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Process name: Roxio PX Engine (Corel)

Product: Roxio/Sonic PX Engine Description and Download

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Roxio (roxio.com)

File: PxHelp20.sys

This is a driver file for Microsoft Windows systems (Vista/7/8) that is part of the PX Engine produced by Corel Corporation under the Sonic Solutions brand. References to Roxio are explained by Roxio being acquired by Sonic which was then acquired by Corel. They produce software to copy and burn optical media such as CDs and DVDs and the PX Engine is included in most of their products. The PX Engine installs in the Windows "system32" folder and consists of multiple "px*.sys" and "px*.dll" files, so if PxHelp20.sys is found in "system32" by itself, it may be malware disguising itself with the name. If you want a detailed security rating about your PxHelp20.sys (and all other running background processes) read the following user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/pxhelp20.sys.html 

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All comments about PxHelp20.sys:
Device driver for sonic dvd burner Sven Opitz
When I installed the latest version of Sonic's MYDVD I got an error message when I restarted stating that Elby Check has detected a corrupt Filter Driver PxHelp20! This driver will prevent your cd-roms from working properly . Remove corrupt driver from Registry? Yes No hearsjohnny
Windows 2003 Server (All editions) will create a lot of Explorer.EXE and "Control Panel" errors Mark Peter van Sijll (NL)
I saw it on the system of a friend who had recently begun having problems with his system slowing down tremedously. I disabled it (along with other suspected services and drivers) and his system appeared to return to a normal operating state. Greg Kanczes
dvd burner driver Spacen jASSET
It's make my burning be slow vincent
This file is the Sonic Solutions CD Burning Ripping engine used by Winamp 5. It's painful to remove, as it doesn't uninstall with Winamp 5. You need to manually remove it by deleting all pxhelp20 entries in the registry, including from inside the upper/lowerfilters for the CD devices. You might need to do this as it can cause incompatabilites with some IDE drivers. My Nforce 2 board with standard Microsoft IDE drivers just went into a boot/reboot loop because of phelp20.sys. It is possible to install Winamp 5 without the Sonic ripping module by deselecting it from the installation menus. John
when I restarted stating that Elby Check has detected a corrupt Filter Driver PxHelp20! This driver will prevent your cd-roms from working properly . Remove corrupt driver from Registry? Yes No erma
Slows CD drives drastically, causes fatal errors. nodbruce
Caused crashing my (SIS645) IDE DRIVER, DMA doesn't work on my DVD-RW device, I don't exactly know, what this is. Probably the Sonic My DVD installed it. I haven't solved the problem yet. Good luck! Szabó, Dávid
had an incompatible driver with my computer and caused random reboots! a big pain and comes with sonic update manager whit
It is a CD writing driver used by Sonic RecordNow. This software usually comes pre-installed on Dell PCs with CDRWs installed. Removing this file will break Sonic RecordNow. This DLL is also used by serveral other CD writing applications that have licensed the Sonic codebase to write CDs in their own applications. This file can get corrupted sometimes, resulting in bluescreens. If this occurs, delete the file, and re-install Sonic Recordnow.  See also: Link Ryan Goetzinger
Answer-it is a networking problem. basically you uninstalled either of the 2 networking services (network load balancing or QoS Packet Scheduler). Don't think you need either on, but not having the elimates ip-address access to winsocket. long of it. "px" stands for pointer. "help" refers to windows/help and issue 20 deals with passport failure. the logic is a couple of years ago winsock only interfaced with tcp/ip and needing 2-way (seccure and non from hard ip not url) microsoft gave access to winsocket. as a result you need one of the two present (qos or net bal..) during boot for apps Ian Laurin
not needed at all but insistantly keeps getting installed by rootkit exploit/trojan - it probably has some exploitable dual functionality hidflect
is it possible to get rid of this without going in registry edit? my idiot admin disabled it and i really need to get rid of this thing. staas
Not dangerous, but I just got rid of that crap using this script: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;320553 burnt
Version is installed by Adobe Photoshop Elements 3. Does not cause Problems here. Peter
I just removed it manually (had to edit the registry), and now my CD drive works again Y Pennog Coch
Is used by some programs, but can cause some problems. Shadowlight
Part of a fresh WinXP SP2 Pro install, seems to be harmless. RobM
provider: sonic solutions
This is also added by Nero. If the filter is removed, then you cannot burn to media (only burn an image to a Nero file) jackal651
horrible sompletely screws up SPTI & ASPI. Cannont uninstall easily... DONT INSTALL DIVX6 it is bundled in it without asking if you want to install it Sonicshootdown
It is installed as a device driver for CD/RW and DVD burners. If removed the device will fail Jon Redwood
Divx 6 installs this as service but it doesnt show up in the services list. I got delsrv.exe from the windows 2000 resource kit and used it on pxhelp20.sys in the winnt/system32/drivers directory. Disliker of DivX installer
On my system, it prevented the CD drives from working. Windows complained that the drivers for the devices could not be started. This site details the process of removing the problem. http://www.theeldergeek.com/restore_missing_cd_or_dvd_drive.htm  See also: Link Tuba
Unable to get rid of it. Using WinXP 64bit. widows disables the PxHelp20.sys. Rated as incompatible. johnm
after removing some services via msconfig, my dvdram hldtstgsa4084n did not work at all. this file was not part of detailed drivers unitl i recovered my laptop. i guess it is needed to recognize cdrom somehow.any ideas? dadslaptop
After deleteing it I got problems with CD-ROMs - codes 19, 32, 39 Serg
Maybe legit, or maybe not. I do know that it caused Nero 5.5 and Nero 6.3 not to see my DVD burner, and also conflicted with Daemon Tools' sptd.sys, which caused my system to hang every boot. (Reinstalled Win2k before I worked out what the problem was, not happy at all that this junk somehow got on my system. Still no clue where it came from.) Jon L
Required for Veritas' DVD Device Driver... Anton Jan
CDrom drives pop
if you have any problems look for HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} for LowerFilter, delete data value, not the key! My cdrom drive did not work anymore after DEinstalling DIVX player in windows safe mode. install / reinstall in normal mode works fine Michael T.
PxHelp20.sys comes with DivX codec/player Luke
Added by Corel Photo album 6 Rikki maan en
Installed with Yahoo! Music Jukebox, probably to slow cd-rom ripping speed Lemon
Virustotal.com found NO Virus in MY File, and it seems to belong to some Programm  See also: Link RanuKanu
Installed by PlexTools  See also: Link FP
PxHelp20.sys and Pfc.sys are installed by lots of different programs mostly multimedia type software. For instance along with the apps mentioned Mainconcepts Mainactor from Mediachance installes it. As has been mentioned it can be difficult to remove as you need to edit the registry in especial the upper/lowerfilters for the CD devices. Gerry
I just installed a new DVD burner that came bundled with Nero 6 software which installed this driver. therefore, I would assume that Nero 6 will not work if pxhelp20.sys is disabled, however, my computer runs much slower since this was installed. Avatar1165
The Sonic Solutions cd-burning engine is also installed now with Google's Picassa photo viewer (which offers 'backup', or burn-to-cd capabilities). Windows Vista will also use Sonic's engine to power its built-in burning feature (see http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/News/Details.aspx?NewsId=18759). Windows defender (free, available from microsoft.com) will prompt you when this driver is installed on your system... in contrast, Picassa is 'recognized' software and is allowed to install. With Windows Defender installed, you can choose to deny this driver when an application installs it. James B
shitdriver. lets my cdrom vanish. disabled via deleting filter entry in CurrentControlSet for CDROMS (MS has an article). kill it!!!
It is a driver for CD and DVD rom drives. It's one of the worst ones out there but there's nothing to be concerned about, many CD writing software uses it. Do not get rid of it if it found its way on your computer, it's not a virus, it didnt get on there because you dont need it. Chances are you got it with software that requires it to work properly. Calvin
ok, this thing screws up your drivers. also, there is more files than pxhelp20.sys, some of those files says it was created the year 2003 on your computer, it also looks like it keeps making more and more files not sure about that though. but i know my computer cant read any disks and that happend 2 days after i got this file. This file can come from Winamp, so make sure you dont have the check box on positve at audio support files, Sonic Ripping/Burning Support. also, i think this file can cause c000021a, fatal logon error. it also disable files but how many and what kind of files i dont know Huh
seems to be able to cause c000021a. logon procsess fatal error so you cant get your computer started. not 100% sure about this though, but since it starts during boot it could be very likely ? Huh
It's DIVX 6.0 144
Install Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.0, PxHelp20.sys will appeared in %SYSTEM%\system32\drivers RetupmocSOFT
after removing this driver you have to edit the registry to remove it from the CD/DVD driver (upper/lowerfilter) or else your drive will fail to work! (this driver is AFAIK no part of windows!)  See also: Link Henry J
Published by Sonic Solutions. Evil file, prevent either of my CD-ROM drives from working. Go through the registry and remove the lowerfilter entries for pxhelp20.sys to remove it. André Baron
Required in order to access my DVD/CD burner. Jim
Comes with Pinnacle Studio. Causes very bad things to my PX-760A DVD recorder + system instability + Errors and problems while burning disks from other applications + DVD+RW erase will never finish in Plextools guest
Suddenly appeared. PX engine device driver for XP. Dquixote
is installed by winamp. Is not necessary when hearing music, maybe for cd ripping Ralf Hermanns
Installed by Sony SonicStage software Feuerblase
PxHelp20.sys and Pfc.sys are installed by lots of different programs mostly multimedia type software. Mine got problem from added by "Corel Photo album 6". Shit! Tong Narak
Prevents the Windows Complete PC Backup on Vista by blocking access to the DVD drive. ml
No harm caused to Machine or DVD ROM or CD Writer (Combo Drive)... Vinod
This file caused my PC to not be able to see any CD/DVD Device, the only visible way to know that the device was there was in System Devices. The best option would be to delete Pxhel20.sys and all of its registry through regedit or some other means. After i did this, i was able to view and work my DVD-R Device. Ben
Its the Service for the WinAmp 5.x Burn Support CompanyName : Sonic Solutions FileDescription : Px Engine Device Driver for Windows 2000/XP FileVersion : 3.00.56a InternalName : PxHelp20 LegalCopyright : Copyright © Sonic Solutions OriginalFilename : PxHelp20.sys ProductName : PxHelp20
Made by sonic. Used by numerous apps as a cd/dvd burning API. Works with most systems but can cause device issues in some instances. If removed (through registry), software that used it will not be able to burn. SysAdmin1
I had to rename it in order to install my Palm software, my DVD/CD player quit working but once Palm was installed I was able to enable it and get my DVD/CD player to work again. Sylvia Hayes
Apparently caused fatal stop errors in XP Pro when disc is loaded into drive to be read. If disc does load reading the disc by any program slows the computer. Next cd/dvd loaded will cause blue screen fatal errors in atapi or UDFS. Digital Signature was from Sonic. Used to be a faithful customer but their products have failed me tremdously. Link is to similar problem and solution.  See also: Link YOP Dirty Dan
You can uninstall it by looking for "PXEngine" in the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall subkeys. You should see an uninstall string there, which you can use to uninstall. Beware though, uninstalling it breaks some CD burner software. Stefan
It breaks XP's (and hence VinylStudio's) CD burning functionality  See also: Link Paul Sanders
Burning engine installed by Picasa2 Andanator
after installing the DivX bundle my cd/dvd did not work anymore. I changed to empty string the key LowerFilter (that previously was "PxHelp20") and disabled / enabled the dvd in the device manager. now dvd is working. stefanop
Not malware per se, but deserves a malware rating for poor implementation. Notes: If clandestinely installed by legitimate software, the driver file is in %systemroot%\system32\drivers, nowhere else (except temp). On removal: Yes, do the registry search for "pxhelp" (keys, data. partial). Start in HKLM/System/CurrentControlset. Your first hit should be the CDROM class, having a GUID in the key path, being a REG_MULTI_SZ value. Remove the pxhelp line but leave other lines if you have them. Remove the key under Services completely. Reboot. Bob the troglodyte
Part of DVD43 Adminator
installs with Nero Burning ROM and Winamp5 and breaks CD burning on some systems, preventing most CD burning programs from working properly blingbling
This is safe and legitimate cd/dvd rom driver from Sonic Solutions and it's is part of their software. However it is also part of Google Picasa3. This driver is needed in Picasa in order to make normal comunication between cd/dvd rom with Picasa feature make gift disc. This driver swaps the original imapi.sys, cdrom.sys drivers but does not erase them. If you try to remove pxhelp20.sys from startup, once you reboot your system your phisical and vietual drives will not appear. Just remove picasa if you have any problems with driver confilcts. Also there is a file in win dir called pyhelp20.inf. Danijel
PXHelp20 broke my Windows 7 64-bit. It was installed by Sony's Picture Motion Browser. BadAnti
This pxhelper junk is installed without permission via DivX Bundle and breaks CD/DVD drive functionality. "regsvr32.exe /u" the DLLs if you can't uninstall it. j
Some software uses that driver to virtualize removable media. Amilius
I installed motion picture browser on a win7 machine and it killed my machine but I managed to go to a restore point immediately before the install of motion picture browser - phew! Ash
In my case driver Pxhelp20.sys was part of DivX pack and after uninstalling DivX DVD/RW works fina again. Moojay
If your DVD won't work check&del HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}\LowerFilters Thanks to "Bob the troglodyte" ko
installs to M:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\drivers in Win7 64bit & c:\windows\System32\Drivers\PxHlpa64.sys idaho pc wizard
It's creation date and time is the same as most files in Winamp folder (Program Files). It bring "Lower Class Filter" to my DVD burner. Deducing, it supports Winamp burning capabilities. Drive filters change drive's behavior  See also: Link kk
It's not a virus etc., it's just a stupid problematic and uwanted driver. PxHelp20.sys (ver no digital signature) appeared on my system most probably after installation of DivX Player Plus. At that moment, my DVD drive lost the ability to read/burn/recognize any Verbatim DVD media, TDK DVD+R, and some other. Even some discs burned+verified on my PC few weeks ago are inaccessible now! I canNOT read my own backup! Now, I am able tu burn only on old Sony DVD+/-R. On the other hand, it seems that problem with Kodak CD-R disappeared, not sure due to this driver. I'll uninstall DivXPlayer! Viktor
Avast! popped up a warning at the end of installing Winamp I followed the Avast! instructions, rebooted with a full pre-boot virus scan, and came up clean. Started Winamp, it invited me to upgrade to 5.61. Installed 5.61, and I didn't get any warning. Maybe installing 5.61 in the first place would have avoided the problem. PxHelp20.sys still shows in my C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers folder :( -n-
installed with Sony Picture Motion Browser V2.1.00. Killed my Windows 7 machine. I could not reboot nor was the auto fix able to fix anything. The auto fix told me that pxhelp20.sys was corrupt. I renamed the file through the command line and now I can reboot. Not sure yet if I lost any functionality. I tried Gateway technical support first since this was a new computer they told me I had to ship the computer back to a service center to have it fixed. The person or persons who wrote this software should be fired or be requred to pay restitution to all of us who have wasted our time debugging our systems. Mike
causes cd-drive to vanish.
This file was added to my windows 7 C:\Windows\SysWOW64\drivers directory and caused boot failure on restart. The Windows startup repair could not fix it, but I noticed it in the repair log. I mounted the drive in another system and renamed the file to pxhelp20.xxx. And, my Windows 7 64bit could boot up. I installed a few products before encountering the boot error: cyberlink power2go and sony picture motion browser. Not sure which created this bit of crap. Fred64

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