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Process name: DIGStream Cache Manager

Product: DIGStream Cache Manager

Company: Walt Disney Internet Group (corporate.disney.go.com/wdig)

File: digstream.exe

A background process from ESPN and Disney, digstream.exe starts with Windows as long as ESPN Motion or Disney Motion are installed. This application monitors for new videos from the ESPN and Disney servers. If they are detected, they are made available to you through the Motion interface that is available through the system tray. Founded in 1923 as an animation studio, Disney currently has multiple software branches and produces content for both ESPN and ABC.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/digstream.exe.html 
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Users Opinions

Average user rating of digstream.exe: based on 34 votes. Read also the 32 reviews.

  • 71 users ask for this file. 11 users rated it as not dangerous. One user rated it as not so dangerous. 6 users rated it as neutral. 10 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 6 users rated it as dangerous. 6 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about digstream.exe:
Background process that downloads video for ESPN.com
ESPN Motion Background Program
ESPN/Disney Video Player Rob
DIGStream Cache Manager
After a message that digstream.exe was corrupt, got hard drive boot problems.  See also: Link ceprise
left unattended, it frequently jumps to 90% cpu utilization dawg
Uses about 99% of my cpu juice when it is active Scott
stealth install, disables firewall and cookie tracking, reloads its deleted sub files if deleted, no uninstall Jim
iexplore.exe was generating errors and being closed by Windows. Found by analyzing dr.watson errors. Uninstall located at c:\program files\digstream\. IE works fine now =) Styz
It will cause you boot problems, you may need to reimage your PC. It SUCKS! Remove it ASAP if you still can. TJ
Associated with Disney/ESPN ghostwalker
Takes too much resources/ ESPN exe JOEL RODRIGUEZ
If you'd like to completely uninstall ESPN Motion, go to your Start menu and select 'Settings Control Panel Add/Remove Programs'. From there you can remove ESPN Motion just as you would any other Windows application  See also: Link Reldon
definate slow down in perf., stealth install, difficult to remove Jason
It comes when visit Walt Disney Web Page
Located in Program Files, just run the uninstall, wont hurt anything. Lubbock, TX
Only that it popped up on my anti-spy ware scanner. It said it's not so dangerous, but I've never seen it before. Anything disney related on my computer makes it as bad as Microsoft. (I'm a Linux fan) Sean
Streams Video for any online "Motion" video player distributed by Disney (ESBN Motion, Disney Motion, etc...) Mr. T
Downloader.Digstream!sd5 brought trojan Wendy Bartlett
Part of ESPN Motion, when ESPN Motion unistalled digstream. exe is removed Greg
Safe process, part of disney/espn Derek
Nags, safe, doesnt affect performance, Windows claims a file in the cookies file is corrupt (distream.exe) uninstall espn crap and you'll be fine Alex Jack
it brought General Malware, Antivirus 2009, hard to remove, by any means don't run Antivirus 2009, it will spread everywhere Vladi B
It disabled my IE and Firefox browsers Jaybee
Avast said trojan found, I removed the rest of the folder. Disney- you can't trust after Sony... Jay
windows certified
causes adware trouble and can get past firewalls. found it with AVG ANTIVIRUS. if you find it use an antivirus to destroy it Steven
AVG picks it up as ADWARE; Uninstalling ESPNMotion removes it
Comodo said malware - Never trust Big Corps Tony
Brought Generic Malware.a trojan onto my computer, and I have no idea why (or what it does). Quate
Was in program files. Made my computer SLOW Caleb
It hijacked my online banking to a phishing site. After AVG antivirus removed it, the hijack disappeared. I only hope this is the end of it. Anne

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