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Process name: Kontiki Delivery Manager

Product: Delivery Manager

Company: Kontiki (kontiki.com)

File: KHost.exe

Installed with Gamespot, the Kontiki Delivery Manager allows you to download multimedia from secure servers on the internet. It is not a necessary program and is most often used for uploading and downloading peer to peer multimedia. The process starts automatically with Windows but can be ended by opening the Windows Task Manager and terminating it manually. Kontiki is an America peer-to-peer service founded in 2000. Kontiki is currently owned by MK Capital.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/khost.exe.html 
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Users Opinions

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  • 161 users ask for this file. 14 users rated it as not dangerous. 3 users rated it as not so dangerous. 21 users rated it as neutral. 3 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 3 users rated it as dangerous. 7 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about KHost.exe:
I think it has to do with Download.com and the Secure Download feature  See also: Link Matt
Appears to be benign - but it is still on my suspect list  See also: Link Ande Anderson
I believe it to be a GameSpot DLX Secure Delivery file Mc El Dillorin
I tried to get GameSpot dlx Secure Delivery, used task manager to shut it down, message said khost.exe is not responding. I went into end processes and shut it down, and gamespot shut down. It is used for that program. It is a pain. Scott in Minnesota
It`s part of Gamespot DLX, it runs in the background and speeds up game downloads by using a peer networking. It hasn`t alerted Ad-Aware Se or Spybot S&D (spyware detection tools)  See also: Link Dan
it slow downs ur pc and u will not be able to access many applications Eric
moviephone uses this as part of downloading previews max singer
khost.exe is a secure data delivery application by Kontiki Inc. which delivers data such as images and files to secure servers for sharing. Installed with Gamespot.com Secure Delivery Charter Guy
it is connected with Download.com and the Secure Download feature. By shutting down Secure Download, KHost.exe terminated itself. mky in maynard
Its in the folder that was put on my computer when I installed MoviePhone which I got thru AOL. MoviePhone uses it for secure plug and play for movie trailers. Unfortunately there's no uninstall for it in Add and Remove nor is there one in the folder. I went to the link below and found out its cleverly named Secure Delivery Plug-In. Good luck  See also: Link Mike
causes video card to switch to 640 x 480 on boot up John
Gamespot Secure delivery
Its "Open Media Network" delivery manager by Kontiki  See also: Link Rupert
Peer 2 peer secure delivery application bundled with sky by broadband.It`s used to download protected film and video files from sky .com.It also uploads protected files previously downloaded to your computer for distribution to other user of the service.It`s supposed to be secure and doesn`t allow access to other parts of your computer but i would be wary for now. Davy W
i have this on my pc and its part of the sky by broadband download package it acts as a p2p service to easy congestion on the sky servers its not a windows file and not dangerous although it does allow others to d/l film files from your pc it also send secure info about your pc to sky wich could be a problem if you have sensative data on your pc so you need to limit where other people can share your files from. fubar
You can block KHost.exe access to the internet with firewalls such as Zone Alarm Nancy
Its also part of channel 4 (UK) new download movies/tv programs section, a clone of the Sky version, which I immediately removed when I found out I was being used as a peer to peer server for file distribution without asking my permission prior to installation , underhanded tactics, using my bandwidth to run their service Steve
4 on demand uses it to download sucure video i don't think its a problem Stuart
Sky Anytime - From what I can see, many legit applications use it to download their files such as games from gamespot.com and movies from Sky. It slows down your computer, but nothing dangerous Nick
appeared on my system after i downloaded 4od (channel 4 on demand) so i assume its connected to downloading video files chang buddha
Part of the 4OD service for UK TV On Demand (provided by Channel 4). Same as for Sky TV Broadband content...  See also: Link Cy Bones
It only seemed to appear on my pc since installing Channel 4's "4VOD" video on demand program. I guess that stacks up with similar experiences of Sky broadband and AOL Moviephone etc. David W - West Calder, Scotland
Used by 4oD - Channel4 on Demand in the UK  See also: Link Andrew B
It's installed with 4OD, channel 4's on demand TV service. I was suspicous at first but can't say it's caused any problems Matt
Kontiki peer-to-peer software component. Dangerous if you have any broadband caps or a fair use agreement with your ISP. Karin in UK
It is used by the BBC for their recently launched iplayer for playing and downloading media content. it is located in c:\program files\kontiki\khost.exe, within this folder there is also an "iplayer_live" folder which indicates the usage  See also: Link Jonathan Gray
Yep a download connected service as it is also linked to 4OD, an on demand service from Channel 4 in the UK. The one issue users seem to be having is that the 4OD app is not best coded (still beta) and Khost.exe which relates to Kontiki in this instance uses a lot of bandwidth for the downloads.  See also: Link Michael
It appeared as a result of installing the AOL HI-Q Video Delivery Manager.  See also: Link Mike
Gets installed with Channel 4's 4OD Mike
KHost appeared on my PC after I installed 4onDemand, which is software to permit the download of Channel 4 TV programs. I guess it's harmless, but I'll turn it off via MSconfig until I need to download from CH4. Mike H
its part of 4od (channel 4 on demand) - and helps run/use the kservice.exe and khost.exe HOOD
It arrived after I installed Channel4 on demand software Gavin
Its installed as part of the 4od - Channel 4 On Demand service. Welb
it is installed with 4od and allows the tv streamin program to download tv clips for watchin offline at later point. is tottaly pointless as can u acctually start up when you run 4od, so just remove it from the start up Sir Python
Showed up after install of Hiqvideo for AOL video-- Not sure if its the culprit but my laptop took several minutes to startup or come out of stand by after install. o51r15
Is the multimedia host/service process required by Channel 4 On Demand, BBC iPlayer. Also KService.exe is used. Rabi Sultan
Looks like it also comes with the BBC's iPlayer too. Steven SDF Sulley
bbci uses it for secure data delivery. Totally harmless. Alex
I found it eating my CPU cycles and slowing everything down. It came bundled with Channel 4 on demand and it's more trouble than it's worth John
Runs for both Channel 4 and BBC iPlayer - stop process in Task Manager causes no probs at all Rich
I think it came with BBCi player Ross m
Khost.exe is part of most video sharing applications which is used to securely download to your hardrive. Jake
Used for Sky Broadband, BBC iPlayer and 4od. All used for downloading. Dj23
Also used with Sky's 'Live TV' service. Harmless. Tristan
it came with BBC i-player Andy
It is used to streams video content for apps such as BBC iplayer, channel 4 4OD, Sky Player etc. sauro
its by sky to help distrobute their tv programs and such. a p2p system if you will! David Miller
It seems to be necessary for peer to peer sharing sites like the BBC iPlayer. But you don't need it if you just watch online streaming. If its worrying you remove it or reinstall one of the players Mycroft

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