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Process name: IO Logging DLL

Product: Microsoft Windows

Company: Microsoft (microsoft.com)

File: IoLogMsg.dll

This dll runs in the background of Microsoft Windows and starts with the operating system. It logs various input/output issues or events to system files, and can be configured to be displayed as a pop up to the user. This dll is not critical and is only used for troubleshooting system errors. Founded in 1975, Microsoft's Windows Operating System is on more than 90% of IBM Compatible PCs.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/iologmsg.dll.html 
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Ich bin Benutzer der T-Online Software 5.0 Nachdem ich das neue Uptate von Microsoft installiert habe, kann ich über die T-Online Software meine HomeBanking nicht mehr nutzen, da beim Betätigen des Button "Banking" der Computer sofort auf der Festplatte diese datei sucht und nicht findet. Ich habe bereits T-Online 6.0 installiert, das gleiche Problem. bernd-passoth
solves the problem
It is located in very sensitive areas of your Computer, it can control your entire Computer, it has done this to mine, go into your Registry, go to Find, type, iolo keep repeating this process and you will be amazed where all the iolo dlls are located, check it out. I was cleaning MY Registry and taking OWNERSHIP, of various programs and files which is my RIGHT under Permission laws. I acted under ADMINISTRATOR and OWNERSHIP RIGHTS, Rules. Microsoft unleashed this stealth CONTROL Spyware on my Computer. Thisd element is all controlling, it will come out as more People experience what I have. Richard
iologmsg.dll is there to report in the system log for every registered service S.T

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