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Process name: NAI Product Manager

Product: McAfee Common Framework or VSIP Interop Assembly Redist or CINEMA 4D Module Advanced or Microsoft Office Standard or DesignPro or Crystal

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Network Associates (nai.com) or McAfee (mcafee.com)

File: naPrdMgr.exe

naPrdMgr.exe implements the Network Associates Product Manager, which is The EPOAgent is a component of the E-Policy Orchestrator (EPO) product from Network Associates. EPO is a suite generally used to allow system administrators to save time while ensuring data safety and security in large companies. This process is needed for the system to function properly, and so should not be terminated.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/naprdmgr.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of naPrdMgr.exe: based on 40 votes. Read also the 31 reviews.

  • 962 users ask for this file. 19 users rated it as not dangerous. 2 users rated it as not so dangerous. 8 users rated it as neutral. 5 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 6 users rated it as dangerous. One user didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about naPrdMgr.exe:
it's macafee virus scan, so you'll need it to protect your system  See also: Link El Dorado
McAfee Product Manager program / ePolicy Orchestrator John
wont let you defrag your computer because it is actively running in the background Alex
Is there a way of stopping or removing it. We no longer run McAfee so i assume itis no longer needed. John C
mcaffe virus scan; EATS CPU... causes store.exe mem leak. crashes servers
You should be able to stop it using Task Manager. Zoologico
Massive memory leak, on my XP system it has grown to 1.5 GB in VM Size, still only 10MB Real Memory Usage (RSS) Craig
Must keep them selves in biz. Every time I install Macaffe I have more problems then Before Selvol
This file does not cause probelms when running the enterprise version of McAfee. Not sure where people are getting information on store.exe? Jim
Causes excessive page faults that complete with SQL and ISA processes quite nastily. At this site as I need to find a way to rid of it, if possible Gary Jones
You cannot stop this with Task Manager (verified), it really eats a ton of CPU and slows down some (maybe all) USB drives in use at the time it is running. Kricher
A component of the McAfee Common Management Agent  See also: Link JimBob
As the above all state. It's part of McAfee's rubbish AV product. The process continually monsters resources and contributes it's own part in the entire product's hugely over the top scanning process. Rob
McAfee Enterprise has a memory leak that took me to 2.5GB VM before I had to reboot. Gary
part of mcafee.....MCAFEE FTL Keleseth
Maybe McAfee, have to believe...but in version memory leak again? On many computers in school the same issue!!! Why does it need 300MB of RAM for doing nothing. Looks like a joke, that i thought that i got some VIRUS when it happened first time Vita
Slows computer down, constantly running in the background. Andy
Chews up CPU when run with a machine with a Virtual Machine Antonos
Way to remove it = 1: stop all possibles process in mcafee "console" 2. : Open a CMD prompt , go to c:\Program Files\Mcafee Antivirus\Common Framework OR this directory in some place of ur C: . 3, : Run (in cmd) FrmInst /forceuninstall . And thats it! NOTE: all active process of mcafee has to be STOPPED, so this wont work. Helper
Part of McAfee. Piece of junk as usuall. Just uninstall the software and use some of the many other better options. Microsoft recently released a new Anti Virus  See also: Link Mehrdad
NAI Product Manager - McAfee Common Framework. Enterprise Version 8.5 comes with version 3.6 of this file BillV
Kills USB Serial ports when it runs
I kept having problems releasing my USB drive. I used process Explorer and found naPrdMgr had a handle on it, released it, then could dismount the USB drive easily. Walt S
Record breaker for CPU and PF consumption. Have to run it on my standard corporate laptop and eats 30% of my productivity. Luis CL
This McAfee process can hog all process power. Kill it in Task Manager if it does. Brad
it's a stupid process which takes the large memory to do something unknown, from boot to enter the system, have to wait nearly half an hour. Midas
Massive memmory leak ( ~1.5GB ), computer goes to crawl ... More harm than good ...
naPrdMgr.exe is a part from my McAfee-installation. It is responisble for an slow and lazy system. I had inacceptable handle count of 100k+. That's too bad .. Tom
McAfee process, not harmfull CC
This is reason why hate McAfee. Piece of sh*t which take all power of your PC and there is now easy way how to ged rid of this process. Tomino
A component of the McAfee Common Management Agent.  See also: Link Luiz

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