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Process name: SecuROM context menu for Explorer

Product: SecuROM Shell Extension or SecuROM Context-Menu for Explorer or Supreme Commander

Company: Sony DADC Austria AG (sonydadc.com)

File: CmdLineExt.dll

This dynamic link library is a component of Sony's SecuROM copy protection software, which protects certain programs (especially games, since they are often pirated) from unauthorized copying. This program is added to the system as part of whatever program is using the SecuROM protection scheme, and is required for that program to run normally. See also UAService7.exe.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/cmdlineext.dll.html 

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All comments about CmdLineExt.dll:
Possibly installed with the excellent game Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas
Sony DADC  See also: Link Mike
In den Datei-Eigenschaften steht bei Beschreibung: "SecuROM Context-Menu for Explorer." und bei Firma "Sony DADC Austria AG." SecuROM is the fastest growing and most effective copy protection system for CD-ROM and DVD-ROM  See also: Link Oliver Sahr
SECUROM Copy Protection to find Emulation Drives  See also: Link Mx000
Sony DADC to help you prepare your master, please see ROM Premastering http://www.securom.com/  See also: Link x-file
it is installed with SecuRom program that change virtual drive to real for some applications Cashalot
read up on this http://abates.tetrap.com/archives/2004/12/22/cmdlineext02dll.html
Never had GTA - San Andreas, so it doesn't come from there. Andrej
Was installed with Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas. Purpose unknown.
Part of Securom Software (NeedForSpeed MostWanted) ruffles
Has something to do with the SecuROM cd/dvd security. HeinD
Sony Copy Protection Crap for Games ie, Fear/GTA/Etc  See also: Link
SECUROM is a very effective type of copy protection. It has been proven to cause serious performance problems on a lot of systems. Unfortunately, it is also necessary to run any game that uses it. Pheonix
Was installed when I installed UT2003 so that I would have to play with the CD until the patch came out resolving the issue.
Was installed with a game. Some kind of copy protection. Get rid of it. Any silently installed components can be considered spyware. hmd
Installed with Commandos Strike Force fx
Most likely an illegal rootkit installed for purpose of copy protection. It can cause problems with other tools, so it's recommended to remove it if possible.
Either a trojan or a worm. Prevents you from running task manager Al
used by EliteToolbar = spyware : Damic
Part of SECUROM Copy Protection, which is installed without user knowledge. Disassembly reveals that it alters Windows Security and Administrative Settings. Gunny
it came from tomb raider anniversary burak
Crashes my Explorer.exe on my WinXP SP3 everytime i use the Context Menu. Delete die COM Object Registry Key under HKEY_CURRENT_CLASSES_ROOT to get rid of it Luke Skywalker
Part of the Securom crash-ware. Useless against piracy, usefull to piss of legitimate users. Best way to get rid of it is to get an "unofficial patch" for your legally acquired software. I just got this crap crashing my explorer in my 100% pirate-free, virus free, antivirus free (everything that comes in is checked by another computer) gaming computer. Hurricane
This file is handcuffware and should be deleted and you should sue whoever sold you the program that contained this DLL file
seems to cause right click desktop freeze  See also: Link Maxitaxi
SecuROM extension. If it blacklists virtual drives, copy, paste and delete operations in explorer are being screwed up and explorer crashes often. Also prohibits ATI Desktop Manager and Multidesk from operating. Slows down System a L-O-T. Search file and rename immediately, clean referrences afterwards. Raven
Causes crashes in Windows Explorer
Crashes my Explorer.exe on my Windows 7 when using Context Menu. Supersnake
It is made by Sony DADC Austia AG. And it seems to crash windows explorer when rightclick on a .exe file. If you run ShellExView and disable the dll, then my computer doesn't crash while rightclick an .exe file in explorer. The link is in dutch.  See also: Link Molshoop
I am an accountant and I have recently installed GRID (racing game) on my Windows Vista PC. After the installation, the initialisation of one of my accounting packages caused Windows Explorer to malfunction. I downloaded and installed ShellExView and in this way determined that this Shell Extension was the cause of the problem.  See also: Link Janco Kotze
Sony SecuROM file which will cause a ton of slowdown, disables ATi/AMD video card functions, and causes explorer crashes to the point where the computer becomes almost unusable.
Crashes your Windows Explorer, when you right click your mouse. Not sure where i got it from, but I disabled it with ShellExView and ive had no problems since.. Keith
apparently installed with ALL EA games. had this problem with F.E.A.R. and SW:TOR.
Causes Windows explorer to not repond. When I disabled it WE came back as desired....but.... now Call of Duty IV does not work Bill Barnes

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