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Common Windows processes

Windows task manager

Windows process file The software Security Task Manager is an enhanced process viewer, that displays all the standard information as well as a unique security risk rating based on analysis of hidden functions (keylogging, stealth, browser surveillance, autorun entry,...) [more]

Drive Letter Access Component Corel Corporation (acquired Roxio from Rovi Corporation in 2012). Drive Letter Access
Lenovo (IBM) KCU Service Lenovo Group Ltd. Lenovo ThinkPad (IBM).
Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler Engine Microsoft (microsoft.com) Microsoft Windows Operating System
tphkmgr.exe Lenovo (lenovo.com) On Screen Display
On screen display drawer Lenovo Group (lenovo.com) On screen display
NTRU TCG Software Stack NTRU Cryptosystems (securityinnovation.com) NTRU Hybrid TSS
TGT_BHO.dll tgt_bho.dll StyleXP
Trend Micro Common Client Communication Service Trend Micro (trendmicro.com) Trend Micro OfficeScan Client
TPSBattM TOSHIBA (toshiba.com) TOSHIBA Power Saver
Windows Task Manager Microsoft (microsoft.com) Microsoft Windows Operating System
Wacom Tablet Service Wacom Technology (wacom.com) Wacom Win32 Tablet Service
Alt-Tab Task Switcher Powertoy for Windows XP Microsoft (microsoft.com) Microsoft PowerToys
Support.com Scheduler and Command Dispatcher Support.com (supportsoft.com) SupportSoft Agent Controls
Toshiba Display Volume Toshiba (toshiba.com) Toshiba Controls
Trend Micro Proxy Service Trend Micro (trendmicro.com) Trend Micro Internet Security
Toshiba Function Key Application Toshiba (toshiba.com) TOSHIBA Controls
Toshiba Function F5 Toshiba Corporation (toshiba.com) Toshiba Hotkey Utility
ThinkPad Keyboard Mapper Manager Lenovo (lenovo.com) ThinkPad Keyboard Mapper
TPP Auto Loader Application Datastor (datastor.com) TPP Storage Adapter
taskdir Trojan taskdir Trojan taskdir Trojan
Tablet User software by Wacom Wacom Technology (wacom.com) Wacom Win32 Tablet Service
Microsoft IntelliType Pro Microsoft (microsoft.com) Microsoft IntelliType Pro
Tap Scroll Lock Application Lenovo (lenovo.com) Tap Scroll Lock Application

Windows proc

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