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File: SnapDetect.exe

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64 users ask for this file. 3 users didn't rate it ("don't know"). 13 users rated it as not dangerous. 2 users rated it as not so dangerous. 6 users rated it as neutral. 1 user rated it as little bit dangerous. 1 user rated it as dangerous.

All comments about SnapDetect.exe:
its for usb camera
It is for a usb camera. Wouldn't know why it would be harmful in any way.
Brian Vanderpool I found a reference to Sterling Technologies. It seems to have been installed on my laptop the day before I bought it from COMP USA, In Orange County CA.
Jeremy Little For Micro Innovations USB Webcam
Renee it keeps my cpu at 100% sometimes right after bootup
Jim Allen It is the detection software for my Micro-Innovations webcamera  See also: Link
Someguy It kepts my cpu at 100% even after I bootup
Comes with Ezonics cameras, don't delete
Carter Its part of a driver.  See also: Link
Steve It is being used for a Micro Innovations Webcam. It seems to be essential for the camera to operate but locks up most applications on the computer. Holds the processor at 100% the entire time it is running.
Agent B It loads on the boot up and holds op 89,000 K of process until i kill it....wish i knew how to remove it right
Jessica It is for my Generic little USB Camera (IBM)
Alan USB webcam software
Grim Its for a webcam
Goodman D. Dortch II  See also: Link
James Detelfs Uses up all systems resources, when you delete it fro task bar the camera works fine
Michael It was installed with my Ezonics web cam, web cam needs it.  See also: Link
David driver for webcam
Thiago It's for my mircro innovations usb webcam... it uses 832k of memory, i dont know if it is a MUST for my cam, but when im going to play some game that requires more memory i manually kill all the unecessary programs, including this one
jason showed up after install of Ezonics USB cam-so,most of you are probably right. Don't kill it-just remove from start up menu
KnockOut I just installed the micro Innovations web cam when it showed up and the task manager said it is set to 100% cpu usage. Reason I noticed was it made my computer so slow it was useless, untill I used task manager to end the process. Now to rid it for camera I can deal with, no computer worth using BIG PROBLEM! ;)
Emma It kepts my cpu at 100% even after I bootup
Arnold Its for a me SnapDetect.exe is using just 2204K..but if you dont have a webcam Remove it
usb camera
Kerry This is awful! It maxes out my cpu usage on boot-up and locks everything up. Shutting it down thru task manager doesn't seem to be detrimental in any way to any other processes or applications. When I figure out where it came from, I'll let you know. Am thinking infection of some kind, as this just started out of the blue while I was online last night. Trend Housecall did not pick it up. This is odd.  See also: Link
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