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Process name: fasttraktype DLL or ptipbmf DLL
Product: fasttraktype Dynamic Link Library
Company: Promise Technology, Inc (www.promise.com) or Promise Technology,Inc (www.promise.com)
File: ptipbmf.dll

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Average user rating of ptipbmf.dll: 5 based on 34 votes. Read also the 24 reviews.

404 users ask for this file. 30 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as neutral. 4 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about ptipbmf.dll:
greekpimp from fast trak raid drivers from promise technologies
rabbit Installed with the miniport drivers for Promise hard drive controllers in both RAID and non-RAID installations. May be necessary in order to maintain preferences applied to the RAID array connected to the Promise controller
zdDog belongs to RAID controller FastTrack
it is the driver for RAID-Controler by Promise
Steve Robbins Promise Technology ATA & SATA cache set
Marc This file is made by Promise Technology Inc..
Bob I started getting a message at boot up, stating that it was checking ide drives, and then it would say something about fastrak. I dont use my ide drives, I have serial ata and my drives are in a raid 0 so I dont use the promise thingy. Anywhoooo, I started getting this message after I disconnected everything from the back of my pc and then plugged everything back in except my zip drive, now if that caused the problem I dont know, but a screen came up prompting me to choose which drives I was going to use, and stupid me, I chose the ide drives,and I now get that message (at boot) all the time.
Nafni Installed with the miniport drivers for Promise hard drive controllers in both RAID and non-RAID installations. May be necessary in order to maintain preferences applied to the RAID array connected to the Promise controller
Davros As far as I am aware this is a driver for promise techs raid card
net guy put the file back into c:\windows\system32 folder and the error goes away.
blinkdt Necessary for my Promise RAID Controller
tl RAID controller.
Fernando I think it's related to SATA drivers
scott Is installed along with a variety of drivers provided by Promise Technology, for use with their PCI-based storage interface products. The command line "rundll32.exe ulutil2.dll,SetWriteBack" instructs the Promise driver to use write-back caching, which increases performance but very slightly increases the risk of data loss due to cached disk writes not being committed in the event of a system crash or freeze. Can be removed from startup, but should generally be left intact.
JohnO356 As said above-- Promise Controller Driver
john My Asus mother board has a SATA RAID controller built in. This dll is needed for it
Torin FastTrack RAID Support
Air T. File ptipbm.dll belongs to RAID controller FastTrack
spi Promise RAID Controller
Pete N Repeat Me think it may be Promise driver for RAID/SATA thingy. If you remove it your children will go sterile.
Keith It is part of the Promise Raid controller for ASUS KV8 MBs
Clint ptipbm is for NON-RAID apps, ptipbmF is for RAID and is only installed if the RAID drivers are installed (at least it's this way on an Asus P4C800-E Deluxe mobo)
!ERIK! In my setup I have an ASUS A8V Deluxe that has a Promise Fast Trak 378 chip that is for RAID or non RAID. The DLL in questions is needed to keep your RAID aray in sync, phase locked if you will, so that in the event of a drive failure your data to the spare drive is hopfully all intact. FYI I use RAID 1 mirroring for security.
i used SuperRabit MagicSet to look up autorun programs and found the item "Ptipbmf".then i searched in Google .and i know it's about driver from PT,INC.

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