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What is se.DLL? Is se.DLL spyware or a virus?
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File: se.DLL

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All comments about se.DLL:
madmax denke gehört zu kazaa lite+!??
chelo i cant get rid of it
Anthos Belongs to spyware and is attached to a rundll32.exe command in registry.  See also: Link
Praios ist adware, die zu einigen filesharing-programmen gehört, nicht nur kazaa. öffnet alle paar minuten ein ie-fenster. sehr nervig.
similar to sp.dll, it is related to installation of "SearchAssistant" which hijacks your browser's homepage (the about:blank issue)
Denis se.dll is a file of difficult removal and show always the "CoolWebSearch" like start page in the IE. Try to removal it with "Hijack This" or "Ad-aware  See also: Link
Raggedy Mann It keeps your home page address, hackers like this file, they get in and change your home page address using a trogan that keeps changing it back to what they change it to after you change it back
edwin rocky it is an file saved i your system causes home page hijaking and displays search websites in about blank
j hat nicht mit kazaa zu tun. Ist nich einfach zur zerstoeren !
Brian Meissen Start Page Trojan
eliminat Annoying Spyware File
olo trojan
It is the most visible effect of a spyware or trojan infection
Mo..I need help!!!!!!!!!!!! Its killing me! I cant get rid of it! Trojan start page
stics its a stubburn internet "about:blank" file that wont go away!
Browser Hijacker, reinstalls itself
Jason Oltion It is a file for the CoolWebSearch spyware. It resets your IE home page to it's page whenever you open or close IE or Windows Explorer. It also resets the settings for the CoolWebSearch spyware so that any spyware removal program can not remove CoolWebSearch. The only way I have found to remove it is to boot up in save mode, go to your user directory, then go to Local Settings (It's Hidden) then go to temp, and delet the contents. Then run your spyware removal tool.! I just discovered this by messing around with windows trying to remove the CoolWebSearch crap
do you rell hav 2 no? nothing exept dat t is some how brught back by a fule connceted to internet explorer, you could try dletng explror and reinstalling but i didnt because it seemed risky
MicroBell Trojan Startpage (About:Blank) Hijacker. This is a hijacker for the IE Browser. Serves Ads to the user is VERY diffacult to remove as it uses a hidden file which the users can NOT see. Regenerates Unless the files deleted.  See also: Link
darklight trojan
dork i got rid of it by deleting it in safe mode AND uninstalling the program it puts in add/remove programs it also shows in your msconfig so you can uncheck it there too
El Sordo fix this file with: or
avgneophyte Trojan horse Startpage.19.J Found in C:\WINDOWS\Temp\. It is 18KB size. Is not healable per AVG AntiVirus-Free Edition. Source is backup copy.
Shakeel Ahmed Khatri Its trojan virus its loading to the network start background services slow down the system
Marc Browser hijack - located in Windows Temp. Need to get tools to remove it successfully.
Zair Definitely a trojan  See also: Link
Jeff Osborne i know it took me 5 hours to find this page which is the only one in the galaxy seems to have any info. it is in my locals file, I know that the first time i encountered it was AFTER i ran the new ms beta spyware killer. It was in the running programs from the beta, and oddly enough, i had a message upon reboot said it couldnt find rundll..coincidence? i think not. I am not being encouraged by all the comments about how hard it is to remove  See also: Link
jean huret its locks ur desktop and keeps on pop upping windows
loc Can't get rid of it! Someone told me about Spybot to remove it and will try this one tonight
ElJay Wrestled with this for about 5 days. Could not locate file.Downloaded Task Manager and located the rat. Retsarted in DOS and typed in a delete command that worked. After prompt type 'del (space) C:\windows\system\dfgf.dll' That deletes and stops the file from regenerating the virus and frees your browser!!
Rod Loads at startup, hijacks your home page
zolkiflee it popups advertisement website at a time limit repeatedly. can be deleted if it exist in your windows\system folder. Provided your pc does not do a retsart. If u notice u are infected, immediately remove rundll32 from task, search n del se.dll, search for wininit.ini check date n time of creation del this file if date n time is current, from regedit seach all occurance of \se.dll as mell as in msconfig,, I did it,
remembers home page and mindless things
Steven C delete with trend micro cw shredder at  See also: Link
MikeS I agree that this is a TJ with a hidden original. I actually tried to delete it with Killbox which normally deletes files that an os can't but even that didn't work. To be honest I couldnt be bothered going in to safe mode and deleting it etc. Reason wh - cause my pc is too old now (win 89 se). Has anybody here tried a fee paying anti virus / anti spyware tool? Would Norton do the job?
stef It displays multiple pop-ups and resets your homepage to "about:blank" it can be removed from your registry manually I did it before, but when I ran the internet again it was back in its full glory slowing my system and crashing IE as it is now...
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