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Process name: Microsoft Windows Search Protocol Host

Product: Microsoft Windows Operating System or Windows Search or Microsoft Windows Search Protocol Host

Company: Microsoft (microsoft.com)

File: SearchProtocolHost.exe

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  • 1150 users ask for this file. 8 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as not so dangerous. 6 users rated it as neutral. 9 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 14 users rated it as dangerous. 3 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about SearchProtocolHost.exe:
:searchprotocolhost is spyware that comes from certain internet applications and add-ons. It slows down internet browsing performance by about 30%. some details that support this idea is that the process' priority can be changed, meaning it is not a "virgin" system process JayZ
AVG flagged it in 2 different places and firewall traced it going to ports VJ
Part of Windows Search desktop indexing service  See also: Link joku
Along with SearchFilterHost.exe it's part of Windows Indexing Service. You may look at Process Explorer to verify that Vit
I've just installed Win7, and it's currently hitting my disk hard, am I worried? no, cos I check things out first - I'm not worried about an infection cos I know my machine is secure  See also: Link GoldChip
It directly creates ChkDisk.dll and protect.dll if you try to remove them from the registry or stop them from running MsConfig. This is not safe program behavior. I used ProcMon to track it. We are working with AvertLabs to fix this issue. These Dlls are linked to breaking one of our Web Apps. Kory Olson
Apparently it is no longer an invisable process, it is used with the search indexer for windows search services. Turn off indexing and turn off the windows search service (Then restart the computer), if that doesn't make the searchprotocolhost.exe stop running than it's probably a bug or malware. SSherry
Its a virus. AVG Virusscanner Zwarmapapa
hit my system suddenly , over loaded my memory , slow down all system ... reinstal windows , searchprotocolhost.exe still there == system work ok up till now ... looks like this file comes with Windows UpDates , there is no programs or any thing else was instal on windows after compleet new set up . Andrey Muller
on vista sp1 closing it in taskmanager stops browser redirects
searchhostprotocol.exe Is a Windows process.... HOWEVER if its running in task manager you can bet you have an infection...... But it is part of windows.... Thetruth
Searchprotocolhost.exe is a Windows program. However its possible for it to become infected. EVEN IF A Anti-Virus program puts searchprotocolhost.exe in chest you still have the real one located in your system files. Deleting this file manually is a bad idea. Google it and try fixes. KyKy420
Even if it isn't spyware, it's still a garbage process that slows down computers, and hogs memory and resources. Mikee
It's most likely a virus. Find the file on disk and see where it is and what folders are around it. Mine was in an odd directory name with a ton of download folders containing crap. Pete
It's for indexing the contents on the PC (files, data files, outlook email files) so that Windows can quickly find the string match when we search for keywords Elmo
Elmo is the only one with a clue. SearchProtocolHost.exe indexes your PC contents for faster searching. OJ
SearchProtocolHost.exe is trustable, but i think that a virus is using its name (SearchProtocolHost.exe *32) in commandpromt. I got two, the real is in /Windows32, the other is in /SysWOW64 Christian.
It's for indexing files so that Windows can quickly find, when we search for keywords BUT there are many viruses triggered processes named searchhostprotocol.exe ,easy way to distinguish between them are look at the priviledge and trusted installer it will be windows if it true process otherwise it would be the user jishnuprathapmp
avg detected it as a virus. i removed it and after a moment it came back! izzko
I have a step to add. Even after stopping and disabling it from the Run...Services.msc window, it reasserts itself instantly in Task Manager. Therefore, in the same window, right-click on Windows Search and open Properties. Go to the Recovery tab and change the actions for the First and following failures to "Take No Action". This helped me to keep it from continually popping up. Terry
This file is not a virus or sypware. Is used by Windows Search service and is indexing almost everything you do. You can disable that buy going to MSconfig. However if the file is not in System32 its not an original file Pet
Christian: you see 2 copies because you're running 64-bit windows. The one in /Windows32 is to help with 64-bit apps; and the one is /SysWOW64 is for 32-bit apps ("obviously"). Duke
It slows down everything and I don't need it for searches Chuck
can be accessed by third parties to remotely search a computer for any indexed file.

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