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Process name: Digital Line Detection

Product: BVRP Software TestLine or Digital Line Detect or Digital Line Detection or VSIP Interop Assembly Redist or CINEMA 4D Module Advanced

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: BVRP Software (bvrp.com/ENG) or Avanquest Software (avanquest.com)

File: DLG.exe

This is a background task that is installed with various telephony software products. It detects if you have a digital phone line (such as those used in offices) connected to your modem, as opposed to a standard analog line, since most modems won't work properly on digital lines. It is not generally needed on most modern PCs, especially since you should already know if you are using your modem, and if so, where and on what type of line.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/dlg.exe.html 

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All comments about DLG.exe:
Came with Dell laptop to support Broadcom modem. It checks on boot and periodically if you are plugged into a digital PBX plug instead of an analog modem plug. I presume that it is attempting to protect itself as this situation used to destroy modem cards years ago. I think that most modern modems have some sort of protection now. Don
Part of NTL's home broadband set up  See also: Link Foxman
Conflicts with Logitech Mouseware 9.79.1. Advice from Logitech support was to "Either (a) Delete the Digital Line Detect program from the start up folder, or (b) If the issue persists, please uninstall the Digital Line Detect program" Owen Williams
this File causes problems with live meeting and can bring up error msgs "digital line found (PBX) please check the phone line connected to your pc" ( no line is connected) ((translation from german OS)) ulrich bär
dlg.exe is a part of BVRP Phone Tools software suite. It offers faxing, phone book, e-mailing and more. This is a non-essential process. Disabling or enabling this is down to user preference Elric Ward
makes sure you don't "hurt" tour pc if connected to a digital ( not alalog) telephone line ! jenzendk
Not dangerous but will take up backgroud resources in Windows. Ed
comes standard with dell pc's and DSL modems. nick
DLG.exe is source of XP startup error message: MdmXSdk.dll is not a valid Windows image. Ken Friedenbach
Used by Dell Computers (installed by default). It may be conflicting with Logitech Remote Mouse". There is less evidence of conflict with "Logitech MX3000 Remote Keyboard" Michael B
Comes with lenovo ThinkPad Dizzman
Microsoft's process explorer, reports the exe as:"The Digital Line Detection program monitors the modem to make sure that the phone line is a standard analog phone line. Plugging into a digital phone line could cause damage to the modem.The purpose of this application is to provide a warning before damage occurs." drWireMore
AFAIK- serves no purpose. I used MSCONFIG and disabled it from starting up. Another Annoyed Dell Customer
It saved a bunch oof porn that wasn't even my taste to the computer then it did skeet on my face  See also: Link Skeetface
logitech desktop manager
Digital line detection software from Avanquest Software, installed on Lenovo notebooks with internal modem  See also: Link John
This file message "Digital Line detected" would come up because QTtask.exe would try to link for update when no network was hooked up. Using 98% of system the Quicktime file would try to connect through modem too. Recommend disabling auto update checkbox in QT. Other apps may be doing the same thing. Bob
Read this link for a definitive answer  See also: Link HopeThisHelps
Best I can figure, since it is Unsigned it must come with package that many ppl are on with Time-Warner Digital, as it includes Digital Phones. Karen
Not as bad as you might think Linda

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