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""wltrysvc"" stands for ""Wireless Tray Service"" and is a program installed along with the drivers for Broadcom-based wireless network adapters, which allows them to be controlled and configured. (Broadcom doesn't make end products, but rather the chips that are used by other companies, and is one of the most common providers of wireless networking core logic.) This process sits in the system tray and also shows current signal strength as measured by the adapter.http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/wltrysvc.exe.html 

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Average user rating of wltrysvc.exe: based on 114 votes. Read also the 71 reviews.

20467 users ask for this file. 91 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as not so dangerous. 6 users rated it as neutral. 8 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 5 users rated it as dangerous. 4 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about wltrysvc.exe:
wltrysvc.exe is a "Broadcom Corporation Wireless Network Tray Applet  See also: Link   Your friendly neighborhood eggman.
icon that shows wireless connection signal strength   tom
Shows Broadcom's connection strngth for wireless networking   Dan
Right - Broadcom Wireless Icon - came with my Averatec laptop  See also: Link   Rob
wltrysvc.exe is a process belonging to the Broadcom Corporation Wireless Network Tray Applet, which interacts with your broadband hardware.   Damian
Part of Broadcom wireless setup  
Icon shows Broadcom sig strength w/ wireless install.   Jerry Jasper
Broadcom wireless networking   SpiritRaptor
Wireless network tray icon   Paddee
Came with my Belkin High Speed Wireless G WiFi card   elgeebar
Caused 'loading personal settings' to hang in Windows XP Pro when latest Zone Alarm update installed   Mike Hodder
its wireless program   RadoB
Broadcom wireless connection signal   Ric
Removing the process does not remove the Wireless Network Strength meter in the system tray   AndySmee
broadcom wlan driver   Michael Mayer
Boadcom wireless, used with my dell D600 miniPCI wireless card   genova
Broadcom ,Wlan. No harm   Bachs
Shows wireless signal strength. One click opens utility that allows you to connect to any of the available wireless networks and much more.   Dwight
Broadcom service   Marco
On my computer it also shows if the radio signal for your broadcom wireless device is turned on ot not.  
It is a pain i can't get it to stop popping up when i start my computer   william schreck
process associated to signal strenght icon   dell user
built-in in my laptop(hp 5112EA)   zartan
useful   irene
You can leave or remove. It is used to keep bradcast live for wireless networks. Its a stayalive type driver.  See also: Link   CCNA Certified
I identified this process as leaking about 1gb in 24 hours, stopping the service had no ill effects   Ian
Wireless connection signal  
Broadcom WLAN Adapter  
drains my resources  
ending this process fixed my memory leak problem. my page file dropped immediately from 1.2GB to 280MB. was working fine a while back though...   belkin user
Wireless LAN Utiltiy  See also: Link   Richard
wireless signal indicator   Barney
Broadcom Wireless Icon   Svalars
I know what it doesn't show title or manufacturer information...which is pretty dodgy I think   Loubolt
V2 leaks at about 1G/day. Disabling the service has no ill effects   Peter
It's strange. After I disabled it's service, I can sudden browse wirelessly again. When it's active my connection barely works.   Jesus Christ
Broadcom Corporation Wireless Network Tray Applet   Hans
not harmful, from belkin   .-:pass
Broadcom Driver  
standard for WiFi on a Dell D400   divvy
Definitely drains resources and wreaks havoc, causing virtual memory to constantly be increased. Causes Commit Charge to slowly creep up over several hours. Confirm by looking at page faults and Handle count in Windows Task Manager.   Mike P
Wireless Lan Utility Tray Icon   JerryS
Hardly dangerous but unnecessery use of cpu, move from system32   Maxicus
For integrated wireless   Kal
Broadcom wireless   Rick Stanford
Yep, Broadcom Wlan trayapp, never had any probs with it...   Dingo164
One of many parts of a spyware program linked to PurityScan adware.  See also: Link   Andy
is a wireless network of u.s. robotics   Stefano
Broadcom wireless signal strength tray hook (icon)   Coco LaRUE
It does not cause a drain on resources for me; probably others had spyware on pc.  
I disabled it and still can access the net through my wireless Linksys router and still get to know my signal strenght. It seems pretty useless, so why not disabling it!   Franc-Sois D.
as soon as i installed it, my computer started to freeze over time. did a registry fix scan, and fixed my registry same problem. only culprit is this camoflaged bastard. But i will see if its not the culprit within a couple of hours.   Albert
This is the program that displays the wifi signal strength bars in the tray. Definitely not necessary, but hard to see how it hurts.   Mart_in68
It's used by Belkin (etc) Wireless Adaptors   Pete Jones
this is from dell and is part of the wireless card installed on lap-top inspiron 1501 series  See also: Link   dave,halifax
Broadcom Tray Utility (common to Motorola,etc)  See also: Link   Len - Andy is a Foo
work with are is part Broadcom   johnnytigger
Itīs for a Belkin wireless network adaptor.  See also: Link   ruben
causes my computer to freeze over time and prevents system shutdown   ckyuv
its for your computers wirless pogram   chris macfarlane
Causes quick freezes from time to time. Best to turn it off or remove it.   Minister_004
Is known to cause long startup lag on some systems. Safe to remove.   J
Uses 98-100% of my CPU. Disabled it and my PC apps run faster. Spelt as 'wlcrysvc.exe' on my XP Pro system.   Allan Porter
Broadcom Wireless Tray application   Amphion
loaded for blue tooth operation   Dinesh Koticha
I noticed this service keeps the BCMWLTRY.EXE process alive. In my case the BCMWLTRY.EXE process has a memory leak that consumed all the memory resources.   Daniel
Wireless program, safe, no harm   Coolpc
Doesn't seem dangerous and doesn't effect my network, so probably safe to remove.   ABG
Its 20kb. A general rule is that viruses and malware are usually 1mb or larger. This does not mean that everything 1mb and higher is a virus. Its harmless   Dweller
it works my wireless   Im_Really_Stupid11
Caused keyboard conflict and online certifcate problems. Junk program in my case. Using HP ZE5400   Pissed_Off

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