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What is TeaTimer.exe? Is TeaTimer.exe spyware or a virus?
Process name: System settings protector

Product: Spybot - Search Destroy or Spybot - Search & Destroy

Company: Safer Networking Limited (

File: TeaTimer.exe

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151 users ask for this file. 1 user didn't rate it ("don't know"). 36 users rated it as not dangerous. 1 user rated it as not so dangerous. 3 users rated it as neutral. 4 users rated it as little bit dangerous.

All comments about TeaTimer.exe:
Xtra_Zero Optional and very useful part of Spybot
RobertThomas This file slowed me way down when I unplugged my modem. Safemode is required to delete
reconfigures Spybot S&D resident protection - USE IT!
R. This is the system settings protector module for SpuBot S&D. It monitors your registry for unauthorized changes and notifies you of any such changes.
Nathan T. Preece It is a file protection system used by Spybot Search and Destroy
Jason Spybot Search and Destroy Resident Protection
rehan it runs in the background  See also: Link
macinbris Is quite in the b/ground.No worries I think
AlexMark Spybot process that controls malicious processes, not to be terminated
John H. Has blocked spy’s on my PC. Worth having. After all, it’s free!  See also: Link
Scott Hogged cpu so bad it crippled my computer (60-90%)
MatSo The Resident TeaTimer is a new tool of Spybot-S&D which perpetually monitors the processes called/initiated  See also: Link
Neal Works great! Valuable trojan blocker.
belongs to Spybot Search and Destroy. harmless and usefull
addon part of spyboot, helpfull
Koretek its a tool from the Spybot program
Steve TeaTimer.exe is a process belonging to Spybot's search and destroy series of programs which scans and monitors processes in real time for malicious spyware. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.
Jay it belongs to SpyBot and killing the process will cause system instability
Ricrog When teatimer is running, my memory optimiser shows free memory decreasing by about 4KB per sec
Z This file is a very useful part of S&D. I was searching for such security extra a while.
Spybot Search and Destroy (resident) spyware process watcher  See also: Link
Steve VERY powerful spybot destroyer! It seems to go deep into the system as a "resident" process. Good bye, spyware!
Spybot 1.4
have had it on my pc quite awhile, slows down computer more than AOL at times...horrible seeking to delete it
Somethief Spybot registry watcher, what doesnt let programs make changes to registry if u dont let them
Part of Spybot S&D. can slow down already slow computers. Hardly affects faster comps. Any process can slow a comp, this one isn't a large hogger. It helps protect agianst adware installing behind your back (Internet Explorer sometimes does that behind your back. If you still don't trust this .exe, get Mozilla Firefox and You won't need it quite as much)
Shalianahe Spybot S&D resident protection - USE IT!
Spybot Search and Destroy addon
Tessa Tea timer prevents unauthorized changes to your registry, giving you an alert and options for anything trying to change your registry. I highly recommend its use.
Greynightowl Only the truly ignorant ould rate a process that keeps an eye over possible unwanted changes to teh registry as dangerous..use it and see how much less infections IE will get or change to Firefox if you can't handle the occasional popups it puts ith each piece of software you attempt to install. Consider it like your on personal security guard.  See also: Link
red Spybot Tea Timer schützt vor registrierungsveränderungen!(registry)
rickdog it takes 55% of my CPU constantly on my 3Ghz pentium!!!
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