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Process name: Norton Security Center Service
Product: Norton Security Center
Company: Symantec Corporation (www.symantec.com)
File: SymWSC.exe

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of SymWSC.exe: 4 based on 21 votes. Read also the 17 reviews.

364 users ask for this file. 12 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as neutral. 3 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 2 users rated it as dangerous. 5 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about SymWSC.exe:
Varvail symwsc.exe is a process belonging to the Symantec Security Center. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated
Kathleen indianrock35@aol.com Backdoor Virus  See also: Link
asked for permission to access the internet only after installing mcafee security center. possibly to report that to symantec.
Mark W. It is part of Norton, but an annoying one. It causes the same error message (subscription expired) to pop up literally every 20 seconds. Whatever you press it just comes up again 20 secs later. Annoying. But by closing the prog this stops. I went the whole hog and removed it. Everything is fine.
Mark Wainwright It's a bugger. It kept asking me about an expired registation. When I say kept, it popped up a message box every 15 seconds or so. The ONLY way to stop this was to terminate this process.
i had the same prob when i installed mcafee anti virus msafe told me to un install it ... and well i did then it tore up my registry and EVERY single program (including the on button on case,right clik, and task manger! all because it nos the rival companie is mcafee and its the bug found by MCAFEE and deleted.!
Kamesh G. This process notifies Windows Builtin firewall to shutup and let Norton Security Center do the job of firewalling - If you do not have Norton Internet Security / Symantec Firewall installed then it's most likely a trojan
uses up more than 75% of my cpu usage
Croesis SYMWSC.EXE is a replacement for Windows Security Center and is not needed. The removal of this program will cause the Original Windows Security Center to take over the job
Joe References to symwsc.exe, symscwb.dll, ccwebwnd.dll, and symidslu.dll will appear in the registry if NAV 2002 (and later?) has expired. None of those files are present on a non-expired installation. Those files seem to be downloaded by NAV when it has expired itself. They should all be present in a Symantec or Symantec Shared subdirectory.
Christoph This is a file directly related to Norton Internet Security and Antivirus. It reminds you of an expired product Every 20 seconds, and prompts you to renew subcription. Very annoying, I ended it as a process in the Task Manager and I see no problems with my Firewall or Anti-virus. It's one of those annoying, borderling "big brother" programs constantly bugging you to spend more money with their products.  See also: Link
Ncik Mine was taking up 50% of my CPU yesterday and I'm scanning to make sure its nothing serious
frank it takes up too much memory , I removed norton and this stayed behind so I installed trend micro and now I have to stop it each time I turn on my comp.
service manager
symwsc will often have memory leaks and will slow down a computer until it is terminated.
mark d it is malicous pop up that installs itself on your pc i have had to talk several friends through deleting it such a pain
Trust_No_1 Appears to be a remnant of Norton. I too installed Trend Micro and things went south real quick. Drove CPU usage up to 100% all the time. I just went into Add/Remove programs and removed all Norton and Symantic programs and seems to have fixed the problem.

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