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RadExe.dll process file

What is RadExe.dll? Is RadExe.dll spyware or a virus?
Process name: RadExe Module

Product: RadExe Module

Company: unknown

File: RadExe.dll

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93 users ask for this file. 1 user didn't rate it ("don't know"). 17 users rated it as not dangerous. 1 user rated it as neutral.

All comments about RadExe.dll:
File for Radeon video driver but dont know what it does!
it adds a overclocking option to the standard ati control panel. It is not made by ATI , so far as I am able to determine so long as you are careful using it... it's harmless.
Stoy Its for drivers made by OMEGA, it is not dangerous, it enables video card overclocking on radeon based video cards.  See also: Link
Radlinker - Graphicboard
Reiner Zufall Its a file from the Radeon Omega Driver which can control the clockrate of your GPU
Washere It's been around for a while, many people use it. Not harmfull at all (get this out of the red).
Jay It is a portion of the omega driver package for radeon video cards
Ade Very true - it installed as part of the overclocking tools for the omega drivers
Hooze Overclocking tool. No problem.
FlameBoy It's used to create RadLinks, which are effectively shortcuts with extra options to set the overclocking level of your radeon video card. This lets you set up different levels of overclocking for different games.
Henk Its for drivers made by OMEGA, it is not dangerous, it enables video card overclocking on radeon based video cards  See also: Link
9800XT its ok as long as you know you changed your GPU and GFX card memory speeds. Correctionh to the link above.  See also: Link
Mike S. It's for Overclocking with the Omega Drivers.  See also: Link
Syd omega/radeon driver
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