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Process name: IAdHide

Product: BackWeb IAdHide or Logitech Desktop Messenger

Company: BackWeb (backweb.com).

File: IadHide5.dll

Logitech Desktop Messenger uses IadHide5.dll from Backweb Technologies to control the automatic updating of its software. It is only one potential source of the module as Backweb, a company located in the USA and Israel, has many large corporate clients for its technology to maintain two-way communication with users through their systems so that they can not only push messages and software update files to large numbers of users but also detect whether an individual user has received the message or installed the latest update. Other software known to use Backweb technology includes Microsoft Windows Safety Alert. If you want a detailed security rating about your IadHide5.dll (and all other running background processes) read the following user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/iadhide5.dll.html 

Note: Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk. If a "non-Microsoft" .exe file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! Check it out!

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All comments about IadHide5.dll:
Backweb files generally related to autoupdating software. Could be harmless, could be harmful depending on host application. Sebastian A.
Part of Backweb, used for obtaining software updates
DSO Exploit support file jducreux
F-Secure Backweb component
Seems to allow adware on to your PC, when u quarantine the file it just comes back on start up which probably means it is getting started by some other program, I deleted it manually in safe mode
backweb some say it is spyware (spybot search and destroy for example) , but it is is used by many good software, like F-secure internet security 2005, logitech, etc. super riri
On my system, this file is part of Kodak EasyShare's BackWeb utility that automatically checks for software updates. BackWeb is also used by other software for similar update purposes.  See also: Link Charlie Hill
Some DLL for the Update Service of F-Secure Anti-Virus via BackWeb Matthias Eichler
According to the backweb site a version iadhide3 is installed with various 3rd party applications, one of which is the F-Secure anti-virus system, the appearance of this file seems to have co-incided with the installation of F-Secure on my system.  See also: Link Robin Lord
Seems to be a Logitech file nupset
adware Ivo
dso exploit file kate
Download facility Peter Ogilvie
F-secure Backweb component  See also: Link
It is associated with BackWeb technologies and is used by both F-Secure Antivirus and Logitech's itouch software
Updating for F-Secure Anti-Virus Chad
Was an extension in "HP Updates", allowed several files to embed themselves in my OS, it or one of its friends brought my computer to a screeshing halt. It may have been provided with good intentions, but someone needs to muzzle it. Steveienot
This file maintains a copy of Internet Explorer running which cannot be closed, it respawns internet explorer when its killed. Makes Ie attempt to start once the machine is switched on. Kodak Easyshare alledgy has something to do with this- it is irritating to the core. Roderick
IadHide5.dll appears to be part of Logitech/Backweb messenger app. It most likely is part of a package installed with various periphials such as a mouse, keyboard or web-cam. You can disable it through Windows Task Manager (Logitech Messenger) and/or by removing the Logitech Messenger application (Control Panel-Add/Remove App) Bernard
Part of backweb autoupdater. Can be used for good or evil apparently. Broam
Used by Kodak and always placed back after deletion Lobo
it is some form off spyware, but if you disable your firewalls spyware detector ( trend micro is what iam using ) it will not show , but iam finding out ways to delete it (very interesting ) Bear
Creation date coincides with date when i first started having trouble with my computer (annoying pop ups even when not on the internet, changed home page) and no matter how many times i delete it (in safe mode) or its components in another file, it comes right back. as for the Iadhide's that are good, the Logitech Iadhide.dll has no 5 in the name, trying to look like a legitimate file is a common trait of annoying spyware/adware Chis
Well it seems weird that a file from a legitimate vendorreside in the "temp" folder. I would rather put it in the application folder if it was bundled with my product... (or at lease ad it to common files under program files...) Maxime
Backweb component for automatic updates of many apps. But it's a mystery why they put it in the temp directory where it's very annoying. GSS
I found it because Norton One Button Checkup called it out as an error and couldn't "fix" it. The file was easy to find, residing in a 'temp' folder and referencing metadata saying the owner was BackWeb. From there I found it was likely attached to my Logitech Mouse. Since it's in a 'temp' folder, I'll let it stay resident and ignore it for now. CR Berg
Logitech mouseware (in my case) Peter de Kivith
C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\**User Name**\LOCAL SETTINGS\Temp\IadHide5.dll (24.04KB) Appeared when I installed F-Secure AntiVirus. When updating for the first time F-Secure notified me that Backweb may be used for virus definition/software updates. FortyFootChicken
iadhide5.dll is part of F-Secure AntiVirus 2005. There're some functions for hooking keyboard and mouse. It's used for updating F-Secure and (for collecting some information about user's preferences (may be...not investigated yet)). Alexey A. Bovanenko
If you add a weblink either to excel file or to somewhere else, this dll.file is automatically appear in Temp folder and you cannot delete it. Tolga Ceran
It seems to have appeared when I installed Kodak EasyShare. I will tust Kodak if that is indeed this babie's Daddy. Davis
part of Nikon Picture project install - slows my machine and startup down considerably am turning it off for sure tekano
Part of Logitech software and other apps (also dangerous). Autoupdate. Zonk
Hard to get rid of, copies itself into other users local settings Robert Barre, Sweden
It's part of Kodak's software auto-update feature S.K. Zimmelman
This DLL is about as harmfull as your favorit underpants. I run a fullon 36 PCs on a Network with 4 Servers. I mainly use Logitech hardware as I have an Account with Logitech them selfs. This DLL is used by your system to pick up any driver updates or registration infomation Logitech have for your hardware "E.G Keyboard/Mouse/Webcam Ect." For most of you who have a Logitech Keyboard and didnt register it strate away did you ever knowtice a pop=up appear from them asking you to register ? K4C20R of Blackcode Industries blackcode.com
This file is part of KODAK updater and Backweb Lite on our system. It has caused bottle necking in the registry with 57 entries for backweb and has slowed our system resources alot since intallin KODAK software. We are removing the Updater and backweb facilities altogether. And just leaving the standalome KODAK to load only when we want it too. It has become a menace and that is why were remoiving the UPDATE, Backweb and the IadHide5.dll file DEEPWOODS
Not sure it is really dangerous but I found it in my \local settings\temp folder and I removed it. Dll with same name and size is also under the Kodak Software, but is not the same content. In addition when I blocked the execution of this dll by a firewall Outlook did not start, but it worked after I physically removed the dll. Valerio
Used by Logitec Desktop Manager for updates. Seems to be used by other software as well, including spyware. Other programs which may need this file are: Kodak, Siemens, HP, KLATencor, BT, LAM, Logitec, Bochringer.  See also: Link Canis_Familiaris
Use by Kodak EasyShare software autoupdater. Kodak Easyshare software comes with Kodak digital cameras for connecting the camera to the computer and working with photos vikram
Something was poping up on my taskbar every few minutes, so fast I could not catch it. It was obviously running in the background. Jo Jo Dancer
I dumped f-secure because of all the problems w/backweb. LT is even worse w/Iad4Hide John Abrams
yes its my big probllem how can you delete it???? vlad
my kodak easyshare program uses it for updating bocek
I got it from McAfee and its updating section. Jim
Used by F-Secure
This backdoor connexion to the internet from my PC is an insult to my intelligence. No matter which "legitimate company" installed it (Kodack, Logitech etc) I was done without my explicit consent. Karl P.
Thank you for contacting BackWeb's support. tndvrs
Part of Logitech Desktop Messenger Roger D.
At least HP and Kodak seem to use it on my computer. I disabled access to the internet through Windows XP built-in firewall, but have let those other apps use internet. Very strange that it appears in a temp folder. Even stranger that after deleting that temp folder, that folder was recreated with the file in it and the file is date-stamped as having being modified in Feb 2004 (deleted and recreated on 21 Sept 05). A similar file in the parent folder is Temp IadHide3.dll. It's pervasive. And just as mystifying as svchost.exe. Kev
I found it on Nortons one step check. It seems to be doing nothing. And yes, I have the Kodak software so I think its on as of the date I installed my Kodak Software...seems harmless GGoodman
f-secure client security  See also: Link Thomas
F-Secure Updater Patrick MacManus
Back Office Web - Outlook Extension for menu hide feature. - Backweb Technologies is a partner of Microsoft Exchange production and applications integration.  See also: Link RM
used by backweb, not dangerous, just stupid placement John
It appeared when I installed my logitech MX610 laser mouse. It is for notification of software updates. Arnold
Logitech Related Silk Dawg
Installed with F-Secure. I assume there is a good reason for F-Secure to install it in the local temp directory. I was also suspicious about the location. KJ
It's a file that comes along with HiJackThis 1.99 C
A F-Secure component used to update the software, I do not know if it is used by another program, I do not think so. Fredrik
this dll is a file from a secure ip program and has nothing to do with F-Secure Noob-Hater
If you have F-Secure installed it's most probably harmless, otherwise it can be part of other auto-update package or indeed trojan. F-Secure installs second FSBWCE.DLL library which is interface to IADHIDE5.DLL, both are harmless. Pawel
CCleaner dosent like it, and i think i don't either. ever since it has been on the computer i have had trouble im getting rid of it  See also: Link KONEON always
I'm running a Compaq persario with a backweb program called compaq connections,so hp can auto update my files.when I close compaq connections,then delete the file it goes away.but if I start the program again.it comes back,hp does it with there pavilions as well  See also: Link old ass hippie
Backweb on my HP computer is used by HP to auto update HP software. You can disable iadhide5.dll by renaming iadhide.dll in directory C:\Program Files\BackWeb\BackWeb Client\\Program and renaming iadhide5.dll in directory C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Owner\Local Settings\Temp. In fact iadhide.dll recreates iadhide5.dll which is why is is difficult to remove. You can rename iadhide5.dll at any time but you cannot delete it until after you rename iadhide.dll. By renaming these files you can determine over time what software is using Backweb. Go to www.hp.com and search for "Backweb connections" and open artical on Frequently Asked Questions Andrew D
Backweb on my HP computer is used by HP to auto update HP software. You can disable iadhide5.dll by renaming iadhide.dll in directory C:\Program Files\BackWeb\BackWeb Client\\Program and renaming iadhide5.dll in directory C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Owner\Local Settings\Temp. In fact iadhide.dll recreates iadhide5.dll which is why is is difficult to remove. You can rename iadhide5.dll at any time but you cannot delete it until after you rename iadhide.dll. By renaming these files you can determine over time what software is using Backweb.  See also: Link Andrew D
its in my temp folder i have reason to think it was with kodak easyshare although i would still like to delete it ...
I do NOT have Kodak or Logiteck. This file showed up when Win-Spy wormed it's way onto my system. Win-spy was deleted (help from company was great) but this file just will not go away. Even tried deleting it in safe mode Lance Summers
It's a KODAK AutoUpdate FIle ZIronMan
I have logitech keyboard and mouse, But ever since this dll showed up i have had multiple copys of dreamweaver.exe running in my taskmanager and slowing my pc. I think the file was provided with good intentions. but i fear someone may know a way to mess with it. JT
Iadhide5 is the only program I know of , that has been modified, before it was created.....very curious. I'll leave it on for now, not that I have a choice. Tried deleting, keeps coming back. jeremy
This showed up after installing a copy of Nero 7 Demo and severly slowed down my system. Also I can no longer access the task manager by right clicking on the toolbar. Tried to get rid of it but it respawns on startup. Andy
TO Delete rename it IadHide5.dl_ (restart your PC) go back and delete it Jeremy
I found this little nasty in my Start\my computer\c: \documents and settings\ compaq owner\ ( hidden file) local setting\temp. After chasing this blankity blank blank, I found it as it was riding on the back of the compaqs connections, try this it worked for me ... click start -all programs\ pc help & tools\ compaq connections\ disable compaq connections... then locate the iadhide5.dll you should be able to delete, make sure you empty your recycle bin... then reboot your pc, you may get one more pop up message, this sould not be there on your next reboot, hope this helps, let me know ken lambert askken
used by F-Secure, if you have F-Secure installed and run the all system scan, look at there report it is a backweb file they use. http://www.f-secure.co.uk/f-secure/pressroom/news_archives/index1999.html wickette
This is a auto web update file. You can rename the file and then move to desktop and then delete. Yogesh -
I removed the entire backweb section of the registery and on reeboot was notified that the logitech desktop manager would not run. I uninstalled that software and no more dll Gary Neff
I somehow inheritted this pest from a downloaded ad-on. It sucks. Has caused a few apps to work incorrectly. Just purchased system last month. How to remove the darn thing? ddt
It is a Keylogger for a Internet game named World of Warcraft, you testet wow on a Private server with lacd (a anti cheat client) and this client works detecting cheats.. and download a Keylogger for WoW and other Online games (Steam) EVE Online Wintersturm
It's linked to Kodak Easyshare software. I agree with Karl P., it was installed without my consent and I'm not happy about it. I'm removing the Kodak software and I recommend everyone else do the same. The program is just a memory hog; regular Windows folders can be used to organize your pictures. jeffro19
Logitech I-touch software updater Brante
Logitech desktop messenger, probably no harm, but It can be a security risk for me Shimmy
I have IadHide.dll in my temp folder as well. Mine came with my Kodak software. The Kodak software updater uses it. I can remove it, but it comes back on startup. The dll is also located in my Kodak software folder. I assume if I deleted that file it would stop coming back, but I don't mind the software updating itself. FeedTic
You are talking about the same file name coming from at least 3 different sources.. logi, f-secure, and Kodak. Yet it resides in a temp folder variously, auto-replicates, and cannot be deleted. This file is the only thing we cannot eliminate from a system thats being identified by an IRC server's scan as a trojan.
IadHide5.dll appeared after I installed "Kodak Eayshare" Dan
BackWeb from F-Secure FaTra
Causes Internet explorer to crash and drags down computer speed to a crawl. Hard to totally eliminate. Seems to some how resurect itself. EdinSoFl
Removed it from two PCs that keeps getting malware (system\iexplore.exe, system\svchost.exe, system\svchost32.exe) thats flagged by NOD32 as Win32/Sohanad (and by other virus scanner, c/o virustotal.com). It uses Yahoo Messenger to spread/send malware to contacts. To remove (specially if you suspect unusual/malware activities): install a good antivirus (NOD32 or Kaspersky, to remove any malware), uninstall any programs that is from-the-web/non-essential/freeware/with-lots-of-third-party-software/etc, reboot in safe-mode, delete iadhide5.dll, reboot to normal. LdG
It's in my c:\program files\Kodak\kodak software updater JSG
well, it's some file, which really logs ur keybord and mouse things....so, it could be good! but I really don't like such a thing! get it off ur pc! boomper
came with logitech mouse, slows my system down, getting rid of it, why does logitech need to know so much about my machine - it uploads far more than it downloads K
It installed itself with Kodak Easyshare. The only real "pain" I found was, you cannot empty out the entire temp contents. This IadHide5 (and others associated with it) WILL NOT delete. Jim
potentially dangerous backweb\adhide .dll hidden "could manipulate other programs" Edward
Can't delete it. Keeps duplicating itself and denies me access to open it. Shuts down firewall and really annoying. Anything that says I, the user, can't open it, is bad. I think the program was intended by larger companies to use as an update agent but someone has figured out how to use and manipulate it. Jamie
I suppose it is a program for autoupdate, in my case my HP-printer fummeltunte
it keeps showing up and wont let ahp program access the internet gdarrow
use xp search function to find BackWeb... This will show you who installed it and then you can uninstall that program. Vic HH
This file uses resources like crazy, Also it is definetely from Kodak Software. I just installed the Kodak Easyshare Software last night and right after I had problems with this file. I'd recommend getting rid of it if you really don't need it, or at least disabling it. It's more of a pain than anything else Kristopher
Its a logitech file that refer to Logitech Desktop messenger .uninstall the software and you can delete the file right away ==skinless==
Part of FSecure Anti-Virus Client Security suite (Backweb). BDan
Oh, it's dangerous. We develop software and we use InstallShield to generate our installation. In a scan of our intallation InstallShield actually believe this file is a dependency for our software installation. Whether it is by design or only by chance, this guy is a clever one! Need to send some email feedback to the Vendors (Kodak, Logitech, etc.) letting them know they've been had. We will definately trash this little setup. Rich
I got it via Kodak "Easy share" software. Was really easy! I removed it by removing the whole Kodak program including the entries in the registry. I do not want such malware nor such companies like Kodak. Georg Scheffczyk
This is a Logitech file. I deleted Logitech off my computer. The file name is: IAdhide.dll (the number 5 means nothing!)..Logitech put it in there. It is a NETSCAPE Navigator file!! I deleted Logitech from my 'Add and Remove" programs. It worked like a champ . . .GRIN I rebooted and I was able to delete it from the temp file. It is gone!! Good luck..hope this helps others. David
I got when I installed "logitech QuickCam Communicate STX
Please click on Start Settings Control panel Click on Add Remove Programs click on Logitech Desktop Messenger Click on remove to uninstall the Logitech Desktop Messenger from your system. Move on Boot .... did not work for me David Smart
from Logitech Mousedriver Redlisch
backweb file used by many different software applications it talks back home and I do not know what information it collects and how invasive it really is but the following link shows it can move and synchronise almost any type of file  See also: Link Nicholas Kulkarni, Dip.Comp(open)
it's a backweb program pretending to be hp updates.security task manager will show that and remove it. mikey accident
If this .dll had a useful purpose it would not need to hide and replicate itself at every opportunity.
Installed By Adware But acan't find the root. The file is ISNSTALLED into a temp directory in "My Documents", And also starts up JAVA providing an avaneu for adware to pop up. It even goes as far as opening internet explorer without a window beeing open and comercials will play again, with no window open thus no way to end process! Matt
IadHide5.dll began interjecting itself into Internet Explorer and MS Word into my Local Settings temp folder. It would not allow me to delete it. After I removed Logitech Desktop Messenger, I deleted the file with no problem.  See also: Link Pastor Jeffrey Gross
This DLL seems to be installed with programs that have automatic update features. I'd say it's safe - but if you get some popups with CiD on them, remove the entire C:\Program Files\Kodak\Kodak Software Updater\7288971\\Program\temp ((may be logitech)) folder. CiD was smart enough to make thier popup program look like an Update to IAdHite5.dll. Skysurfer
this fil could not be wiped when i ran ccleaner, i thought id search this file throughout my comp using windows search and i found 2 files that were in a folder to do with logitech, id say this is a backweb just meaning its used for updates but i dont see the point of having this file in a temp folder... i have logitech installed on this comp and the file is ther, using the same keyboard and mouse but without the software installed resulted in no IADHIDE5.dll being found. hope this helps Leigh Hudson
It is spyware and a trojan tony
This file causes so many problems and is basically a "pain in the ass". causes a variety of issues which remain undetected by most malware/virus cleaning software. combofix gets rid of it. my computer is running so much better.  See also: Link ITgirl

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