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Process name: SMSystemAnalyzer.exe

Product: iolo technologies' System or Dell PC TuneUp or Able2Extract or Adobe PageMaker or CloneCD or Adobe Photoshop Elements

Support: Help link [1][2]   Update link [1][2]   Uninstall tool  

Company: iolo technologies (iolo.com)

File: SMSystemAnalyzer.exe

SMSystemAnalyzer.exe forms the crux of the System Mechanic performance booster suite. Once installed, it starts with the Operating System and occupies a place in the system tray. It continuously monitors all activities in the host like hard disk activity and depending on the setting, either passes data to the User or proactively defragments the disk and cleans the registry.http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/smsystemanalyzer.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of SMSystemAnalyzer.exe: based on 38 votes. Read also the 32 reviews.

705 users ask for this file. 21 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as not so dangerous. 8 users rated it as neutral. 5 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 3 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about SMSystemAnalyzer.exe:
System Mechanic uses this file to monitor your machine  See also: Link   Sparky
belongs to system mechanic pro  See also: Link   steve
It's a part of System Mechanic. Helpful, not harmful.  
A part of System Mechanic 6 published Iolo Technologies, LLC. System Mechanic is a suite of system utilities.  See also: Link   jlarold
system mechanic  See also: Link   jack morrisotr
This file is conected to System Mechanic Professional 6   df
it comes with system mechanic   outerlimit
System Mechanic File  See also: Link   TMH
I purchased this program through Zonelabs  See also: Link   Chet
iolo System Utilities "System Mechanic" is the product   Ricardo Sanchez
System Mechanic 6 related file   Shawn
Part of System Mechanic Professional 6   Marko
System Mechanic uses this file to monitor your machine   Alex
System Mechanic Software  See also: Link   Martin Gajewski
My opinion: Its part of System Mechanic 6, but every day i receive 2-3alerts that it was provoking error and logbook would be made. System needs a restart! Very boring! I really dont know what happens!!   godfried merlevede
After scan it show that I have no firewall and offer own pruduct. In fact I have full pack F-secure and it updates in couple of hours.   EM
Find and remove spyware, adware and many other hazardous and annoying parasites that may be lurking in your system and causing system freezes, slowdowns, and loss of data.   Greg
I think it's pretty obvious this is to do with System Mechanic, but does anyone have any useful information? This seems to be slowing down my new computer and ZoneAlarm has caught it trying to access various websites (while I'm not surfing) such as cancer.org and various other sites ive never even heard of!  
System Mechanic - not dangerous. A helpful utility   JJoseph2
it does a good job   swifter
System mechanic analyzer   kiRRe
I purchase Dell PC Tuneup download which was paid through iolo. this process is using an extreme amount of system resources. I'm wondering if it was silently installed with my DELL support. I plan to uninstall and get my money back.   cynthia
I just became aware of it being on my machine after it grabbed 96% of resources performing a task I did not request. Btw, I had SM8 Pro installed.   Edward
System Mechanic, Memory hog, lots of error and crashes, not needed.   Wade
I removed it from my computer as it was hogging memory and resources. Since I own the original disks, I will reinstall it when I need it; I hate programs that keep running even when uncalled for.   Dilson
I dont think sys mec is all it's cracked up to be   chaosboy
Unknown as to what it is--just keeps coming up as non-responsive every time I try to shut the computer down. Seems to be slowing down the computer   jh
System Mechanic is an all-in-one PC tune-up utility software suite that analyzes, fixes, optimizes, and maintains Windows computers. It incorporates multiple patented and patent-pending technologies, such as ActiveCare,[1] a technology that allows the program to run automatic maintenance scans and repairs on a Windows PC while a computer is on but not in use. You can run the various function on demand or configure to run when the computer is not in use.  See also: Link   WilSpeaking
Computers should only do what I tell them. I run some Real-Time Software and this is very annoying, yet this program is not evil  
yes I called Iolo a couple times and they said the SMSystem.exe was an issue with my computer and for $199 they would fix the problem and maintain my PC for a year, one rep from Iolo called my home phone a dzen times. I nver had a SMSytemAnalizer proble until I download System Mechanic, it seems like its a scam they screw up your computer so you will pay them to fix it?   Daryl Deitz
it is a component of Iolo.s System Mechanic   Jack
System mechanic, but i already removed the program so i'm am not sure why its still running   Remy

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