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Process name: PS2 EXE

Product: Hewlett-Packard Company

Company: Hewlett-Packard Company (hp.com)

File: ps2.exe

ps2.exe is a driver that enables the operation of the special keys and features on certain Hewlett Packard multimedia keyboards. These extras include the ability to turn the audio volume up or down from the keyboard, or launch your Web browser. The program also implements a system tray icon for access to configuration options. The process is not strictly necessary for system operation, but terminating it will cause a loss of these special capabilities.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/ps2.exe.html 

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All comments about ps2.exe:
Changes the ps2rate for the mouse... I think. Laine
It's for the multimedia keys on the top of keyboards. (i.e. sports, finance, search, chat, etc) Dan
remove on reboot doesnt work, ad-watch constantly rewarns of key registry change ..remove with task manage -just reappears.seems to be part of SP2 but i don't like it.
It came when i installed a Micro rolln-scroll mouse that i bought at walmart Ricardo Rodriguez
ps2.exe is for multiple media keyboards on HP computers  See also: Link Dave
controller for hp computers KAMIL
I just recenlty got it without doing anything with my mouse or keyboard... All I know is that it's another annoying process running in my background
Apparently, for Compaq keyboards as well. Which makes sense, since they're now the same company.
Its a driver for HP keyboard. To make it work with SP2 you need to download a update and install it BEFORE updating Windows from SP1 - SP2  See also: Link Swebbe
Easy to remove: Use reg cleaner or advance sytemoptimizer to clean startup. If u dont have that then search for file under hp and startup .. must clear reg file or delete the exe. the reg file is important to delete so it wont put itself back into startup. Note there should not be any startup programs. But for virus, spyware , battery etc. are still optional. They are for convieneience. They slow your computer down no matter how fast yours is, it will! I t is harmless other than for overall speed. Not needed. but still not a threst .. My advice" Chill, or remove it. Luke
It's for Media Center PC Keyboards. When the process is disabled, the shortcut buttons on the top of the keyboard will not work Mogo
I have an HP computer and keyboard and this appears, so I back Kamil. Dave B
ps2.exe is an application that provides configuration options for additional keys on Hewlett Packard multimedia keyboards. StealthKill
On an HP machine, I can deselect it instartup in sys config, doesn't seem to cause trouble when off. noah
If in your BIOS settings you have for the PS2 Mouse port have set either Auto or Enabled this driver will load. It is in fact for IRQ12 port which is usually enabled for PS2 mouse ports. If you do not have a PS2 mouse (Has a green connector going into back of the keyboard) or it is a USB mouse then in your BIOS settings put the PS2 Setting to DISABLED.
If its in C:\Windows\System32\, it should be part of Hewlet Packard products JK
This executable if for Keyboard and Mouse and is installed with default both drivers. But is not necessary for running MM Keyb ou WheelMouse because Windows XP is already compatible with this hardware. Note: Keyboard and Mouse don't need special drivers to work, just don't install the driver for not use this executable. levelKro Prime
This is for the hot keys associated with Hp keyboards. If you terminate it (I tried) the hot keys don't work as well. Neil
On HP PC, in windows\system32 (WinXP) Thomas
ps2.exe is for multiple media keyboards on HP computers  See also: Link m4p-converter.com
comes on most compaq computers prepackeged in hp software its port security SD computer repair
Mouse Configuration. It's just there for hardware like mice and keyboards. I believe it is also the name of the port you plug a mouse into. No Bother at all. Kevin
I had Spy Sweeper running in the background, and a popup appeared saying it had quaratined PS2. It was defined as Adware (level 3) Severe. It may run ads, slow your browser or cause system problems.  See also: Link Joe
I have a multimedia keyboard, and it works even when i end task. Actually, it seems to work even better Karonaway
I'm no genius but it should be fine unless its conflicting with other programs for your mouse or keyboard, I turned it off through ccleaner and my mouse scroll started zooming in on pages and when i minimized a window it wouldn't come back up. Had to turn back on and restart. Then everything was fine. MR king
[b]IT IS - for hp media keyboard to add functionallity with added buttons. Guru
Part of HP and compaq computers file Mike5225
It slowed my W7 computer to a crawl. --technician. I have an HP printer Ben Green
It's an HP file. On Windows XP, it normally resides in one or two places: C:\WINDOWS\system32 or C:\hp\drivers\keyboard. It is not absolutely necessary except in the case of an HP multimedia keyboard. If the user is running a different brand of keyboard, such as Microsoft or Logitech, then the software that comes with that non-HP keyboard will take the place of ps2.exe, rendering it unnecessary. If you are running a basic keyboard with no extra features and no multimedia keys, then ps2.exe is not necessary. Al Swilling
It allows the use of the multimedia keys at the top of the multimedia keyboards from Compac/HP. Wolf
Still using my old compaq for business and it slows it down just a bit.  See also: Link Art Vanderbie

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