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Process name: AOL

Product: AOL Service Libraries or AOL Uninstaller or AIM or AOL Uninstaller (Choose which Products to Remove) or AIM 6

Support: Help link [1][2]   Update link [1][2]   Uninstall tool  

Company: America Online (aol.com) or AOL (aol.com)

File: aolsoftware.exe

Aolsoftware.exe is a component of a number of AOL-related programs that implements a system tray icon to allow easy access to AOL software and tools. It is automatically installed with some versions of the "main" AOL software (that used by AOL subscribers), and is also installed alongside the AOL Explorer program and AOL Instant Messenger (AIM).www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/aolsoftware.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of aolsoftware.exe: based on 31 votes. Read also the 18 reviews.

  • 662 users ask for this file. 11 users rated it as not dangerous. 5 users rated it as not so dangerous. 7 users rated it as neutral. 3 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 5 users rated it as dangerous. 7 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about aolsoftware.exe:
Seems to be the fire responsible for updating AIM Triton. Triton won't run without it. It's annoying though.
Installed with AIM 6.0, but not needed. I disabled it and AIM still works fine. Chris Messick
its a background process for aim and other aol devices poop a doop
It appeared when I installed AIM 6.0 Hank Williams
Installed with the preview version of ICQ 6.1 Still used after closing ICQ. Nelson Fluckz
I know it wont close, even when i CRTL/ALT/DEL it and it annoying as hell, as sometimes it takes a lot of my mem. Ron Mexico
corrupt file
a pest, usually cntrl/alt/del then delete it, problem goes away Jim
runs when AIM 6.5 is ran TravisO
it sometimes updates aol instant meesenger when computer starts and aol scheduler calls for it Mark B
Causes all sorts of problems with AOL ie no contact with internet from logon won't close and can use lots of CPU and memory. If you don't want it or are having problems find it and rename it to something different. Use msconfig to remove it at startup and probably all will revert to normal (or as norma as possible with AOL!) Rodney Bryant
AOL Explorer freezes up if activated when PC is first turned on. Cutting out aolsoftware.exe (often two or more running at the same time) frees it, but then authentication will time out, you won't get access to e-mail, then later you won't be able to get into any page. Eric
Is used to AOL's update advisor. It periodically restarts itself to inform you to upgrade. It is annoying little peice of crap software. AIM Lover
I know I was unable to use aol 9.0 and 9.5 until I deleted all copies of this on my computer. It slowed the sign on process and disabled web brosing thu aol on my windows xp system. Bob
It's un update feature for AOL it saves your User profiles to ur pc. when corrupt just uninstall aol and all it's components and re-install.  See also: Link Cesar
Seems to hang in occasionally in background, sometimes freezes AIM 6.9. I renamed it so it can't launch and AIM runs fine without it. I suspect its an AOL updater of some sort and I intend to continue to prevent it from launching with AIM. Larry Polagye
its not dangerous baigan

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