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RapidKey / Screenshots

After starting RapidKey you find the RapidKey icon on the taskbar. Then in all Windows applications you have access to:


Shorthand, short form expanders, speed quick typing expanders,

Autotext is a feature that allows you to store text you use frequently. You can quickly insert long text passages into any documents like emails, letters or source codes without retyping or copying and pasting. You can use Autotexts in all Windows applications.

It's very easy to create and use Autotexts. You only need to memorize one key combination. Press that key combination after you typed a shortcut and with lightning speed the shortcut is replaced by the full text passage.

If no matching shortcut is found then RapidKey suggests you existing Autotext entries which

  • have similar shortcuts
  • contain the entered shortcut

So you find the correct Autotext fast, even if you remember only one of the words contained in the Autotext.


keyboard macro, keystroke, taskbar, record macros, desktop, macro recoder

Abbreviate your tasks by using macros! Macros reduce many work steps to one keystroke. You can record keystrokes, mouse clicks, mouse movements and all other Windows events too.

Fast access to desktop and folders

more than autotext and macro

Click the RapidKey icon on the taskbar to see all folders and shortcuts on the desktop. Point to a folder in order to view what's in the folder. Click a shortcut to open it.

With RapidKey you can start the Explorer in which a desired folder is opened directly. This saves time.