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Process name: avast! Web Scanner

Product: avast! Antivirus or Acoustica Effects Pack or Pocket Hack Master

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: ALWIL Software (avast.com)

File: ashWebSv.exe

ashWebSv.exe implements the Web Shield component of the avast! antivirus program. It runs in the background and is responsible for scanning incoming and outgoing port 80 (HTTP / Web) traffic, looking for potential threat to your system. This process is an essential part of the antivirus program and terminating it will compromise protection.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/ashwebsv.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of ashWebSv.exe: based on 82 votes. Read also the 63 reviews.

  • 1247 users ask for this file. 70 users rated it as not dangerous. 6 users rated it as not so dangerous. 4 users rated it as neutral. One user rated it as little bit dangerous. One user rated it as dangerous. 5 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about ashWebSv.exe:
Avast! Anti-virus browser virus scanner Waldo
Avast Antivirus
antivirus freeware Carlo Bassetti
Its Avast's! Web Scanner Stephen Brown
It's for scanning with Avast software.  See also: Link EAF
This is ANTIVIRUS software, how exactly is this dangerous
I do have avast installed by myself col
a third party program that runs with avast! antivirus that is used to ensure that all updates only replace the needed data in the virus database of avast! rather than the whole database being downloaded time after time. Can piggyback a trojan only if the trojan is present when you install avast! After it is up and running however - it is 100% safe and reliable and should not be removed. The best way to find out if it piggybacks a trojan is to run the latest version of Ad-aware se personal ( freeware ) while avast 4.6 is active in the background but not running any checks.  See also: Link Runmaster
This is part of Avast! Antivirus 4 Home Edition. It is completely safe. Jamsoft Security
Part of the best Anti-Virus software  See also: Link Bruce
Part of Avast antivirus
Avast antivirus process  See also: Link Berserk
installed by users - definitely not dangerous... JNo
Avast Home Edition Virus Scan. There is no threat to this process.
One of the best freeware Anti-viruses  See also: Link Beginner
Avast Antivirus RNAcid
Super Virenscanner  See also: Link Ben
A Perfectly working Antivirus software, Harmless Kotte
AVAST! a good AntiVirus Software. And it is free for home users not engaging in comercial enterprise with their computer.  See also: Link WJS
It is a CPU hog, big time, it will completely freeze you up Janet R
It's Avast! virus scanner. Sometimes it hogs up 95% of my cpu speed. My pc seems to hang and all gets better if I disable it with taskmanager. I'm not sure wether this should happen. p
My browsers would not work till i canceled this program Tyrone
Part of the free anti-virus scanner Avast! Ruben
Avast! Antivirus Esther
This is part of Awast its working under "c:\program files\alwil software\awast4" directory. so its not dangerous, do not panic... Hayati Kilic
Avast! Anti-virus
recently installed avast and seen that this process belongs to it when i installed.  See also: Link fly
it is slowing net very much Gremlin
Antivirus Andy
It uses an average of 20mb of memory which is just to much for an av software considering others only use kilobytes. Brian
Memory jamming Avast Security Scanner d3xt0r
Part of Avast! Antivirus Shogun
Virus Scanner  See also: Link Philipp
Part of Avast virus scanner Rolf
Takes up a lot of process, but Avast! is worth it! I won't delete this process. Patricia
Process Avast Antivirus Ted
Avast! a free anti-virus scanner that is well-regarded and has relatively small memory footprint compared to many commercial packages TG
part of the avast antivirus suite, responsible for updates Jackie
this is part of the avast 4, if running windows xp x64 then you will not find any problems as this is what it is designed for, although make sure it is disabled in widows xp sp2 as it does not like 32 bit windows. (does not like internet in x32) Papalarge
i agree,my comp slowed right down after i installed avast.
It's Avast Anti Virus security program, not virus, trojan, spyware nor adware. Fippe
Seems to run each time i update Mikki
Avast Antivirus  See also: Link LooseCannon
Avast Antivirus background service Enok
I uninstalled Avast. It really is a great program but uses way too much memory. Unfortunately ashweb.exe will not go !! Candace Payne
It's part of avast, and on boot, it runs about 30 duplicate processes and hogs all my laptops RAM. unistalling, just not worth the hassle. mikeyy
Avast. It's an Antivirus program. Greg
Avast 4s Webshield. Can be disabled by starting the "Avast! On-access Scanner/protection control" then Scrolling to "Web Shield" and clicking "Terminate" Or right click the avast symbol - stop provider - webshield. Cody
It Freezes you computer..Avast done it.. dont trust there software.. slavezero
Bug (not with Avast) - Ashwebsv.exe is Avast's On-Access Web Filters. Uses average 0% CPU & 592K of Mem @ idle (when on net) & 20%-30% CPU (Max CPU with 875 Opteron [x2] is around 20%) & 3k-4k of Mem during operation. Hangs @ times (99%+) are due to more than one filter/scanner running (E.G., Ad-Aware "Connect" + Avast Web/Standard Shield). Restart fixes hang 90% of time. Restart again if unable to stop hang. Noticeable upon boot. Configure programs if possible. Windows Defender & Ad-Aware scanning Avast, interferes with Avast checking itself. That's the problem. DO NOT* DISABLE YOUR ANTIVIRUS  See also: Link Thomas
Its Avast Antivirus!!! Dougsta
This is part of Awast its working under "c:\program files\alwil software\awast4" directory. so its not dangerous, do not panic... figuer
not dangerous but can take around 60mb mem usage which is annoying ben
its part of advast, error seems to have stopped since holting all advast operations. Amraks
It doesnt noticabley slow my system with 3 gig ram but on every system I put avast 4 on with 1 to 2 gig of ram there is a noticeable difference in performance Alptraum
it's an avast antivirus web scanner. it checks every website you visit for any harmful or malicious codes before totally displaying it. TheOne
Avast Antivirus -- but uses a lot of memory! diane
This is a part of anti-virus Avast's web-shield and defending the computer against threats from the world wide web. It should not be closed!!!  See also: Link Paradox
Avast is great for something free, though I've had it cause issues with two of my games locking up the system while it's running. I had to turn off the self-defense feature in the tray options so I can kill the related processes while playing, just stopping the on-access protection is not enough. There are 5 separate processes services so getting all of them up and going again is a pain. If there is a way to reload it all without a restart, maybe a way to make some kind of batch file. NJG
That process could eat till 90mb of mem I would very annoyong gillooz1
It's an antivirus. Probably the best free Antivirus around. DarkQ
It is the avast! anitvirus updater and service host connector. The program isn't dangerous, but it can take up more memory than needed. Go into avast! settings to see if you're running somethin unnecessary.  See also: Link Michael K.
hmmm.. I've been using avast for over a year. This is the first time I've noticed a serious lag. Memory nearly all used up.using 102,984k at present.other aspects of ash in task manager are using 3-4,000 k.No wonder I couldn't copy my photo's.

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