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Process name: Atheros Configuration Service

Product: Atheros Configuration Service (ACS)

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Company: Qualcomm Atheros

File: acs.exe

The Atheros Configuration Service (ACS) is a vital part of the driver set for WLAN cards or USB adapters which use the Qualcomm Atheros chipset to provide a desktop computer with wireless capabilities. Atheros was co-founded in May 1998 by the president of Stanford University and Teresa Meng, an engineering professor at Stanford doing research in digital signal processing and radio frequency technology. It went public in 2004 and was taken over by Qualcomm as a subsidiary in May, 2011. Numerous desktops use Atheros wireless as do wireless cards from D-Link, Netgear, and Linksys, among others. The ACS.exe process is installed alongside Atheros Wireless LAN and provides additional configuration options. Normally this process should only be present on a system known to have wireless capability, and then only one instance at a given time. Multiple instances or its presence on a system with no wireless capability indicates malware disguising itself with the name. On occasion this process has been said to use 100% of the CPU but there is no known cause; the recommended remedy is to reinstall the drivers for the wireless card. If you want a detailed security rating about your acs.exe (and all other running background processes) read the following user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/acs.exe.html 

Note: Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk. If a "non-Microsoft" .exe file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! Check it out!

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  • 11111 users ask for this file. 118 users rated it as not dangerous. 9 users rated it as not so dangerous. 25 users rated it as neutral. 6 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 7 users rated it as dangerous. 11 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about acs.exe:
Depends where it is located, Its not a windows sined .exe it dosent belong in c:/windows/system32/...... del it if you want but may be assoaited with freewere or paywere or choclatewere be careful save a backup just in case. LOW_RAM
D-LINK wi-fi or Atheros based chips Justin C.
ACU Configuration Service Atheros Configuration Service  See also: Link John Brodeur
Atheros chipset configuration used in D-Link wireless LAN  See also: Link Eric
Atheros Configuration Service  See also: Link Boton
needed for my atheros wlan thinkpaduser
Atheros Configuration Service, software for a lancom pci adaptor  See also: Link ken collins
related to atheros wireless lan rick h.
D-Link Wireless Access WLAN Berry O.
may be dangerous (W32.Kelvir.W MSNM worm) or not, check link for information how to check if it is. Daniel Jars
Part of the DLink AirPlus wireless card drivers install Renee
Possibly it is Cisco Secure Access Connectivity Server (Secure ACS) S Donkers
Wi-Fi application Spooner
Atheros configuration util Andrew
Used for D-Link Wireless Card IcyJ
Run by SYSTEM. Uses 60 MB RAM and 220 MB pagefile. Can't be tha "Atheros" conf util! Simon Hoff Kunze
Atheros Configuration service Krimo
Atheros Configuration Service Jonatj
Service for D-Link wireless Luis S.
d-link atheros wireless lan Frank
atheros wlan mjv
Used for Wi-Fi application.Needed to connect via 802.11b/g.The file in my system is dated 12.07.2004 21:06 and has been installed with the driver of a PCMCIA Wi-Fi card Luca
Atheros Configuration Service -- used by the software that came with my D-Link DWL-G650 wireless networking PCMCIA card T. Mark Gibson
I don't have a D-Link product, but I do have a Netgear one, must be used with that as well Tom
it's a pain on my win 2000 machine, it's a d-link program Michael
Part of the DLink AirPlus wireless card drivers install MonarKc
Configuration Service for Atheros Wireless Chipset  See also: Link Liam
DLink Airplus Extreme Wireless card driver Frank
Atheros Configuration Service
Wireless card on laptop Teresa
D-Link Wireless Card Mike
acs.exe is a worm W32.Kelvir.W.  See also: Link cheryl higgins
It appears after install D-link wireless card
Once removed , connection lost Dave
Startup program for Atheros Client Utility [Wireless] Jessie
Atheros Configuration /Service file Uses network connection Jody
Atheros Configuration Service Asher
D-Link needed Helen M.
It is part of my wireless netgear controller software. It disappeared when I removed it from add/remove programs and moved the device to different computer. Daniel Dykstra
Flagged after installing netgear wireless card. Evidently needed by or bundled with wireless os. bertoray
Atheros Configuration service ohm
D-Link Wireless Lan process, Buffulo Wireless LAN. Slim network cards, comes with the driver disk.  See also: Link M. Singletary
It is the Atheros Configuration Service although there is no publisher info!! Jay H.
It is service for WLAN cards with Atheros chipsets; example for Planet WL-8310 or D-Link card (US version) Voltar
Part of the DLink AirPlus wireless card drivers install Kenny
It's a driver file for wireless chipsets, often used by Atheros and Dlink. Darren
D-Link Wifi thingie.. harmless Raven
D-Link (Atheros Chipset) wireless PCMCIA card utility (~36Kb in Windows directory only; other locations may be a trojan that exploits this name) Sam
its from my dlink g520M wireless network card. //copied to x:/wincows/systems32 scott
ACS.exe is a process installed alongside Atheros Wireless LAN and provides additional configuration options for these devices. This program is non-essential process to the running of the system, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. Julia
I have an SMC wireless card and I still have this file on my computer Jonathan
atheros chipset wireless card configuration service either d-link or netgear Tom
Wireless NIC service also used by SMC Joe
acs.exe is the D-Link wireless executable. Nothing to worry about, people.
installs with my Atheros chipset wifi card
Needed for WLAN Configuration - Has a memory leak that slows down computers. Stop/Start in Service control Mgr to regain memory. JEG
Disabled and Atheros card still works fine Adam
its the chip on the pc card used in netgear and dlink wireless cards made by atheros miguel
Used for SMC wireless application Winga
siemens gigaset pc wlan card 108
Atheros wireless configuration device. Wassup
Atheros Configuration Service SMV
Used for WiFi systems but runs cygrunsrv.exe at 100%. Not good! Remove it and lose WiFi connection. Slamlander
Also used by Lancom Airlancer Products (Atheros) Totti
not part of D-Link.
On startup, acs.exe changes my video settings to minimum values. I added a D-Link Air Plus card and software 6 moths ago. R Smith
Appeared after DLink router/ card install David Mann
Internal wireless card that came with my toshiba laptop. Paul Bajaron-Nawlins
Its both a worm, W32.Kelvir.W., and a wireless application for D-link and Atheros. All i can recommend is that if it gives you errors when shutting windows down, try running an AVG and Xoftspy scan.  See also: Link Nick
Its both a worm, W32.Kelvir.W., and a wireless application for D-link and Atheros. All i can recommend is that if it gives you errors when shutting windows down, try running an AVG and Xoftspy scan. Nick
it takes 202 MB of my ram. but i didn't know what.... Amir
WLAN for SMC USBT 108 Mbps adapter client utility Chris W PC TECH
It belongs to my Wireless-USB utility, which shows all details about connections. It has a systray-icon, which shows how good connection is. My USB-108M-Wireless adapter is TP-Link TL-WN620G-11G. When I stop the acs.exe-process, my indicator in the systray is gone and with it all information, configuration etc. BTW, a cheap but very good adapter, connection even through several walls is very good.  See also: Link Hardy
is a d-link atheros connection executable(uses to much ram sometimes 110MB!!) beomuex
WiFi chipser Mike
When I performed a Norton Spyware scan it appears that acs.exe is infected with an spyware of medium risk. But the last time I've deleted it, when I start my notebook, it appears a message of error about Counter Spy (a software I've never installed), with a missing file SBFC.dat .... I've corrected it with a system restore point. Dante
Got it with Bandridge USB WLAN adapter Igor Farago
atheros wireless configuration utility koyot
used also in TP-link PCMCIA wi-fi card. Sometimes takes even 300Mb in pagefile Michael
ACS is a part of my Atheros Client Utility (wireless card) denn
Virus! delete it
it depends on location : it's a worm if located "under %ProgramFiles%\ACS-Style\acs.exe". It's a D-Link wireless PCMCIA card utility under %Windows%\System32 Sbreccius
Runs with belkin wireless hardware. no big deal to leave it. rastafari
Comes with the wifi transmitter/receiver in Toshiba. May not be neccessary in some cases. Alex
Really slows down my Win-ME system. Needed for D-Link wireless card. Havn't found a way around Tony
Comes with D-Link wireless adapter located in C:\Program Files\D-Link\D-Link RangeBooster N DWA-542 Norman
installed along with the wireless router stuff
Atheros configuration service shultz
It came with my Level1 108Mbps Wireless card (WPC-0300 version 4). It's safe to have it. Levimor
used for wlan
its a worm, remove asap, keith
With Vista it is a nuisance Jerry
firewall outpost / agnitum client security service (windows vista) jito
agnitum client service bbking
"Agnitum Outpost Service" for Outpost Firewall Pro 2008.  See also: Link Michael
Part of OutPost Firewall security agent  See also: Link The swax
Atheros Configuration Service
acs.exe is a worm W32.Kelvir.W.  See also: Link loxare
It is a part of Agnitum Outpost firewall, takes small amount of CPU capacity and about 25 MB memory. Can't be terminated unles whole firewall is ended. Think it is harmless Stoun
If you are using an Outpost Firewall Pro 2008, is the main firewall process, check the properties of the "Agnitum Client Security Services", in the services management console  See also: Link Dark Entropy
It is Agnitum Outpost Firewall exe  See also: Link John
Belongs to Outpost Pro firewall George
Part of "Agnitum Outpost 6.0", it may stand for "Agnitum Complete Security" as far as I know. RAM use varies from45M to 130M.  See also: Link
Agnitum Client Security Service. Used by Outpost Security Suite. Vadim
Agnitum Client Security, part of Outpost Security Suite (Firewall) Junior
it is the "Agnitum Client Security Service" from the Agnitum Firewall. just have a look under your Services list nimrodi
acs.exe is also the main firewall component service (Agnitum Client Security Service) of Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro 2008
It is the Agnitum Client Security Service David Simon
OUTPOST FIREWALL process  See also: Link Tropik
agnitum outpost service/agnitum outpost firewall 2008 eemil
acs = Atheros Configuration Service for wireless device kaimano
ACS process is installed when installing a new D-LINK PCMCIA Wireless card Dave
Comes from Outpost Firewall Pro..installed last night is there now..seems to be fine.  See also: Link Jordan Hunt
Its a Outpost Firewall process, and can take up to 30MB when idle. (Sourec: Xylber
Was installed with Vodafone UTMS software Patrick
Agnitum Client Security Service - acs.exe is the main firewall component service  See also: Link audciz
On my machine, it is "Agnitum Client Security Service"...part of the Outpost Security Suite. Des
Part of Outpost security suite 2008
It is the Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro 2009 process. George
Part of the configuration program of OLITEC wifi cards Chrysander
acs.exe works with a variety of wireless adapter cards. I am using it with Netgear 108 Mbs Wireless PCI WG311T. Recently, my wireless connection drops with strong signal level. Restarting acs.exe temporarilly restores the connection much faster and with better results than using "Repair" from Microsoft's "Wireless Network Connection" tray icon. I have not yet found the cause for intermittent signal loss. Please contact me at the link given if you have more information or want more information about what I find.  See also: Link David Huett
Name: AtherosConfigService. Part of Outpost Firewall (by Agnitum) Horst Gunter
acs.exe can also be an Outpost Security Suite process Wasted
This file belongs to "Outpost Firewall Pro 2009" on my PC  See also: Link Jamie
Outpost Firewall Pro
Agnitum security! paul mcbride
alot of people have said d-link i also have d-link so i dont think its a virus but mine is located in windows system32 so if it's located newere other than that its probly a virus loom
Apparently it is both part of Outpost Firewall and Atheros for wireless configuration. If it is atheros and you don't need it, turn it off via msconfig services manager. Could be both, so if you have Outpost firewall don't disable it- it's the main firewall process... Yeah
In my case it was installed with Outpost Firewall 2009. C:\PROGRA~1\Agnitum\OUTPOS~1\acs.exe and C:\WINDOWS\system32\ Pierre
These last days i had an issue regarding acs.exe. I blocked its access to the network and the OS seems to work better Ob3
I have no WiFi on my comp, but I do have outpost. Only I do notic it sucks up about 60,000K of mem. Which makes it a bit of a nuisance. Dreamorpheus
Running on a Thinkpad T60 when the computer is put to standby mode and then comes out of standby, I always get System Error on ACS.exe and that the process will be shut down with a note to send a message to Microsoft on the error. I've now renamed the acs.exe file to acs.exe.old in the Windows/system32 folder and the error had gone. Still checking to see if any another aps needed the file. Wireless is working fine. Ron
agnitum outpost service aashay
firewall agnitum outpost service
ACS stands for Agnitum Client Security Service, part of Outpost Firewall Pro / Outpost Security Suite Alex
Comes with Outpost Firewall, uses up some CPU time, can be annoying on low powered systems. Unagichan
Atheros Configuration Service Associated with my wireless card. Vani
I don't have any of the above applications or wireless cards but still have it running in my processes. Funky
It is used by a TON of programs to check SOFTWARE LICENSES in a database. Look in your windows program (x86) folder, search for it, and you will find severl iterations. The more costly and more secure the software the more likely it has an ACS.exe program to check the license against the database created when installed. If you remove it, whatver program it was used by will no longer run. Good software will say "ACS SERVER NOT RUNNING" and quit. SCO TRIPLE ACE
acs.exe is known to be an Outpost Security Suite process Michael
wifi card - needed !
Installed under Advanced System Care 4
Agnitum Outpost Service (Outpost Firewall)
It's a configuration service that is not related to any malicious program. Just like most ppl who posted here had said, it's AtherosConfigService. Part of the drivers set for WLAN cards, USB adapter's ect....In my case, it's a Belkin WLAN PCI card. It's harmless.  See also: Link Jzee420
Used for NetGear N150 Wireless USB Adapter Jeremy O
agnitum outpost firewall process
didntblock my net after blocking it installed pc tools firewall and it was the second first popup aftrer installing the firewall, aftrer the new network setting was popped before it. if this message gets there, i can still be online with my wireless card in a tower after blocking its bad ass.
Got this when U-Verse was installed, to enable wireless capabilities for my desktop computer. TxGirl
its safe and importiant for running various of programs Shady Kamal
Agnitum Client Security Service, part of Agnitum Outpost Firewall  See also: Link D.J.

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