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Process name: Realtek Audio Event Monitor

Product: Realtek Azalia Audio Driver

Company: Realtek Semiconductor (realtek.com.tw)

File: alcxmntr.exe

An event monitor for the Realtek AC97 audio hardware, this process runs in the background and monitors events. It can be accessed through an icon in the system tray. Some companies have labeled this process as spyware because it also logs user activity and routinely provides it back to outside servers. Founded in 1987, Realtek Semiconductor is based in Taiwan and produces various types of integrated circuit products.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/alcxmntr.exe.html 
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Average user rating of alcxmntr.exe: based on 53 votes. Read also the 56 reviews.

  • 602 users ask for this file. 32 users rated it as not dangerous. 3 users rated it as not so dangerous. 10 users rated it as neutral. One user rated it as little bit dangerous. 7 users rated it as dangerous. 6 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about alcxmntr.exe:
Driver for Realtek audio kkntz
Realtek AC97 Audio - Event Monitor. Sypware file used surreptitiously monitor one's actions. It is not a sinister one, like remote control programs, but is being used by Realtek to gather data about customers mb
"Realtek AC97 Audio - Event Monitor. Sypware file used surreptitiously monitor one's actions. It is not a sinister one
it started acting up on my computer about a week ago. I hadnt realized it even existed. And right now my ocmputer is completely fried. it took out the hard drive and the partioned recovery drive. not use if it was caused by this program but tis the only thing that was acting up after virus scans and things of that nature Majid
propably don't need it if there is a risk for a virus mike
This file is NOT spyware. This is the audio driver file for sound on my computer, I deleted it because of incorrect information like this and I do not have sound on my computer any more. The error message says It can't find ALCXMNTR.EXE!!! Barbara
The driver used for realtek audio Sarah
you want sound leave it alone. stop being paranoid people, some things are needed, and majid, dont see how this could be related to your hard drive troubles rootlevel
Found this on my computer and it makes it run slower. Alex
Sure, safe - In my HP computer, this file alcxmntr.exe was found in folder for original drivers and in folder c:\windows.
Was causing problems earlier with Dialer.BZB Chris
this is for if you use msn and use the voice feature ect it uses Realtek Audio so its nothing to worry about Stephanie
Disable it from startup, not required, monitor's customers' action. maca
Theres 3 on mine , C:\WINDOWS\ALCXMNTR.EXE , C:\hp\drivers\audio\Realtek\Alcxmntr.exe , C:\WINDOWS\system32\ReinstallBackups\0011\DriverFiles.The ones that comes up in task manager is the realtek marketing info sypware.Thats the one in C:\WINDOWS you can delete that.The one in the driver directory is needed for sound.The one in the backup directory is just to roll back to previous driver etc if you install a new one. Kevin
Realtek are a well respected electronics engineering company! I have never picked up a hint about whether that file is a virus etc, in any scanner! It's just a false rumor! Sam
Please don't post this crap unless you know what you're talking about. It is not spyware. Larry
have on my computer, sounds like alexa virus etc etc but I have realtek audio Luke
Realtek Audio-event monitor
I found this in my shorts and it scared me half to death. Good sound coming from my scrotum, though. Dennis A. Pratt
driver for realtek, and an information stealer...does not like certain video cards to run with it so I've discovered, make sure it is updated CCryder
It is Realtek audio file, but sound does work with it disabled. Randall
It is an Audio driver file from Realtek. All it does is to run in your background processing while the PC is running, if you kill the file the audio driver for your sound will no longer work until the computer is restarted. I have run tests with this file, Norton and Mcafee picks it up as a virus or a trojan. Unknown file source from those 2 virus I had from previous times. I suggest you get a new virus scanner that is worth money instead of thosde money stealer from Norton and Mcafee. The details of this file is the link above this paragraph. Anonymous
While doing the very initial setup of drivers from Compaq on a completely clean machine not attached to the internet, the file alcxmntr.exe was installed (and a reference to it placed in the "run" key of the registry). Not surprisingly, this happened when installing the drivers for the Realtek AC97 audio card. So, the "real" alcxmntr.exe is definitely associated with the drivers for the AC97 sound card. I have seen NO credible evidence that it "collects data" for Realtek. Indeed, it has never attempted to access the internet (and I have multi-level firewall machines and a DMZ zone) David I. McIntosh
It 's in both folders along with the ..\driverFiles folder. It seem to have issues with certain programs and freezes them. It doesn't close and disallows XP to close. Have to powerdown or reset to gain control over computer. Chandra
This software isn't really malicious, but my dialup moves just a little faster (just a little,mind you, but noticeably) when I don't run it. Gideon Bodnari
Audio Driver for Realtek on-board audio on Presario machines and similar Marc
I almost got scared cause I have this file on my computer. It is NOT dangerous. Do not take my word for it, though. Use the search function on Symantec.com or other trusted sources for information. I always look there if I suspect a Hoax. Erik
AC97 is the realtek audio driver. Go to PCpitstop.com and run a driver scan to see the results. mattumanu
You conspiracy nuts need to put your tin foil hats back on before microsoft and realtek read your thoughts and try your computer through the use of an AUDIO DRIVER too!!!! Kevin
I end it all the time and my sound remains intact. Random IrishMan
alcxmntr.exe is installed alongside hardware drivers for the Realtek AC97 audio device. This program is a non-essential system process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. Vartan
it varies..does slow down my comp though... whatever...
RealTek AC97 audio driver.  See also: Link Raj Gopalan
This is a harmless thing that gives you that nice stuff known as SOUND! i'm cynical enough to possibly believe the idea that Realtek use this as some kind of 'snoop', but so what? that's US corporations for you! Besides, it causes no harm at all, takes up no real RAM, and let you listen to rock and blues (if that's your thing, of course!) on your PC's speakers. No worries. Rob
Realtek AC97 Audio Driver - If you disable it you get no sound.
I removed it from my msconfig start up and I still have sound that works fine . seems to run slightly faster . I did not delete it .just removed it from the msconfig start up files . no errors no problems to report
Part of the sound card drivers for onboard audio for various mainboards. this file (unless infected) should not be classified as a threat to anyone. Dan
it's for music ace
Actually, its not spyware or a virus. I got it popping up on mine by reverting back to a previous sound driver. NYTDDS
Not dangerous at all- this file is for the sound system in the computer. IF YOU WANT SOUND, THEN DON'T REMOVE IT! Its not a spyware or anything that harms the computer. Don't get crazy people. Dave
It's for the AUDIO it does not indanger your system unless your windows just planely sucks ass James
no audio device in my pc bilal
ALCXMNTR.EXE is dangerous if it's in your WINDOWS file. If it's in the drivers spot than it's your AUDIO. Fellow
It's a needed audio driver. leave it alone. adam
Ey, it is first of all a "sound manager", to configure your speakers with ect... No need for it really, unless your want more then just a normal set of sterio speakers Julius
Not a driver. Drivers don't show up as running processes. MNTR is short for monitor, or monitoring. WhatDrivesYou
Audio driver for RealTek audio cards. NOT spyware; outgoing firewall never detects any traffice from it. Bob
this is the realtek audio driver for my HP computer Larry Holmes
Even tough it's disabled in MSConfig and stays unchecked, it is still running. You can use Task Manager, www.pcpitstop.com or EndItAll to see that it is still active. I have no idea what is causing it to start up. Bobber
Realtek AC97 driver. Let it be.
Well, I deleted it, and my sound still works, so I don't see the point in having it eat up my V-Memory. Clark
This file runs your sound. I screwed with it and now my sound will not work. Leave LCXMNTR.EXE alone!!!  See also: Link W.B.
Lately my computer started freezing up to a point I had to totally shut it down and reboot it,I even changed internet browsers, I ran several different spyware and registry cleaners, nothing worked. I found this file some how got in the "Start Up" list a few days ago, since I took a photo of everything needed in the start up menu with my camera when my computer was running good I knew ALCXMNTR.EXE did not belong there. I did remove it from the start up and c:\windows\ALECMNTR.EXE. Richard
Anytime you have a different sound card installed, some drivers are retained, do not delete if you still have realtek installed. If infected, find reinstall and delete original if no other source can be found. interpretus
It is installed from hp before the computer sale. The PC have Realtek chip for sound Emilio V. Bunge
I had alcxmntr.exe running, on my HP PC with Realtec AC97 sound built in. Installed AviDemux 2.6.0. Sound worked. Disabled alcxmntr.exe. AviDemux still worked. Uninstalled AviDemux. Re-installed AviDemux (Without alcxmntr.exe) AviDemux couldn't find a sound card. Re-enabled alcxmntr.exe. AviDemux now works again. If you delete this driver on a PC with a Realtec sound card, your sound will continue to work with existing programs, but new installs may fail to find it. That's what it's for. 6 hours to figure this out .. blucat

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