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Process name: AMD Catalyst Control Center (CCC) Command Line Interface

Product: AMD Catalyst Control Center (CCC)

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Advanced Micro Devices (amd.com)

File: cli.exe

ATI Technologies is often said to be the source of this module but Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) acquired ATI in 2006 and has rebranded all their products as AMD. The cli.exe module is part of the Catalyst Control Center, an AMD software product for management and configuration of Radeon graphic control devices installed in laptop and desktop computers. As a result of acquiring ATI Technologies, which was founded in 1985 in Markham, Ontario, Canada, as Array Technologies Industry by three members of the Lau family and Kwok Yuen Ho, (former employees of Fairchild Semiconductor), AMD shares dominance of the graphic processor and chipset market with its rival NVidia.

The cli.exe process file is installed with the AMD graphics and drivers, providing an easily accessible system tray icon through which the computer's graphic settings can be adjusted. It also allows programming of various function keys to act as shortcuts to start, pause, or exit computer games. User comments in multiple help forums indicate that AMD driver update releases do not always install cleanly and may need re-installation (and sometimes registry cleaning) to work properly. Symptoms of this sometimes include the inability of the system to find the cli.exe process, or the process starting and appearing in Task Manager but going away without doing anything. If you want a detailed security rating about your cli.exe (and all other running background processes) read the following user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/cli.exe.html 

Note: Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk. If a "non-Microsoft" .exe file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! Check it out!

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It appears to have come with ATI Technologies Catalyst Control Center, it's in C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\CLI.exe  See also: Link Mark Rejhon
Ati Catalyst GFX driver . Aik
is running two instances of cli.exe, both sucking 6mb of system ram in total. harmless but penetrant gibtkein Brot
It is ATI control center Dave Jukes
It is the OPTIONAL Catalist interface. You can download the control panel one, but it offers less versitility. This program utilizes Microsoft .NET framework.  See also: Link Craig
Yes, it's only the Catalyst Control Center ED
Its jut to control your ATI video card  See also: Link Ruffneck
The 2 instances are communicating through your localhost and so generating network traffic b0ggetje
Nothing to worry about. Maelia
Got it when I installed update drivers for Radeon 9800 pro. Not sure if you can get rid of it. Andy Jones
It is ATI Catalyst Control Centre 5.3 A gamer... Who else
Has ports 1097, 1098 and 1099 open on my WinXP box mansnes
ATI program - For some reason Norton is caught it trying to access a DNS server? WAM
The cli.exe process provides a system tray icon from which you can perform diagnosis on any problems that you are having with your graphics card. If you have an ATI graphics card in the Catalyst range you should leave this process running. If you do not, you can safely stop this process. Camo
Ati system tray function. Caused bad shut down problems and eventually damaged my hard disk partition (Win XP). Could never get the machine to get past 'saving your settings'. Eventually traced the problem to cli.exe through a process of trial and error. Using Catalyst 5.6. Appalling that Ati could release drivers with such a bad bug. Tuerned off the system tray facility and problem solved. DRF (UK)
It is ATI Catalyst Control Centre... It could update automatic and things like that, but DON'T remove it from your list, it runs important driver info, f.ex Direct 3D or OpenGl.. It allows special configurations for your grafik system. Thor Byrgesen
Safe, it's part of the new catalist drivers and the auto update feature started with Version 5.6 this control center alows acces to ATI cards for over clacking , settings ect. can be accessed by right clicking on desktop armour
Eating 29 frigging ports - damn evil resource eater....(uses the earlier Catalyst drivers instead...) Brian
whatever it is it makes my computer very slow and I cancel it and then everthing runs better
It's using more ports on my machine, than emule! Tony Christie
ATI Catalyst Control Center, harmless.... temo
Part of ATI Suite, I have Radeon9200 Dan
should i have 3 of them running? tyler
It came with an ATI update Kizer
up to 3 instanes running. Was very difficult to install upadated driver from ATI site and even installing .Net was not straightforward - you are constantly sent by MS sites to Update but that is no good if you use Firefox or something else The whole pack of dependent files is immensely complex almost like a mini-operating system and I suspect wide open to attack since there is no way most users will even know what they are doing. It also requires the .net system running which whilst technically very good brings its own new security iusses with it. All in all a headache for a "simple" graphics. James, London
the file doesn't do anything bad..... but it does do anything good either.... you can change all the things it allows you to change by Settings Control Panel Display Settings, any time you want without the 18mb of mem and cpu use that these processes constantly use. end process on startup to save system resources for your own tasks. Ganon
The fix: ATI -- https://support.ati.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=894 Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 Redistributable Package -- http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=262D25E3-F589-4842-8157-034D1E7CF3A3&displaylang=en Jeff
The New Microsoft Anti-Spyware Util is showing cli.exe in the ati.ace folder to be a SEVERE level Trojan. I allowed it to delete the file, and I have also deleted the entire ati.ace folder. It contained a bat file that looks dangerous also....... Duke MyU
Part of Catalyst, it's a huge load on mem, and leaves 4 open ports, wich is a problem.. I do not know of issue do ;-) yet Ocramweb
Iritating, blocks pipe key, why o why. Preminuli
It steals my ram which i don't like chris
it has totally screwed up my pc! simon
benötigt .NET Framework 1.1 Firus
 See also: Link Nethopper
has been a cause of crashing on my machine
Installed with ATI Driver. This app submitted several Mb's of info to some ip address. Why? Ean
Part of ATI Catalyst - Slows Computer a lot! Randy
I also have three of them, all sizes are different. When shutting down, a window appears showing its stopping of CLI, which seems to be slow. I wonder why. Shasckaw
its harmless, but can eat alot of memory, ive had this process running 20-30 times together =/
I also have 3 running! James
With ProcessExplorer (SysInternals), shows up eating 40mb on each of 2 instances (80+mb!!). In only deals with control panel. Kill this insanity as soon as you can (Startup on My Computer, plus "software/microsoft/run" on regedit. No problems after that. Jorge
It's not at all dangerous, but I am concerned when the same process runs on two or more instances in my process list. Mike
Harmless. sometimes runs more than one instance, eats RAM Chris
part of ATI's driver folder. dont know why 3 of these are running.. Conan
comes with all new ati cards.. if you are worrying about it slowing up your comp Buy more RAM degoba
The problem is you installed the driver and catalyst software with out installing the 'Microsoft .NET Framework' first, I was getting the same error and couldn't figure out why, as soon as I deleted the redeon drivers, rebooted, installed the framwork stuff, then reinstalled the redeon drivers the error message never came up again, and yes the icon is now in the system tray, which was spoken about ny someone else///hope this helped for those in the future  See also: Link Robert Spearman
Will not let my canon multipass f30 initilize on bootup interferes with the ability of the software to communicate with the hardware. Turned it off so my printer would work. Joyboy
I got 3 instances running, some people apparently have 2, explain that hmmm...
On start up, it fails and then my screen turns off Dr Patel
ATI Catalyst Driver, needed for great performance EJ
It is run side by side with catalyst control center, it needs ms netframe 1.1 to fully run 100percent without errors. download netframe 1.1 if or later if you dont have it. it is a must have for an ati video card. Frank GT
ATi dot Net CP , it loads two instances, yes, on reason I didnt kill it ,is Delta Gamma for games jerry
All of the questions I asked earlier are answered in the Catalyst Drivers FAQ, linked below.  See also: Link Not Happy
Cli.exe itself is probably not dangerous. However, Catalyst Control Center as a whole is ruthlessly exploiting system resources: 56 MB for a configuration program. Shame on ATI. Disappointed
its from ati and its ur video drivers pissoff
Completely messed my hard drive. Caused it to shutdown unexpectedly and almost messed up one partition like the other guy said. Mac
ATI Catalyst control center. You don't have to use earlier version of the driver. Simply choose to download the driver WITHOUT Control Center. Note that this still gives you the old video control panel in advanced display properties. Florin Ular
my computer was getting slower and slower. task manager showed about 20 instances of cli.exe, none of which could be killed. couldn't shut down. hard to power off (yikes) rich
It's the ATI Catalyst Control Center for your ATI Graphics Card. It's harmless, but if you have a small amount of RAM on your PC, I recommend disabling this. n/a
Harmless in terms of malware, but hogs system resources and can cause slow startup/shutdown (WinXP Pro) Sven
there are 2 cli.exe running and each of them is using 25-30MB of ram each sad isn't it? Dice
ATI Catalyst Control Center. Used to control your ATI graphics card driver. When disabled, you won't be able to use some functions of your graphics card.  See also: Link Raven
it is damaging ur computer and it likes to run over network and more pipes that it doesnt need.. it stinks... people at ati like to give u nice interface but it aint working and crashes all the time Da_JoJo
Not essential but it is beneficial  See also: Link Astronut
 See also: Link
Caught it trying to venture out to doubleclick.com ad server. AlabamaCajun
Uses RAM and it uses more and more as the computer stays on longer. Bill Gates
if it is concerned with ATI, get .net framework 1.1 mdc
PC becomes slow due to this file Abdul,Dubai
if you don't have the .net installed it gives an error at startup and on top of that it messes up th graphics for some ames like path of neo and if u do have .net installed it sucks up all power and speed which is killing me and its the holiday and i wanna play the god damn game and reallty this ati company gotta do somethin i can't take it MOe
stop it from auto-starting tommy
my pc hangs and everything turns blank then i have to shut this process and things are running again... dont know the reason why charles
It doesnt work if I block it from the internet. Darn phone home ware :/
This manage file from catalyst does not complete to any standart protocol i know.... so i will inform this is the worst case of senarios we ever can have from a ATI driver base system... sumesumaro
when i upgraded 9200 ati drivers with catalyst bill
get their fingers out of my network socket!! jeremy hansen
ATI Catalyst Control Center, harmless but needs .NET Framework 1.1 to work Meffy
A serious problem. I'm using the very latest version I can find of the Catalyst Control Centre(5.13), and for some reason, as soon as I start my computer, cli.exe starts up and then keeps spawning new instances of itself. It uses 100% of my cpu and just keeps going and going, until it finally hits about 200 processes or so and my computer crashes and reboots. I'm running on a fresh reinstall and I've ruled out a virus. If it's a bug in the utility then I'm really disappointed with ATI for realeasing this. Joel
https://support.ati.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=894  See also: Link JoeD
there's three so i end process tree on all three and battlefield 2 runs well still easyazz
Just the ATI control Center. No problems with it Irrationalkillin
ATI Catylst Driver - harmless as background task, however, should it be opening ports? Mark
Same,I have 3 running. Wish I knew why 3 have to run. Annoying it is.
Simple ATI Drivers + Control Interface. Nothing to worry about. solodude23
Its for the ATI Catalyst Control Center. Relatively harmless. Runs one process with just the system tray showing, 3 when you have the control center open. Listens on tcp port 1672 for incoming connections and connects to tcp port 1666 when you interact with the system tray icon.  See also: Link Emu
annoying, little spies, cut them and everything still work, what are they then ? ocramweb
i have 7 of them running at one time... also my video will screw up completely... the game i was playing will crash and i cant start it up again... or i just have to reboot comp altogether... OMG I HAVE PROBLEMS WIT COMP!!
Yes i am running ATI and am happy to see what it is. My ZA asks for permission 3 times.
nethopper's link explains why there's three instances.  See also: Link Hammy
I have three running in my tasks. Closing the quick shortcut on the start bar axes one of them, leaving the other 2. Bonapartist
Was given a solution to install Omega ATI drivers have tried it with no success. I have a dual core laptop with 2GB Ram and it is killing me. Have up to 9 processes of CLI running. Apparently ATI only reviewing with next Control Center... Uninstalled for now thanks. Eskimo
Part of ATI VGA Drivers  See also: Link Balthazar
Come with my Radeon 9550. Its a Control Center software, buts in my PC has 3 instances, with 3mb each. Not dangerous, but consumes a lot memory. Will try disable de task icon to see results. José Aurélio
Harmless process, but i have 3 instances of it running, each eating up approx. 5mb og memory. Tommy
The program interfere with McAfee internet security: shutdown viruscan at boot of the machine and take 93% of CPU resource for about 10-13 min from the start of a session of win xp pro on a pentium 4 2.8ghz raid machine.
Install the driver only and then install ati tools to control it. Catalyst Control Centre is a dog. Tex Zero
ATI Control Centre. Only allow it local access ( remote ports 1024-5000). It tried to acces the Internet- but I didn't allow it. :D GWog
CLI.exe allows detailed adjustment of your graphics. It activates your adjustments when it starts with windows. I recommend allowing it to start with windows, then terminating it. Notice the "flicker" after the windows login screen? Thats CLI.exe adjusting from windows defaults to custom settings and/or ATI defaults, which are different than windows. One CLI.exe is for the system defaults, other for user adjustments. If a third, you are running the task bar icon for it as well. ATI Master
Resource hog... ATI should NOT have implemented this stuff using .NET joe bob
ATI Control Panel Shawn Harvey
ATI Control Panel -- Crapware (80+ MB RAM usage) not needed in boot - remove, system works perfect without. Load when needed in Control Panel- Display- ATI Control Panel(Tab). Zardoz2293
Why does the Catalyst® Control Center require 3 “CLI.exe” files as well a “Preview.exe” file? Tkass
people who have three instances running have 1 the .net server, 2 the .net client and 3 the win32 tray icon. if you kill your tray icon, it will drop to two, if you install the catalyst drivers that dont have the catalyst control center you will get 0 instances running, this passes information back and forward over, it's how .net comunicats. if you have more than three running, well, uninstall all versions of your driver and then see how many you have running, and this may be a virus. if your low on system memory you can safley turn it off SmokeyA
You have 2 instances if the system tray icon is disabled, 3 if enabled. Kiran
From ATI Website, CLI.EXE: This is the main executable. An instance of CLI.EXE is run for each Component such as Runtime, Dashboard and SystemTray.  See also: Link Mike, Sheffield
I experienced 2 Versions: The Version coming with ATI CCC and... some kind of Software, that isn't recognized by some AntiVir. In the Process Menu(Ctrl+Alt+Del) it shows up and disappears. This thing is stealing performance, and is not part of the ATI drivers, but hides there. HurryCan3
had 3 instances running on my notebook after updating with ati catalyst drivers. after installed, windows media player didn't work anymore. took out of regedit "/run" . now all is ok. me not liking this
CLI.exe keeps popping in and out of my processes in task manager tanking up 17% of my cpu usage.have problems with ATi all the time Anti-ATi
I have three instances running, using 26MB, 21MB, and 33MB respectively. Vandal
I removed all 3 process instances and it did not cause any problems. In fact it eliminated a problem I was having with ATI MMC 9.14
it has no prupose other than complicating the simple display settings in windows wich work fine, i have 3 instances and it takes up 25mb ram remainz
This is associated with recent ATI Catalyst Drivers. One process runs to show the system tray icon. 2 others run to support the settings made in Catalyst Control Center. If you have 3 instead of 2 and want to get rid of one, disable the system tray icon. This can be done by opening Catalyst Control Center (might have to be in Advanced mode of it) and clicking Preferences, then unchecking "Enable System Tray Menu." In my opinion, you should only enable the menu if you constantly change your video settings, as it does provide somewhat quicker access to the settings. Otherwise, disable it. kthxbye
The Catalyst® Control Center has been separated into different components (a unique instance of CLI.exe per component) because it allows us to tune the characteristics of the process instance to the type of component. One component is called the “Runtime”, which acts as a server to all of the other client components. The two other client components are the “User-Interface” and the “System Tray”. The client “CLI.exe”s are tuned differently to enhance performance; the “User-Interface” client is optimized to run for short periods of time, whereas the “System Tray” client is designed to run for l Artimansee
The reason some have 2 and some 3... If you have 3 of them running it's because you have the ATI tray icon running. I suspect that you can reduce the number of these processes by using the msconfig, and then remove it from the start-up processes. Teifu
Graphics processing takes memory. Go cry to a tree. I've seen as many as 5 instances running simultaneously, its nothing to worry about. ant
cli.exe loads multiple times during boot, this causes a very long boot time because it uses a big amount of ram. Not harmfull but anoying Petry Bosch
I got about 8 running at one time and this severely lags my PC's processes down. Perhaps its a new Virus with a Copycat name imitating that of an ATI driver. Adrian
I get cli.exe errors when I play "mapple story"
It weakens your systems security levell by causing memory shortages and slow bootup. I caught this file eating up more ports and memory then it should and it somehow slowed down my anti-virus programs ability to boot up therefore anything coulda executed or happened during that lagging time. I really don't trust this program and strongly suggest simply getting rid of it. Anything uncertain is just not worth it in my book. stan vang
This process instantly crashes my laptop( MobilityrRADX1400 ATI card) Mandrake
Uninstall ATI and download Net frame work install it and then install ATI drivers and shit
ATI Catalyst control panel applet. You'll want to update the Catalyst drivers and applications and update .net Framework for Windows. On freshly installed system I have *two* instances running using a total of under8.0MB of RAM. Lord Bear
It has network open causing Generic Host Process Error on Shutdown jsa
This is garbage. Is made on .NET framework, should be C++ like any good driver aplication and keep launching another cli.exe instances. Why a video card driver uses internet connection? And if you try to block using firewall you will lose game performace. TheWarrior
Some settings in Cat Control Center will start another instance of cli.exe. If you have Hotkeys checked a second instance will run! Open Cat Control Center and disable hotkeys to take care of one instance. I believe specific Profiles will make another instance run also. Wolfe
Just Kill the damn thing on start UP. If your not going to be messing with your 3D settings you don't need this. It is a control centre and does nothing unless you tell it to. Why 3 or even 2 running? I think it has to do with the video crash safety. Your video crashes CLI recovers but me thinks it starts another copy of itself afterwards. Assweasel
I've killed it with ZA Security Suite because it was spawning multiples, no problems now. Steve
on WinXP, causes machine to crash constantly, as evidenced by event log. very bad file. took me three days to nail down that this file was what was hosing my machine. ATI has been unresponsive to req. for help. : ( Paul
This process is sucking a lot of my ram, and i'm talking about 2GB of'em. No joke here. Will try to see wether the system works fine with this process killed (i had about 50 processes form CLI.exe in my task manager :(( ). If it does, i will delete it from the registry. Meanwhile i'm looking for fixes. Just as Joel says, it eats more than 50% of my processor and the whole friggin' RAM. 2GB? C'mon! ACe
Accesses the internet when executed. Same as WGA tool from Microsoft....... Dave
Is very easy to resolve this problem. Go to ATI folder and rename Cli.exe to CLI_Disabled.exe ( or something like that). Everything will work, and better then before. After that, Control Center woun't work so if you decide to make video settings changes rename it back to Cli.exe and restar the computer. The warrior
ATI Catalyst Driver - eats up resources.. perfectly ok to close
kept crashing my computer and corrupted the operating sytem, had problem with it for seven months not being able to use my computer until I figured out what the problem was and now everything is fine Muman
The file isn't dangerous. It is OPTIONALLY installed with ATI's Catalyst drivers. It's simply the Catalyst Control Center which provides a GUI for adjusting settings on an ATI video card, but it isn't required for the card to work properly. Quaxo
haven't seen anything bad, but nothing wierd's happening as of now Jordan
I have 2 instances of cli.exe. I require it on start-up as I have a lowly 9200se and need all the 3D settings set to max performance levels. This requires CCC to be run. Without CCC, my benchmark scores are horrible. Quitting both commands in Task Manager frees up my ram, and the settings remain the same. I'm going to try & write some kind of automated command that will kill them once they have been executed in startup. Because I'm lazy ;) Noz_S13
ATI Catalyst Control Center: It will create a substantially slower system performance. You can do an advanced driver install and uncheck the Catalyst Control Center portion, or simply go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall catalyst control center. I have an ATI Radeon Express 200 vid card on an HP Slimline s7520n. It has 256MB of vid memory integrated. My frame rates in games improved without Catalyst and my page file has improved substantially. Unless you have a major card you dont need it. Chris Moor
Wow, just randomly. THe CLI.exe process has been recreating up to 10 copies of itself, deleting them, and recreating them. This is causing my laptop with an Intel T2500 and 2GB of ram to be immensly slow. Orien
Absolutely harmless! It is the catalyst driver kicking in. Gives you awesome graphics on an AMD 64 bit. People who say "It screwed up my machine" is wrong. Just get a little more RAM and you are sorted. Dont be so tight, if you want great gaming and graphics in general get just a bit more RAM if your PC is struggling. Maybe even your poor old intel CPU (lol! AMD all the way!), or maybe you bought a DELL (scum of the earth!) which put in the worst motherboards imaginable because all very cheap parts. Please note I have catalyst v6.3 installed on my athlon64 it opens ZERO ports. keith23uk
Useless Ram Eating Process! Just kill this process and you will have much better gaming experience. TWEAKER
stops my windows xp2 pro from running on screen bill b.
its a piece of s**t ever since i installed it i have a multitude of open ports on my pc
CLI.exe is for the ATI catalysis control center. Is not needed exept if you want to have dual screen and uses about 15 megs of ram Turnoz
This file cli.exe is started 3 times after the login-process in Windows. Every cli.exe listens on one port and it slows down my computergames. When running, my games are stopping for some seconds several times in a minute. Cli.exe uses about 35% of my cpu-performance when i run games. My opinion: The new ATI-Drivers are making games more realistic with a usage of more features BUT cli.exe slows down your system and when it's loaded you maybe think that your PC was infected by a "link virus" because of the slowdown process. Daniel
ATI Catylst Driver - harmless as background taskif 1
Currently bugged, known issue according to ATI, opens up multipul CLI.EXE files, each eating upwards of 20,000kb of memory each and growing larger every second.
it is a part of catalist control center but i can't understand why there are two istances working together k4k4r0th
ATI Control Panel tool, it can spawn more instances of itself upon coming out of hibernation and perhaps reboots. I checked this afternoon and threre was around 15 to 20 instances of the same problem in memory. Will cause PC to crash.
ATI Control Center -- Use ATI Tools instead, just install the driver and use ATI Tools programmed by Ray Adams Not Important
opens ports aplenty, memory leaks abound, therefore potentially dangerous. Useless. Banned in our workplace. Gordster
if you go to driver heaven they have a driver cleaner that will remove ati from your pc. Run it in safe mode , reboot , then goto to dell's site and download your driver from them and install from the control panel instea of using ati's software. I did and finally my computer is run.hope this helps out hilton
May cause some games to behave slow or even crash. Shut down the three active CLI.exe from the task manager and the game (In this case Lineage 2) woked fine after. Glenn
Ati, Probably legit, But several instances and Net-"promiscous". Para'n Oid
As Easyazz says, I've killed all 3 instances & system tray and BattleFielf 2 and other intensive graphics games run fine. It doesn't appear to be necessary to run the video card -- only necessary to make changes. Kill it. tV
This is pretty harmless. Part of ATI Catalyst Control Center. I have terminated it with Task Manager and suffered no ill effects. fr3ddo
part of the ati video drivers and you don't have to install this part of the driver if you don't want to digitaldd
Installed system without Ati catalyst 6.11, no virus found by trend online scanner. Installed Ati catalyst drivers, restarted the virus check. trendmicro online scanner finds 2 grayware, TSPY_CIMUZ and TSPY_AGENT.TQ. If you check in the registry location HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\ , you can see the key related cli.exe. i ill contact ati foran explanation  See also: Link Gregg
I had Lots of problems but went here and found lots of answers , I hope this helps.  See also: Link Robyn
ATI application instance (DUMMYS)  See also: Link louis
I've just finished building & installing a new system. Checking out Task Manager, I see that CLI.exe consistently takes 50% of the CPU and then steadily ramps up it's demand on memory. Mem usage started around 6,000K, but when it passed 200,000K I killed it. Whether international or not, this executable seems dangerous to me so I've de-installed the ATI Catalyst Control Centre and that seems to have removed it for good. Now I just have to discover what functionality I've lost by removing Control Center.. Keith
Once had 60+ running at once just from trying to alt+tab into my game, but not being able to because its so laggy because of cli.exe! 3 open every time I alt+tab. Use ALOT of memory Gamer
Woah, I have a whopping 27 of these running at once. I'm a pretty big gamer, so let me ask, is that normal for my X1600? Areal
As said before, part of the ATi CCC. Hoewever McAfee VSE 8.5 constantly reports about attempts to change counters in the network settings (\REGISTRY\MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\Tcpip\Performance\Error Count) . A videocard driver should keep its filthy bits off my network counters. I use them settings for monitoring strange behaviours and bad network connectivity. It's not up to ATi to decide I'm not needing it. Basically CCC is a waste of system resources, and now it's tempering with settings it not need to be at, so I'd say bugger off. Firefox
Catalyst Control Center TvT
i end these processes all the time before i game and all my games run perfect so i just disabled them from starting in my run msconfig startup and my com still runs great keith
I hate the infernal thang, it won't let my freelancer server run..gonna try to kill the infernal thang. crawfish53
This is terrible. My computer pulsates with it. It's like a beating heart. My curser exibits the hour glass about ever half second. This happend after I installed the X1950 Pro vid card. My Flight Sim 2004 pulsates also when I run it. How can ATI release such junk drivers? FSAddict
We have an ATI Radeon XPRESS 200 Series. 3 instances of CLI.exe are running in Task Manager. Oddly enough I don't remember the Catalyst being on the computer when we purchased it, nor do I remember ever installing these drivers. Uses approx 80M of RAM. Does access the internet. McAfee automatically allows this application to add itself to the Internet Applications in Personal Firewall Plus because they claim to know the application. Henri, Montreal
Cli.exe is junk. I had 3 running in memory using about 30 MB, it slowed my graphics card frame rate down and made my CPU work too hard even with simple things. I terminated all 3 processes and my frame rate returned as well as the CPU only working at 10% while doing easy tasks instead of 60%. I have 2 GB of RAM and it still affected my PC. It doesn't matter how much RAM you have, it's buggy! You don't need the files to run unless you want the pretty catalyst control panel. You do not need this file! JW
it has 1-3 instances running, showing from 600kt (kb) to 6mb, and the actual memory each uses varies from 8 to 30+mb, this crap can use up to 368mb RAM and bit more. close it, and sometimes it kills the comp, rebooting it, or the graphics mess up, and i suppose the card heats up alot (why the hell?) causing it to close the comp. in the worst case it destroys the graphics card, or other stuff also :S
ive got 2 running and everytime i deny it with a ZA alert i cant get access to the net.... damn it fix it ATI dj
The network connections are not trully network connections. They only listen for connections coming from localhost which happens to be your own machine. This is one method of doing interprocess communication in .net and is harmless. jbb
To each and every ignorant person who has spoken down upon this process, this program is completely harmless, in every aspect. There is no way that this process has caused ANY of the problems that have been listed by many people. The process allows advanced configuration and control of radeon cards, which has been established many times. Each person who has claimed ill effects from this file needs to re-evaluate your PC problems, because something else is wrong. Memory Hog? WTF.. the memory that this process consumes is crazily low, impacting a systems total performance by none. EOCF member
It is eating up resources and making my computer really laggy at times. Mr. Bigglesworth
ATI Catalyst drivers. Uses minimal CPU, but it is critical, so do not stop it. (Running a Mobility Radeon X1600) Steve
It's the ATI Catalyst Control Center. If you own an ATI Graphics Card, leave it on! If you do NOT have an ATI Graphics Card in your machine and CLI.exe is running, you may drop the process. Without it you cannot use graphics, im guessing. Nick
I've 6-7 of them blinking (appear for a sec then gone for a sec and it keep doing this all the time my laptop is on) in my task manager and it make my laptop slow
I have also 2 processes. I killed both of them and no problem. But I have to do that everytime I boot my laptop. Chirag Majmundar
From ATI Catalyst Control Center - but for some reason it starts a lot (and i mean a LOT) of processes... i've once found around 100 processes started... i have 2GB of RAM Dual-Core, but my comp still runs like a snail whenever this happends. I've had this problem since last year and i found out that the only way to remove the problem is to uninstall the ATI Catalyst Pannel. Alex
I have .net framework 1.1 and cli isnt chewing up my cpu usage, but it is causing my computer to crash. CCC has too many problems and bugs. I removed the tray icon a while ago, now all of a sudden cli keeps on screwing with my computer Eric
i know that the 2-3 instances can actually help your system rather than hinder it, an example being, a game locked up my pc the other night, now rather than crashing the game AND my pc, the ati catlyst(CLI process) reset my video cards cpu, and allowed me to continue with my game, how is that a bad thing? its only a bad thing when you have less than 512mb ram(ati actually reccomend you have a certain amount of ram anyway), so really, ati have done the best they can, shame on you ow memory using guys for dissing them, go out and update your ram, its not hard, and is worth the benefits! ToffeeBanana
Go into Windows Advanced Configuration Utility, Startup TAB, Click off CLISTART.EXE. It does not then start up, saves 30Mb and can be launched if you ever want it from Display Properties Catalyst TAB button. This stuff is like a virus iteself. I am on a ThinkPad T60 had no problems since. TonyB
I have 3 of them running, using 18 MB of RAM but making the C not as fast as my
It screwed my pc over! Had 2 cli.exe's running in my process manager each taking up 47 making my cpu usage 98 all together, and was't able to end either of them! braed
It's just an process for the graphics of your system default and your personal graphics. That explains the 2 processes ;) If you have a third one running, it means you have the tray icon at your right of the task bar. That's it. Disable the icon if you don't want 3 processes. Andrew
I have three cli.exe's running. They didn't start 'till I installed the ATI software. I got the software so I could rotate my screen 90 degrees. The graphics were fine without the software installed (I am not a gamer) so I am going to remove the software. Andrew Nevelos
very annoying, i have 2 running, i don't understand how 2 files exactly the same can be running at the same time? why? if they are the same process. I also found it a nightmare trying to figure out which drivers and downloads to get when installing my Radeon 9800 pro, plus the updates and crap, they didn't make it clear what u needed. pete
In My computer , its got three processes , each consuming 5mb each - its not that much. thalis
Uhg...wtf, so much crap on my new laptop... this cli is a real pain, it just dosent want to die. I've done everything I can think of or find to do to keep it from loading, yet it mysteriously appears, seemingly randomly, to steal a hefty percentage of precious cpu. Damn you ati! drumbokas
this is installed with ATI display drivers if you select the option to install catalyst control centre. If CCC is installed, remove from add/remove progs. in control panel. System runs fine without it. Osarchos
I have 3 of them running using a total of 90mb of memory, no cpu usage though. So far I haven't had any problems whatsoever. I'm happy with these drivers, but there are other drivers you can use if you don't want ati's bloated software. Omega drivers for radeon cards perform pretty well with less ram and NO MSFRAMEWORK. mofo
removel of error cli.exe
Had an issue with this trying to start up a bluetooth install on startup. i've removed it via msconfig and all works fine squirrel
Ati Drivers and Software (Catalyst) I've 3 instances running :-(  See also: Link P.
i have experience for this cli.exe in my Optiplex Gx320, everytime i restart the pc cli.exe runtime error appear, i can't find any solution for this ecxept i delete it. i go to start, search cli.exe and delete.. and it works... elrey
CLI.exe seems to be the reason for a hang. A minute or two after startup I couldn't even start the TaskManager. But directly after startup I was able to see CLI.exe consuming more and more ram. So I stopped and renamed it. Now the machine runs without problems. Andreas
media center media status aggregator service
Appeared after installing latest catalyst drivers from ATI. Looked up ATI FAQ on the matter and it claims that the program NEVER connects to "outside non-local systes". However, my ZoneAlarms has trapped cli.exe attempting to access the internet with destination IP of I therefore, do not trust this software to keep its network traffic "local". Osvaldo Dartagnan
Part of the ATI drivers... but it can cause some problems in certain circumstances. Endovior
Any new updated info on this? Aug 2007... Jeff
The CLI.exe process is ofter found in multiples of 2 or 3, one for each port. The Processes are a minimal annoyance at worst but if you terminate them your games runs smoiother on older systems. If you ask me about the issue with it causing you computer to run slow. I would tell you to upgrade. Matthew
It appeared on my task bar after installing the drivers/sw for a VisionTek X1550 AGP video graphics card (an ATI Radeon logo was on the package). All features provided via the ATI icon on the task bar are available via Display in the Control Panel. If you don't want it on your task bar, just click Start,, click Run, enter msconfig, click OK, click the Startup tab, uncheck CLIStart,, click Apply, click OK, and restart your computer. widgit_5
ATI Control Center file. Currently causing my computer to shut down suddenly and sometimes there is no picture after reboot. Isolated the problem when cli.exe opened 72 instances of itself, using 100% cpu-processing, and displayed memory errors that could not be resolved; required hard-reboot. Researching solutions now. Running an AMD 3800+ and 3 GB RAM. Hypatia
it uses zero percent cpu. two instances are running(not sure why). A harmless instance of the ATI Catylist Interface. Optional. allleeexxx
CLI Application (Command Line Interface) - Command Line Interface application for all ACE Components Mike
ati taskbar program and uninstalling .net framework caused this error to pop up on start, so i installed it again and disabled cli.exe from msconfig to start  See also: Link mr.info
I had more than 70 CLI.exe running in task manager and computer jammed big time, it seems every one CLI.exe used 10mb of comp's memory. It's got some bug in it! Jaghuz
I had problems with vundo and other things, & couldn't rid myself of them, no matter what. I finally watched my Task Manager to see what was continually reloading or eating RAM. Found the CLI (3 were running). I deleted my ATI since the card I had wasn't responding to the updates I was downloading from the company. Guess what...the 100-some pop-up VIRUS warnings I was getting per day are now gone. Might not be the answer for those needing to run their graphics card, but for me, it stopped the faux warnings and the eternally grinding away of my processor. On The Fence
my brothers girlfriend has over 100 of these running ranging from 8kb to over 10,000kb or memory...ridiculous you cannot shutdown her computer without manually powering down. Josh
ati graphics driver component, but broken. multiple recurring instantiations.  See also: Link Nunya Beeswax
increases cpu usage to 100% taj
Uninstalled ATI drive, afterwards installed framework .NET 1.1 and again installed ATI drive. Now that annoying "cli.exe" error doesn't pop out anymore ^_^ dude123
Runs multiple times at once, using 6mb of memory EACH. Resource hog. Not only that, but I'm checking the file with Spybot S&D, which normally only takes a few minutes to run, & it's taken over an hour to check all the files in the ATI folder. And, no, it is not stuck or frozen; it's still actively checking the files. So far it's cleared all. Check Task Manager (Cntrl+Alt+Del) to see how much memory it uses. Too much, IMO. To stop it from running in to background, go to START-- RUN-- MSCONFIG-- (OK)-- STARTUP tab-- uncheck any programs you don't want to run. KJM
Tv display Laxman
It is part of the ATI Graphics Package. It isn't neccesary so can be removed. If you go to Add/Remove then you take it out from there. It isn't dangerous just a pain in the ass. Luke
it will erase the magnetic strip on your credit card, deprogram all of your favourite programs out of your VCR and impregnate your girlfriend. NFI
ATI Interface --- caught it eating 700mb of memory (twice what all other programs were running combined.)
It shuts down my computer when its done booting. Trancefiction
It is for the ATI driver, however the CLI.exe itself causes issues with Windows DLL operability. Solution: Stop Using ATI!! Good luck finding a Windows video card that doesn't cause Windows to crash. Although Apple uses ATI in some machines, the Unix core keeps it under control.  See also: Link Buy-A-Mac
cli.exe - Application Error
THIS IS HOW I RESOLVED THIS. Most likely you installed the ATI drivers but DON'T have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 yet. Just install .NET Framework 2.0 and your ATI Catalyst Control Center will work. Dang
The CLI.EXE from ATI is generally NOT the problem, unless it has been overwritten by the actual virus. Look to CLI.EXE as a canary in a coal mine. In my case, after my computer got infected, CLI.EXE consumed 100% of my CPU and I had to remove it from memory to do anything at all. However, CLI.EXE was NOT the virus. Something had hijacked my atapi.sys driver and was causing this interaction with CLI.EXE. Once I (finally) removed the viruses, CLI.EXE dropped back to the 0-1% of CPU utilization it should be taking.
If cli.exe is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32 then the security rating is 100% dangerous. ----- Scary!!!!
hmm.i dont think its gives any problem.u'll get it after installing ATI cards..i have it only running 2 and its only around below 10k each..so it would be much problem for me since u guys are having 80+
It load multiple times on every restart Shmee Klass
there were 3 instances of cli.exe running...killed their processes, and nothing happened...they seem legit for ATI and the Catalyst program...If your that worried about installations and shit being left behind, install Ashampoo Uninstaller 4, Very good program for removing ALL crap from an Installation..heres the link...  See also: Link MarkJ
I had the same problem and installing windows netframework 1.1 even resolved the issue Uma Ganti
I installed .Net Framework 4 Before installing latest CCC and drivers... I get a message on startup that .Net Framework is not found. (I checked in Control Panel Add/Remove Programs and it is installed all right.) Same message if I just try to run Catalyst. Well, since it all can be done using Desktop right-click Properties Settings, and this program is a notorious resource hog, I just disabled it in Start Run msconfig Startup. NotSoNewbie
appeared after installing ATI graphics card, most likely due to an error during installation as i never had .net 1.1 or higher apperently, should have done updates before installing ATI driver Jay Bee

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