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Process name: AOL TopSpeed Monitor

Product: AOL TopSpeed

Company: AOL (aol.com)

File: aoltsmon.exe

A web accelerating process, AOL TopSpeed is part of AOL desktop. The TopSpeed Monitor and runs in the background and maintains a a cache of images and associated web files. As you are browsing, your cache is checked before the outside internet. This improves lookup speeds and increases browser efficiency. AOL TopSpeed also has a basic antiphishing feature that blocks phishing attempts from outside sources. Founded in 1985, AOL Inc. has gone from being the number four ranked internet provider in the world to switching gears towards being a brand company focus.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/aoltsmon.exe.html 
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Users Opinions

Average user rating of aoltsmon.exe: based on 15 votes. Read also the 21 reviews.

  • 107 users ask for this file. 3 users rated it as not dangerous. One user rated it as not so dangerous. 4 users rated it as neutral. 5 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 2 users rated it as dangerous. 6 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about aoltsmon.exe:
Something that came with a recent AOL 9.0 build of AOL. It's harmless but im not sure exactly what it does. DC the MCSE
It is running in my processes and taking up 50% of my cpu's ability. It didn't used to do this and I wonder if I need it running. It doesn't show up in the registry editor.... dunno Cody
aoltsmon.exe is a process associated with AOL TopSpeed from America Online. AOL TopSpeed is a software that increases the download speed for your standard 56.6K dial-up connection..  See also: Link SDBear
discovered a way to get rid of the aoltsmon.exe jose y. capuras
is this file safe to allow access Raymond A. Parker
It takes up 50% of my CPU time and also uses up to 90% of my page file AND RAM Mike
it's associated with aol's top speed deefex
HIgh CPU usage, even when AOL isn't running. As an AOL user you should in general leave this task alone. If you are an advanced user and do not use AOLís own browser but use, instead, a browser like Mozilla or FireFox which both have inbuilt web acceleration caching of the type used by AOL TopSpeed technology, then you can disable this service.
Took up all available CPU resources to run. Just awful. contra
Worthless waste of system resources following an uninstall of the AOL software. Other example of AOL programmers' incompetance/arrogance. J Sherman
Took up 100% of cpu - want to get rid of it. Donnie
Turn off: Start / run / msconfig / services Un-check the box jerry
It along with all other aol programs suck. They hog up your system resources and they are near impossible to get rid of. I've done a complete wipe of my hard drive and reinstalled everything except things that have to do with aol but its still on my pc. AOL MUST DIE!!!!! AOL HATER
Resource HOG! Pegged my dad's pc to 100% rob75383
Never stops running - Just restarts process NL
Aoltsmon uses 96 to 100 percent of my Win XP cpu cycles. What junk. It makes my computer worthless since it slows everything else to a crawl. At times, this means 1 keypress acknowledged per minute. Efrain Colongallardo
It uses up 100% CPU usage and slows your computer down. In my case, I suggest removal if it is messing up your compter.
I was able to kill it by turning off all aol stuff. Then I right clicked this program on the task manager and closed it. Had to close the "tree" several times before it stopped. John
legitimate waste of time and resources kilgore
The TopSpeed / AOL Web Graphics Compression feature on AOL 9.0 VR and AOL 9.1 is always on. It cannot be turned off or uninstalled, the client will not function properly without it. Russell
Type in keyword - How to turn off top speed Click on search link that comes up how to use top speed  See also: Link Larry

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