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Process name: Intel Graphics Persistence Module

Product: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver

Company: Intel (intel.com)

File: igfxpers.exe

The Persistence Module by Intel is shipped along with Windows drivers for Intel and nVidia graphics cards and is installed as part of their Graphics Media Accelerator Driver. Its function includes enabling display resolution settings to persist when a monitor is disconnected or turned off; without it, according to Intel, the display would lose its resolution every time it was turned off. Intel says it is critical to proper running of the display driver as a whole and should not be shut off.

Numerous user comments suggest it is not essential to Windows 8.1 or 7 and can be safely disabled from running at system startup by using "msconfig" and "startup" in the Run Command window. It appears to be of the most use in notebook devices, (where it should be left active), because it automatically adjusts display resolution when an external projector or monitor is connected to the system, (including when a docking station is used), and returns resolution to native settings for the notebook's own display when the external connection is removed. It can cause high CPU (50%) and RAM (10%) usage and is said to be safe to disable at startup on desktop PC's using a single monitor, although this disagrees with Intel's advice in their user community forum.

Multiple instances of this process or its presence on a system known not to be using Intel or nVidia graphics hardware, or in folders other than "C:\Windows\System32", is an indication of malware using the name as a disguise, and in such cases the process should be stopped using the Task Manager. If you want a detailed security rating about your igfxpers.exe (and all other running background processes) read the following user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/igfxpers.exe.html 

Note: Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk. If a "non-Microsoft" .exe file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! Check it out!

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  • 13049 users ask for this file. 67 users rated it as not dangerous. 8 users rated it as not so dangerous. 19 users rated it as neutral. 13 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 9 users rated it as dangerous. 15 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

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error message appeared after downloading Picassa from Googl;e!
Not a lot, Intel derived, has to do with video driver; really annoying, takes a good % of system resources when it is running--bogs down response speed. NotSoSureAboutIntel
This file is associated with the common user interfacefor Intel graphics cards. It is a legitimate program, but it isn't required. I disabled it and did not see any reverse consequences. Muriel
Has to do with Intel Graphic Chipsets. Often installed together with igfxtray.exe which gives quick access to the Intel graphics driver options none
igfxpers.exe is a process installed alongside NVidia graphics cards and provides additional configuration options for these devices. This program is a non-essential process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. Arbiter
CI driver for NVidia graphics cards sijpie
windows system datei
part of an graphics driver. I don't believe it is critical Jon Daley
Its for NVIDIA graphics cards
Related to Intel's Graphics. Not needed, free up some resources by disabling it.
Normally useless  See also: Link Kim
Whenever I open IE7 and click on the address bar Hien
It's fine under C:\Windows\Drivers\Intel 915G Graphics (or similar). If it starts showing up in multiple instances under System32 or System 32 subfolders it's Malware. Shoot it. Chris D.
keep it if you can (doesnt harm ur computer) im not sure the effects of letting it go Richae
On UMPCs this process is essential if you run the display in a scaled resolution, i.e. any other resolution than the native screen resolution (which is 800x480 for all the 2006 era UMPCs with 7-inch touch screen displays). When you shut down/standby/hibernate the UMPC, this process will return the display resolution to 800x480 so that when it restarts the display will be synchronized with the touch screen resolution. If you disable this process, then the screen will not be dropped to the native resolution and when you restart, your touch screen and display will be scaled differently. Evan Easton
igfxpers.exe is a process installed alongside NVidia graphics cards and provides additional configuration options for these devices. This program is a non-essential process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems.
It was installed with the Intel video driver I installed. It did not damage my system, but whenever I booted it/used video acceleration features, the screen would flicker a few times. Disabling it made my flickering problems disappear entirely. JBot
Installed as part of Intel oboard graphics drivers along with igfxtray. Possibly not essential.
Installs with Intel Video Drivers. Safe to disable from startup. Provides fast access to intel graphics roperties Gonzalo
for intel graphics cards. Alex Slyder
This is just a graphics file, nothing to worry about Voldemort
PC hangs up closing Windows XP with a message that IGFXPERS is not responding. Larry Hyer
its for NVidia graphics card but my TuneUp utilities says that many viruses use this file to hide or to run... Tune Up Utilities says : very dangerous file , so i disabled it... Painkiller
useless. applications are a waste of memory and cpu time if they aren't being used. JohnRog
Intel Graphics Card- not required Gary
I remove it from registry, don't think it 's essential. tony
Got it with anything with NVida cards installed Chris
Video card Bill
not exclusively for NVidia. I have Intel Sly
This file is part Intel graphics card drivers (video integrated onboard), not NVidia. Harmless to disable try and see. Alex
IGFX persistence module. Installed as part of Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver. Provides configuration options.
Depending on where it's placed in your Computer it could be hazardous. Check C:/WINDOWS/system32 if it's in that file anywhere with igfx, delete all files possible. John
Useful program if you use laptop in different screen modes, such as dual screen. With memory options useful if you use both additional external screen or projector for presentations. Not needed if on laptop only ever own screen is used in native resolution. Karbunkle
For no known reason, my Toshiba Equium P200 laptop PC with Intel graphics accelerator black screens after login (can only start with Safe mode) if this file is enabled in MSCONFIG startup. I have disabled it and all is well no, but I don't know the mechanism for this or why it should suddenly have started to do this. Brian
Often reappears when using Windows Media player, and also seems to create other .exe files that can be seen in the process tab of the task manager. HotToddie
TROJAN FOUND TWICE by BitDefender, infected file was in several subfolders of Windows and is recopied unless ALL are eliminated. (Not originally dangerous, but subject to infection)
provides additional configuration options fot NVidia graphics cards Tigger 2000
After an update to my laptop, my battery started running down faster. Checked processor under task manager, found that this file was running the processor at 50% and running the battery down. Very annoying. PAR
It is a Intel Graphics driver for NVIDIA graphics cards. This was in the run (startup) section in the registry. I Think it is for a touch screen PC Tablet device.
igfxtray.exe,hkcmd.exe and igfxpers.exe eat more that 10 MB of my precios RAM. disable them from starting and then just make a shortcut on desktop to c:\windows\system32\igfxcfg.exe Genious of Windows
I believe it is part of the intel graphics driver Acidburn
IGFX is missing RedMachine60
stop saying nvidia!!! it's igfxpers that's "i" for intel, "gfx" for Graphics, "pers" for persistance. Files associated with programs are almost always acronyms for what they are and what they do. As for why it's called persistance, I would imagine it's there to persistantly monitor the Intel device and enforce settings. Great chance you have a virus if you've never had intel graphics or have never attempted to install the software for the device. It would be a good trick because I see it on ~80% of the few thousand computers I've worked on(remote support). Boyish Charm
Process come with intel graphic driver Dilushan
igfxpers is intel graphics persistance. Gerrieboy11
As stated, this is INTEL - part of Intel chipset driver package Applejack
virus - avast identifies and deletes. This igfxpers.exe comes in system32 directory and creates autorun.inf and cwsandbox directory. It disables system restore also. Krishnan
HKLM:Run csrss C:\WINDOWS\system32\igfxpers.exe
It's the intel graphics persistance file. It forces the settings you set in the Intel chipset menu on other applications. It's safe but takes up unnecessary memory so I disable it. Daniel K
This process is for Intel's Common User Interface Module for systems using Intel's integrated graphics, such as Intel HD Graphics 2000, 3000, as well as for many of the other chipset integrated graphics solutions provided by Intel. It poses ABSOLUTELY NO HARM to your system, nor is it resource or cpu intensive. Also, I must say the vast majority of comments left by other users are from completely ignorant people who know little to nothing of which they speak. It's not from nvidia. It's not resource or cpu intensive. It causes no harm. Stupidity on this level is simply sickening. Nicholas
Its something to do with nVidia Graphix driver. Its essensial so you better not remove it! SuperUser
system file music
Every time I logged into my computer, the screen would go black, and it would turn off 5 minutes later. Very frustrating. I thought my laptop was done for. Using safe mode, I disabled this from running at start-up and now my computer works. Christina M
I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate on a notebook. One day my resources were hogged up (100% cpu usage). I rebooted twice but same problem. Rebooted into safe mode and disabled it at start up, problem seems to be fixed. The file is located in C:\Windows\System 32\igfxpers.exe
it has nothing to do with nVidia as many said, its intel integrated graphics, it takes about 9 mb of memory and it controls swithchable video cards, don't remove unless for diagnosis Peroni
If you have an Intel Chipset or NVidia video graphics card this is most likely not going to be malicious. However it is always good to check and make sure. Andrew
On my notebook running windows 7,it uses 0% % CPU PID(process ID) 1768. it only runs when i am on an external display ,and then it only uses 1-7of my CPU when i am playing high graphics games. It does not slow my computer down any. ininme
It calls home and eats up my internet data usage when connected to my wifi hotspot Steve
It is related to nvidia Sean
not essential. was running on my notebook for 5mths but i disabled it to speed up my startup, that was 6mths ago & all is well. memethecat
That proccess from intel David
microsoft system file certified by verisign praveen parihar
C:\WINDOWS\system32\igfxtray.exe Location: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
it came with intel drivers.... Its safe.. Arpit
Just a graphics card no virus Mike
On my Gateway All-In One system with touch screen it causes a 15-20 second freeze when returning from a switch user state. Mouse freezes and then unfreezes after a long delay. Disabling it with mscofig stopped this from happening. Larry
This process is for Intel's Common User Interface Module for systems using Intel's integrated graphics, such as Intel HD Graphics 2000, 3000, as well as for many of the other chip-set integrated graphics solutions provided by Intel. It poses Absolutely no harm to your system, nor is it resource or cpu intensive. Also, I must say the vast majority of comments left by other users are from completely ignorant people who know little to nothing of which they speak. Those who say it's not from nvidia are half right. It is a technology originaly developed by nvidia and licensed to intel. It's not from nvidia. It's not resource or cpu intensive. It causes no harm. Stupidity on this level is simply sickening. Anyhow here is an excellent article that describes it purpose. [see link]  See also: Link dotfusion FX
Just updated my desktop motherboard yesterday and it appeared as a new process along with igfxtray and hkcmd from "Intel Corporation" and MalwareBytes and Avast don't have a problem with it running, so who am I to argue. Morris
Although this file is not dangerous, it prevents any changes made via Windows Monitor Calibration being persisted from one user session to the next. I disabled it from starting up via msconfig with no ill effects, and monitor calibration changes now survive reboots. Richard
On Lenovo laptops running Windows 7 will override your color profile with an uncalibrated profile. You may disable it from Start- Run...- msconfig- Startup tab. For more details see Chuong response at the link provided.  See also: Link Lotzy
related to intel graphics
A Virus can have any name... I use core temp to monitor my temps and CPU usage, with task manager open this process disappears and temps and CPU usage goes back to normal as soon as I close task manager temps go up and CPU usage goes to 100% if you are having temp or non-responsive system open task manager to see if it helps and you might get a glimpse of this process before it shuts down. If you open task manager and see this process then you are ok... if you don't see it as a running process just delete it and see if it returns. johnnygeek
no issues detected using this Abhishek
You can just end process, and disable on startup, by running MSconfig. Thomas
If it is in the C:\ProgramData folder on a Windows 7 system, it is the FBI virus Clinton
Intel Graphics Media Media Accelerator Driver Sharon
This file comes shipped along with Intel and nVidia graphics drivers for Windows. This process keeps the screen resolution 'in sync' by switching to the appropriate resolution when a projector or external monitor is plugged in, then returns back to native resolution when the projector/monitor is unplugged. For example, your notebook's native resolution was 1366x768, and your external monitor is 1280x1024. The igfxpers process will switch both monitors to 1024x768 while the notebook's lid is open, igfxpers will switch the notebook monitor off and set the external monitors resolution to it's native 1280x1024, and then when you unplug the external monitor, igfxpers will switch the notebook's monitor back to it's native 1366x768. The igfxpers process will use CPU only when it needs to, typically during screen resolution change events and connections/disconnections of external monitors and other display devices. Don't recommend disabling on notebook devices, safe to disable on desktop PCs if you use a single monitor. SKelly4074
It's in my system32 and i cant delete it John
Certain games get dimmed when minimized and restored back while this exact process is running (example, Sims3). Waste of memory IMO. Ian
the igfxpers /igfxsrvc files crash regularly on XP. Needing a reboot when they do. Eleyan
disable it , on run command type msconfig - startup - disable the igfxpers and then click apply button Mustafa
This file crashes my graphics and it all goes big size, only fixable by restarting and losing whatever I am working on. Not sure if it is heat related, but damn annoying. Running XP Professional Intel Centrino Duo IBM Thinkpad omg
Location: C:\Windows\System32 File description: persistence Module (whatever that means) Copyright: 1999-2006, intel corp. (expired by 7years!!) Size: 431KB Original filename: IGFXPERS.EXE My Recomendation: disable it XXL
Just a graphics card no virus Lars
igfxpers.exe has caused crashing of software for us. The process will call for USB device events that cycle the USB connections, temporarily disconnecting them. astroyam
Chews cpu. No known reason for it. Disabled without harm. Jack
when we update the bios and install latest graphic driver it slove vijay
Causes conflicts when minimizing from full screen in some games. In Sims 3 this causes the game to dim very low any time you minimize or alt-tab.  See also: Link Kate
they come with Intel(R) HD graphics driver after i enabled IGP in bios MOBO. mohdnor
Needed for graphics card on windows XP or higher. Amanda
Only needed if you have more than one display. Otherwise you can disable it.
in my case was a virus :) michael
Its from intel its good Daan
It's Intel integrated graphics driver. "igfxpers" i - Intel gfx -Graphics pers - Persistence (module) XD
i have a windows 7 HP labtop running INTEL CORE I3 CPU M 380 @ 2.53GHz 4GB RAM with INTEL HD GRAPHICS DRIVER VERSION,it about 3 years old but it runs great,the HD graphics share the ram up to 2064MB,i have "persistence intel corporation c:\windows\system32\igfxpers.exe" shut off and my system runs like a top, the only difference between have it turned on is i get better colors on my display, but having it off like i do i still get great color,so if anyone has high system resources like 20 percent or above,just shut it off,i have never had any problems at all with it off,so if anyone has high useage i would stut it off in your start programs richard
It's igfxpers.exe's file i cant be dangerous  See also: Link Kakahan

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