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Process name: PowerReg Scheduler Adware

Product: PRegScheduler Application

Company: Power Reg Scheduler

File: PowerReg Scheduler.exe

A known piece of adware, the PowerReg Scheduler hijacks browsing sessions and targets advertisements to you based on your search history. If you have PowerReg Scheduler on your machine, you should use a reputable adware or malware removal utility.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/powerreg%20scheduler.exe.html 
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Average user rating of PowerReg Scheduler.exe: based on 147 votes. Read also the 174 reviews.

  • 365 users ask for this file. 43 users rated it as not dangerous. 8 users rated it as not so dangerous. 58 users rated it as neutral. 18 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 20 users rated it as dangerous. 37 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about PowerReg Scheduler.exe:
A registration scheduler. Periodically attempts to connect to the Internet. Gathers unknown information.  See also: Link BuRning_Fire
Was added to my system by AutoPatcher JC
Associated with Dragon Naturally Speaking v5.0 hamilton_9
records keylogs and then pops up ads based on typed keywords in the log. S. Wilson
It appears on my computerall by its self even after deleting it. Titus Mendell
Registration scheduler supplied with Palm handhelds and installed with their Palm Desktop software (and other products). Can be safely removed from startup folder.  See also: Link Eric Archer
This can be used by reputable software companies to assist in helping you to register (or register later) their product.  See also: Link Matt Scilipoti
I believe it is produced by "LeaderTech" for Sonic and performs the Sonic Check for updates. On my PC, it also added a "Leadertech" directory under ApplicationData, which contained my registration data.  See also: Link steve
was installed when Sonic Update Manager was installed don
have no idea but it's in my startup folder
It obviously comes with your palm. It came with my Zire 72. As such, I would expect it to be harmless. The reason I know it came with my palm is because of the registry key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LeaderTech". It looks like it could be something for the purpose of reminding you to registery your palm. Why the actual executable is put in the startup, I don't know, kinda weird. I can't guarantee this is harmless, but i looks that way. Trenton D. Adams
.exe (not link) appeared in my startup folder after i requested to be reminded about palmOne registration benjo
Don't know where it came from, think it was there since i bought the laptop Mac's Rat
Was installed secretly with modem drivers, as far as I can tell. Fay Johnston
it's annoying even if it isn't dangerous. legitimate software companies that use it should be slapped for being stupid. Jeff Chamberlain
Spyware but canbe used by some legitimate software as a registration reminder  See also: Link Mike
selfextracted in startup es
Installed with ViewSonic VA721 monitor software OvenMaster
Was installed by something from UBI Soft
Appeared immediately after installing Palm software Fred Brockman
This was installed with my PS2 Controller drivers. When I removed from startup, the controller stopped working.  See also: Link Ching Dao Te
I think it was installed by Symantec antivirus to remind me to register
It's registration reminder which is installed with some number of programs, on my pc it was installed by the game - CIV3. Ku-ku
came with chessmaster 9000-showed up immed after install bq
appeared in startup folder after putting in palm one disk not sure what to do Kelli
Leader Technologies is originator and it appears to be an Application
Program registration service by LeaderTech for companies like Epson, Palm and Adobe (photoshop). The properties sheet for the Leadertech directory in my Application Data directory was dated at the same time I had installed a new Epson all-in-one. It is safe to delete. Tim S.
installed as part of Sonic MYDVD. Installed without knowledge, MS antispy doesn't seem to be able to remove it Steve
Process File: PowerReg Scheduler or PowerReg Scheduler.exe
It was used as a registration reminder for my Viewsonic LCD, but stayed after registration. My anti-virus protection, NOD32, found it first scan after I installed and removed it completely! Fox
The file itself is located in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. It has the same creation date as Hotsync manager, and got modified since then at the same time as well, suggesting it has to do with the hotsync manager, or maybe installed with Palm desktop. ME
Its a Palm registration scheduler JJ
I havent got a palm or anything but its been on my computer for as long as I can remember. It doesnt seem to do anything, and i'm tempted to just stop it loading at startup but leave it on my computer. That way, if it turns out to be needed i can add it back on, and if at a later date i find out its rubbish then it can go. It doesnt seem to do anything! T. Staples
Viewsonic use it for registration reminders Ninja
Was listed as medium risk by the new antispyware product from microsoft called windows defender (Beta 2) Jerry
Seems to be connected to Winfixer prompts on my machine. It evades detection by Yahoo Anti-spy and active detection by CA PestPatrol. PestPatrol does catch with a regular scan. Bill R
it is indeed malicious. if it was legitimate, it would be identified, or give an option to disable it. mike
It's also associated with Hasbro and Micropose software. It's used to remind you to register their sfotware but continues to run on startup even AFTER you register their product. Crystal
Was installed with ViewSonic VA1912wb software Roy
it comes up when I start my computer. BitDefender finds it but does not remove it Iversen
registration reminder for a new viewsonic monitor
Harmless. You installed some hardware, software, games, burning program, or anything else that asked you to register the product, and you clicked "Remind Me Later" or "Register Later". It is added to your start menu so it can check the number of days against the system clock and detect if it is time to bother you again. Just register you stuff when you install it or DEAL WITH IT!!! leftysquid, "You can break anything that works properly - but I do it WITH STYLE"
This program is loaded by many vendors to facilitate registration, update verification, etc. From everything I have found on it, it could be used maliciously, but is usually not. If you are worried about it, disable it from your startup and then see what it affects. If there are no ill affects, then remove it. Sam
It would appear that Zair Palm is the source
Was indentified by Panda Internet Security as spyware so I deleted it. I think it took panda some Weeks to detect it. Leon
Installed with Quicktime ActiveX control Lynx
not malicious mostly i installed a game that wanted me to register for some things and it put powerreg so it reminds you to register john
Installed with Unreal II The Awakening - Registration Reminder I think Al_K
It was placed on my PC when I installed a ViewSonic Monitor. Larry
tried to get in by VN Virtual Network. Denied it access 5 x. Next day hit wrong key and allowed in. Got borg disassembler . This puppy is now sitting in my lap spilling it's guts. Someone is going to get it right back at them. alex
Registration reminder. Pete Peters
This was installed by my Epsen PhotoR200 printer when I installed the software. It is a registration reminder. Once you register, the folder ApplicationData\LeaderTech\PowerRegister\PowerReg*DAT file has all the personal info in it that you filled out in the registration form. Stan Bode-O
showed up after palm one software install. can I delete? Katie
I believe it is associated with Ubi Soft as one other person noted Al S.
It comes with many different aps and is harmless but unecessary eats very little bandwidth You can not just delete the file as it is embeded in registry and windows system folder.Need a spyware remover Sorrow
Was also installed with my Palm Zire 72 Denis
was installed when i installed drivers for ViewSonic 2025lcd enotorious
Comes with PestPatrol as well GDB
i think it was installed w/ viewsonic driver software Jo Schmo
This is a registration application that came with my Brother MFC-420CN Multi-Fax Copier. Coty
Windows Defender rates it as "Potentially Unwanted Software" Usman
PowerRegScheduler, v.,, MFC application aicila
It's registration for powerdvd  See also: Link viperman999
I think It appears after I install desktop for my palm Zire 72 software sir George
[copied from Leader Tech website] "Leader Technologies, provides a service that allows users of consumer products to register online (instead of mailing in a postcard registration/warranty form) the products they purchase from various manufacturers. If you have recently purchased and installed a product from one of our manufacturer customers, some of whom include Epson, Sony, Palm, Xerox, Adobe, Disney, H&R Block and many more, there is a registration application that runs during the setup or installation of the product asking you if you would like to register one of these products."  See also: Link Spud
 See also: Link R A Valencourt
I don't know how it got in my _startup group_ and it is not in Add-Remove Programs.  See also: Link activescott
Installed by Palm software bundled with a Tungsten X abyormen
Placed on my system after installing ViewSonic drivers Randy
Powerreg Scheduler.exe appeared in my start-up folder. It is linked to the folder Power Register and the file PowerReg.dat located in the application data/leadertech folder. Data in powerreg.dat refers to registration reminder for a viewsonic monitor. OldBob
My AVG anti-virus found it during a routine scan after I installed my new ViewSonic LCD monitor, widescreen. It seems to have come up as part of the online registration during installation of the monitor software. I am not concerned with it. Sandra
registration reminder service, created by Leader Technologies. included with install by several different third party vendors.  See also: Link Patrick Kanne
registration reminder, used with some UBIsoft stuff tomanesq
It showed up once i installed the Palm Zire software on my desktop. It has to be for the regstration process, for i choose to be reminded later, then it popped up as a possible security threat 2 weeks later. Wayne
was installed when i installed drivers for ViewSonic VG2230wm mao
Opens and closes iexplore.exe randomly, and exits my full screen apps. Recently installed software that came with brother mfc210c all in one printer. Also my kids play hasbro type freeware games, so... ken
My PC crashed at least 3x a day. After installing new AV software "BitDefender" it recognised PowerRegScheduler within seconds and moved it. Since then I haven't got any crashes whatsoever! Sue
Mine is installed with a subfolder for executive software diskeeper, which is my defrag program. Like others have said it seems to come with many programs. The tree is has a couple branches: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LeaderTech\Executive Software\Settings, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LeaderTech\PowerRegister\EXSW\DSK2\Diskeeper 9 Professional Edition\0323, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LeaderTech\PowerRegister\RegReminders
Appeared after we installed NETGEAR wireless router provided by Sky Broadband. Stopped it loading at start up and everything still works!! Gerry the Berry
Just reminds about various registrations for certain hardware/ Stevo
Showed up after running Viewsonic monitor installer PaulN
Appeared after a failed attempt at registering some software (Electrinic Arts). It simply stores information required by the Registration for later submission Andy
Try to delete it or remove it from your spyware programs. I used Windows Defender and seleted remove. It Blue sreen-Stop errors your Pc.
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER]/Software/LeaderTech/ contains "folders" Atari, Executive Software and PowerRegister. Also found PowerReg Scheduler V3.exe from my startup folder. ave
It came on a CD Game Set, After installation of the four different games in the set, I noticed the PowerRegScheduler.exe in Start, All Programs, Startuo Bill at HydroTerra
Was installed with Tonka Construction 2, apparently to remind us to register in 2 weeks. I removed it. Jody
I know exactly where it comes from... It comes with alot of software (mainly ones that have online registration).
It is the reminder application of the Viewsonic LCD monitor to suscribe the product, it reminder each 2 weeks. It installed once you finish the driver installation, untill you register.  See also: Link Mauricio Dabdoub
Antispyware software keeps trapping this. Didn't start happening until I installed the software that came w/my Viewsonic LCD monitor MichaelB
Was added on to my startup menu when I installed a viewSonic moniter PB
im using a laptop. I think it keeps running my cpu to the max that's why my laptop heats up so fast. It also keeps my cpu busy as a result my apps so slow down. it just annoying. The danger is that eventually it will destroy my computer. So watch out for this virus. I used bullguard to detect it and delete it from my system. by the way it duplicates itself. arvin
Installed with a game: Rainbow Six 3 - Raven Shield. This exe work as a Registration fac and reminder Dat
Installed with Executive Software Diskeeper 8. Provides a service to register online. Delete from folder %appdata% and do registry search loonies
installed with my Viewsonic monitor drivers. i think it was going to keep popping up a reminder to register this product (that i had already registered). not harmful, but annoying Ryan A
totally agree with leftysquid, jumped on as soon as i installed drivers for my lcd which wanted to register online but i chose to be reminded instead titski
Installed with ViewSonic. Just delete it from Start Up folder. Utopia
Even after uninstalling Palm software this software kept asking me to register my Palm. They should have made an option to disable this. Any software that continues to run after you uninstall it is malicious alt
I removed it. There is enough junk on your machine that you don't need. It is a Ubisoft product.  See also: Link Alex
Ubisoft registration  See also: Link cameleon
Was installed by Civilization III distribution CDRom from Infogrames. Detected by Windows Live OneCare. Quarantined. Aeneas
Leader Tech, was installed by "THE NEXT TETRIS" by atari/hasbro; insists you register and thereby hand over personal info. mousepaw
this file is used by various vendors (sonic, palm, etc.) and is used to remind you to register, as when you choose "remind me in one day" on a registration dialog. oliver bearden
My brand new USB-memorykey started autoinstalling some drivers and this came with it.
Neither important, nor dangerous. You can finally delete it in the registry: regedit HKEY_Current_User\Software\LeaderTech (folder with subfolders). Marten
It was installed in my startup folder when I downloaded Chessmaster 9000, a Ubi-Soft product. Bit Defender on my system calls it malware. I cannot delete it; tried. Roger Keeny
Probably came with viewsonic 2026w Dave
Is the running system for Palm i.e. Asus P6T motherboard with Palm Martyn
Reappears after removal because its in Restore archives. If pc is running fine turn off Sys Restore then remove it, reboot and turn Restore back on. It should not return afterwards. Bryan L
Mine was installed with ViewSonic monitor drivers. LeaderTech folder also installed in Application Data folder. It contained a .dat file, which confirmed ViewSonic as the source. WarrenW
Appeared after install of ULead Video Studio 6. Probably not dangerous. Karsaroth
If you have it on your PC the freeware Superantispyware will remove it. You can see if it is on your PC if you try to search Google Books, Google will alert you.  See also: Link Timbo in Limbo
This file might be installed to your computer after installing PC games to your Hard Drive. It is a reminder to register, and if you decide to register, it MAY take your personal information and use it against you. Anon
Part of the install ®istration of Viewsonic monitors Scott
Used by Sonic Update Vadim
It is an Adware and you need to remove it as it found on your PC  See also: Link Fixitout
It appeared after I installed my ViewSonic monitor on Vista BarryP
It appeared after installing Nero 7 Essentials software that came with my new DVD drive Cheryl
This file was installed by Viewsonic monitor. The date and time of this file is exactly the same as that of the Viewsonic folder on the PC. However, 3/4 of virus scanners said it was a malware. David Nike
ive only just noticed this, i recently installed a new webcam and red alert 3. just disable it by going to Run and then type msconfig and then go to startup and make sure it not start when you boot up your computer super man
Logitech SetPoint
Apparently, works with severl programs -- DiskKeeper for me -- but shows up on some AVs as a possible trojan Micky Not D
hp backUp scheduler C:\WINDOWS\SMINST\Scheduler.exe dan
Very clean PC, but this has been popping up for a couple months. Deleting it with Windows Defender may work to get rid of it. Does not show as an infection using AVG or Avast K
Appeared after Norton was installed. Not Dangerous. Josh
It's a key logger and It prompts popups. Windows virus removes it and ProcessLibrary says it's a threat.  See also: Link Watchful
Harmless, Reminder software. For "register later" Jay
Used by H&R Block home tax s'ware. Robert D
appeared after I updated Malwarebytes.org
it gives me popup after popup it was made by leader tech.  See also: Link joe the helpful
It's associated with my Steam version of Beyond Good and Evil, a Ubisoft game.
installed with roller coaster tycoon mike
Added to startup items after installation of my Zire 71, and also by Logitech SetPoint and Adobe programs. Mavamaarten
Microsoft Security Essentials flagged it as a medium risk. Hasn't caused me any trouble, and I don't know what its from. Eric
After I removed it, could no longer access Verizon email. Kevin
Appeared in Microsoft Security Essentials as a MEDIUM risk, this was JUST after I installed an old game called Roller Coaster Tycoon 2.. its not a risk in any way. Moses
It's just a registration program that reminds you every week about registering something that you have, like a game or something. Comes up on some AV's that it's a virus, but it isn't. Anton Smith
It is just a program that software company's use to register a product. If you have/want to delete it, you may want to see if it has left clutter in your registry in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. Value name is: PowerReg Scheduler
Registration Scheduler. Gives you a pop up every couple of weeks asking you to register your software. Annoying but not dangerous. N419BH
probably part of NovaLogic and other games, if you registered before and said to never register it might justa have it around relatively useless application go to msconfig in run and disable it from statup BobbyB
Appeared when I was installing Roller-coaster tycoon 2, Don't think its a risk Robert
planted by ubi software in IL2 Sturmovik game registration badderger
this used to manage the battery life of my laptop.... an idiot
Company: Leadertech (go to www.leadertech.com). Reports to commercial software providers which Lenovo (or other) users register the products Whisperer
Online registration from Diskeeper 8' 9'10.originates from Leadertech Kraken
If installed with RCT2, probably useless, better to be safe and delete it if detected. Steve
It's an lg monitor screen.
Every time virus removal tools DO remove this file my PC begins to overheat and shut down while under proccessor intensive tasks EVERYTIME. I must always take it OUT of quaretine put it back where it belongs and the PC is just fine again... Frustrated by Security software
Powerreg Scheduler.exe is a spyware program that appears to be a normal scheduling program, but actually causes pop-up advertisements to appear on your computer, as well as collecting your private information. This program may also slow down the operation of your computer, and, if not removed, could combine with similar programs to cause system crashes. Read more: How to Remove Powerreg Scheduler.exe eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5192923_remove-powerreg-schedulerexe.html#ixzz1FJtNZ8Ar  See also: Link walter
Got it when I downloaded Daemon Tools Lite after I accepted to send anonymously information so they could improve their product, I don't think it's that dangerous but you should be carefull though. Antoni
It came with my installation disc of View Sonic software U-LEARN EZ
It came up in a Microsoft Security Essentials system scan. Found under the Win32 folder. When I pressed details though, it says this file lives in my Epson printer registration folder, so I wasn't concerned Loraine
If it came with a legitimate Program, Game, Software, Drivers or etc., then it wouldn't be Spyware, a Virus, or anything similar, would it? If it was, it'd be all over the news and reviews and more. Ethan
It's used to register products.  See also: Link Warren
It installs with older software/games that ask you to register for something. Neutral because it is confirmed to retrieve and send information to vendors which is a feature that can be abused by viruses or keyloggers ,but it is not a virus in itself. Removed by clicking "Never Register" when prompted and using anti-malware software (I used windows defender) Logan
Came with the installation of master of orion 3 romz
It appeared after I installed Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, and my Anti-Virus kept saying there were more of them. Did a disk cleanup and complete virus scan of my computer just to be safe. It's not really dangerous just as it is annoying. God
may be Partition Magic asking to register. Haven't checked in depth yet. JaySol24
Appeared after intalling Roller Coaster Tycoon. Troy
Its added by ZeroAccess after successful installation to a x86 host in certain geographical area's. It sends your personal information to PowerReg Scheduler servers and vendors that are involved with fraud and Identity theft. Russell
I currently do not exactly know what this program is, but what I do know, is that Microsoft Security told me that that it was "Threat Level Medium" Which means that it could monkey around in your privacy settings, change computer controls, etc. I have picked up this Malware by downloading and installing Myst III. I do not know whether this program is dangerous or not -- Threat level
Got installed with Neverwinter Nights. Arthur
PowerReg Scheduler is a program that reminds you to register another program. For example, if you install Civilization III, it will ask you to register the product. If you click "remind me later", it will put PowerReg Scheduler in your Startup folder and remind you later. completely harmless Fred
I recently installed MechWarrior 3 on my Win7Ultimate, and Windows Defender found this on the CD, even tried to quarantine it on the disc. ;) Mikee
A name used by many things, palms, controllers, and programs. Possibly a disguise used by a malware distributer. That is also true since most Malware ends with .exe SoulSedge
I installed atari arcade hits1 and it show registration windows! I removed it, but game not working! -rating about_this_file-
part of EPSONREG.EXE: Epson scanner registration max
MSE points to Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 and 2, can't see any harm in it. Justin
CNET Downloader, I hate the stuff that comes with this, adware to generate revenue, no good
I realized that this was installed with Civilization 3, but at first it freaked me out! Dave
tries connecting to the internet n probably comes with pirated software. grants additional permissions to application without user consent. good to remove or block with firewall n HIPS human
Got this piece of spyware with my Seagate external USB disk. Josh
Came with LEGO Mindstorms. I scanned it w/ Symantec Endpoint Protection, and it came out clean. Simply annoying.
Spyware that eats up system resources, and send system info to a third party  See also: Link concerned user

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