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WZCSLDR.exe process file

What is WZCSLDR.exe? Is WZCSLDR.exe spyware or a virus?
Process name: ANIWZCS launcher for Windows

Product: ANIWZCS Service Launcher (9x) or WZCSLDR.exe

Company: Alpha Networks Inc (

File: WZCSLDR.exe

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Joel Mellon Alpha Networks is a child company of D-Link, this software is for a D-Link wireless (802.11b/g) card  See also: Link
KBorut D-Link wireless PCI adapter related.
Zeiti D-Link WLAN service laucher from Alpha Network Inc.
afbach Useing SysInternal's Process Explorer (nice!) I've suspended it - no problems so far and network *seems* faster. It did show consistent CPU usage  See also: Link
Tim I see now it's for my wireless card
AndyC In fact, if you have this file, you probably installed the AirPlus utility from Dlink. If this is the case, you may be familiar with errors relating to ANIWZCS, followed by Wireless card lockup, followed by wireless card repair. I have to say, performance and reliability are miles better just using the in built windows wireless configuration page. remove the dlink tools, lose the afore mentioned problems, gain a better wireless experience.
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