IE slow. Danger level is moderate, but behaves as a typical spyware. Sophisticated Java programmer can use it to introduce malicious content into your computer. aao
Sun Microsystems, buggy piece of code; causes IE7 to hang, had to disable it. g0d0
its Java Runtime Environment! you may need it... sakis_the_fraud
Its a part of Sun's JAVA Runtime Environment, can be dangerous if your machine is running some dangerous java code ReatKay
A module belonging to the Java virtual machine, can be dangerous beha
Essential software if you wanna see half of the stuff on the internet and if you run azureus client. rickyph
Java add-in for IE. Makes IE slow. No option to remove it, only disable from IE(Tools- Manage Add-ons). aao
/agree with Matthew. Generally not dangerous itself, but potentially a gateway if youre not careful. easy to check if it has a trojan or two within its folder however Farran
Java runtime environment ParadoX
Absolutley Harmless, Essential For Alot Of Internet Related Things. InSoMnIaK604
Some virus' can distrobute through java
Needed to run any Java eg in Browser. It is a background task just leave it be & you will be able to use Java. Jethro L
It slows down my Internet! SSV.DLL
I use Opera9.24 and the ssv.dll doesn't appear in the Windows Task Manager, but appears in the proprietary "Security Task Manager" and has a rating of 64% possibility of being a spyware. When I use that program to quarantine ssv.dll, my browser no longer works. I feel very suspicious about this. Fitzie M
this causes word 2007 to crash in Vista - no idea why but when disabled word works fine JJ
part of Sun Java, my IOLO REgistry states is shd be shutdown but to my mind it is issuded by a respected company , much like Microsoft . Will leave on Rob H
still in doubt about threat. all activity from this process is suspicious at best. possible cause of instability and resource hog rik
Used to run Java applications and games Dan The IT Guy

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