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Process name: Realtek Azalia Audio - Event Monitor

Product: Realtek Azalia Audio Driver

Company: Realtek Semiconductor (realtek.com.tw)

File: alcmtr.exe

An event monitor for the Realtek AC97 audio hardware, this process runs in the background and monitors events. It can be accessed through an icon in the system tray. Some companies have labeled this process as spyware because it also logs user activity and routinely provides it back to outside servers. Founded in 1987, Realtek Semiconductor is based in Taiwan and produces various types of integrated circuit products.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/alcmtr.exe.html 
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Users Opinions

Average user rating of alcmtr.exe: based on 40 votes. Read also the 25 reviews.

  • 1265 users ask for this file. 22 users rated it as not dangerous. One user rated it as not so dangerous. 9 users rated it as neutral. 7 users rated it as little bit dangerous. One user rated it as dangerous. One user didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about alcmtr.exe:
seems to monitor for hardware being plugged into the sound card C
Realtek AC97 Audio - Event Monitor. "Sypware" file used surreptitiously monitor ones actions. It is not a sinister one, like remote control programs, but it is being used by Realtek to gather data about customers UF-Methusalem
This is spyware, "Spybot -Search & Destroy" says it gathers data from customers. You don't need this, and is safe to kill Willem
Other person is correct, this is what auto-detects devices you plug into your realtek sound card. Rig
Belongs to realtek AC97 Audio, which is part of your soundcard sorftware. However, bleepingcomputer says that it may contain spyware  See also: Link Eric
Spyware, resource hog, creates unnecessary web traffic and firewall log alerts, generally bad, although not technically a virus. RTHDCPL.EXE is the process that should run at startup for the realtek audio chipset. Thumbs down for Realtek.  See also: Link Doug
It observes any hardware plugged into the sound card (for example a headset or a surround set), it is signed by microsoft.
sound card file
Monitors Hardware Usage With no privacy statment
Makes Realtek audio manager software pop-up when you plug something in you Realtek soundcard, and then asks you what you just plugged. Disable from msconfig startup. Phil
Process carte Audio Realtek AC97 Ted
It's the driver for your speakers! without it you will hear no sound from your laptop
It's used for realtek's auto-detection. If you disable it and then plug in hardware while the comp is turned on it may not detect and therefore will need a reboot to work correctly. Synol
Monitors for hardware being plugged into soundcard (eg microphone/headphones) and i think displays a little balloon message saying it detected headphones being inserted...totally useless if you ask me,. NOT SPYWARE NOT ADWARE NOT A VIRUS..and not being used to gather data about customers! pjl
Monitors computer for device detection. Also gathers information on how Realtek is used by consumer. Not necessary, but helpful. Only suggest you turn it if you know it is corrupting your computer. Guru
It monitors your sound ports to see if you plug something in. It may also report some data back to Realtek at some point. It's harmless. If you want rid of it, preent it from starting rather than deleting it. kodabar
Is needed for automatic rerouting audio to HDMI if connected
This is not a driver file. Without it, you will stil have sound. I have had it disabled for quite some time with no problems. My soundcard still recognizes what is plugged into it without a restart by starting the software manually. It is not needed on startup, you may disable it safely, but this is NOT malware. Shinies
Monitors for hardware being plugged into soundcard (eg microphone/headphones) and i think displays a little balloon message saying it detected headphones being inserted...totally useless if you ask me,. NOT SPYWARE NOT ADWARE NOT A VIRUS..and not being used to gather data about customers. PULL YOUR HEAD IN YOU FOOM'S!! Jade
Part of the RealTek Audio software that comes with your RealTek Audio Card. It is needed to let hardware function, but not essential. You do need it for updates. Best solution: just MSCONFIG it out of the StartUp but let is be (no DEL). No necessary but gives you more resources ;-) Spock
adobe gamma loader.exe
Could be a spyware/virus and my anti-virus detected it as a virus(rogueprogram.malwaredoctor). Dan
Soundcard drivers. There is always the possibility that spyware can mask itself as this, but there will be other signs if that is the case. Not malicious. A R
turn it off if you want your pc to keep up to speed, nothing anyone would need, does not prevent anything from working, not needed for running soundcard in any way or form whatsoever case
It has never caused me any trouble before. Jane

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