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Common Windows processes

Windows task manager

Windows process file The software Security Task Manager is an enhanced process viewer, that displays all the standard information as well as a unique security risk rating based on analysis of hidden functions (keylogging, stealth, browser surveillance, autorun entry,...) [more]

Bonjour Service Apple (apple.com) Bonjour for Windows
Windows Search Namespace Manager Microsoft (microsoft.com) Windows Search
Microsoft Common Language Runtime (CLR) Managed Debugging API Microsoft (microsoft.com) Microsoft Common Language Runtime (CLR) Public Managed Debugging API
MSN Toolbar extension Microsoft (microsoft.com) MSN Toolbar
Service Executable Microsoft (microsoft.com) Windows Defender
MCRD Device Service Microsoft (microsoft.com) Microsoft Windows Operating System
My Web Search Plugin Loader MyWebSearch.com (mywebsearch.com) My Web Search Bar for Internet Explorer, email clients, and messenger clients
Motive SmartBridge Motive Communications (motive.com) Motive System
mcci+McciCMService Alcatel-Lucent (alcatel-lucent.com) ATT-RC Self Support Tool
CBA -- Message System Intel (intel.com) Intel Common Base Agent
MySQL Server MySQL AB (mysql.com) MySQL Server
Registry Monitor PixArt Imaging Incorporation (pixart.com.tw) Registry Monitor
LG 3D Mouse mouse32a.exe Browser Mouse
Microsoft Text Frame Work Service IME Microsoft (microsoft.com) Microsoft Windows Operating System
Windows installer Microsoft (microsoft.com) Windows Installer - Unicode
Chicony Multimedia Driver Chicony (chicony.com) Chicony Multimedia Driver
.NET Runtime Optimization Service Microsoft (microsoft.com) Microsoft .NET Framework
Shell Execution Monitor Microsoft (microsoft.com) Windows Defender
Media Catalog Proxy/Stub Microsoft (microsoft.com) Microsoft Clip Organizer
Catalyst Control Center: Monitoring program Advanced Micro Devices (amd.com) Catalyst Control Centre
TODO: File description TODO: Company name TODO: Product name
MyWebSearch Search Assistant MyWebSearch.com (mywebsearch.com) MyWebSearch Search Assistant for Internet Explorer
Mim for Jukebox Musicmatch (musicmatch.com) Musicmatch Jukebox
mRouterRuntime MFC Application Intuwave mRouter
My Web Search Bar Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. (mindspark.com) My Web Search Toolbar
mcci+Mcci Tray Application Motive Communications (motive.com) mcci+McciTrayApp
Spam Filter Hook SonicWALL (sonicwall.com) ZoneAlarm Security Suite
Logging and Tracing Manager Musicmatch (music.yahoo.com) Musicmatch Jukebox
Windows Defender User Interface Microsoft (microsoft.com) Windows Defender
McAfee AntiPhishing Browser Helper Object McAfee (mcafee.com) McAfee AntiPhishing Filter BHO
mssearchnet Trojan mssearchnet Trojan mssearchnet Trojan
Netropa Hot Key Netropa (intellinav.netropa.com) Netropa Hot Key
Spam Filter SonicWALL (sonicwall.com) ZoneAlarm Security Suite
MCCI+McciContextHook Motive Communications (motive.com) MCCI Tray Application
Microsoft Management Console Executable Microsoft (microsoft.com) Microsoft Management Console
Motive Chorus System Tray Button Motive Communications (motive.com) Motive System
MIDI Default Creative Technology (creative.com) Creative Audio Product
McAfee VirusScan ActiveShield Resource McAfee (mcafee.com) McAfee VirusScan
McAfee SpamKiller Agent McAfee (mcafee.com) McAfee SpamKiller
Nero PhotoShow Media Manager Ahead Software (nero.com) Nero Multimedia Suite
McAfee WSC Integration Service McAfee (mcafee.com) McAfee VirusScan McAfee Network Agent McAfee (mcafee.com) McAfee Network Security Platform
McAfee Task Scheduler McAfee (mcafee.com) McAfee SecurityCenter
mimBoot Musicmatch (musicmatch.com) Musicmatch Jukebox

Windows proc

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