What is PQV2iSvc.exe? Is PQV2iSvc.exe spyware or a virus?

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Process name: Service Module or V2i Protector Service Module
Product: Norton Ghost or V2i Protector or Nero 7 Ultra Edition or Starry Night Enthusiast or InterVideo WinDVD
Company: Symantec Corporation (www.symantec.com) or PowerQuest Corporation (www.powerquest.com)
File: PQV2iSvc.exe

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of PQV2iSvc.exe: 4.5 based on 41 votes. Read also the 35 reviews.

588 users ask for this file. 31 users rated it as not dangerous. 2 users rated it as not so dangerous. 6 users rated it as neutral. 2 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 6 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about PQV2iSvc.exe:
Stephen Norton Ghost / Powerquest v2i software
'][' ']\[' Ghost 9.0 file... OK
Greg Part of norton ghost 9  See also: Link
Kitten Appears to be Nortons Ghost
red a bit useless but harmless
www.intrax-it.com Symantec Norton Ghost drive snapshop background process
Elaine Power Quest backup process
Greg It eats up 70-80% of my processor and I cannot end the process. Even if I have all backups disabled it still runs. Bogs my system down.
bav Can it process to consume 20 Mb of memory when I not restoring data?
Tim It uses up tons of CPU capacity, and nothing happens when I turn it off with ctl-alt-delete
[]-[].[].[]v[] well, i always exit it and it doesnt affect my pc...and im pretty sure that its from norton beacuse i didnt have it before,im a guy who usually likes to have minimal processes working...so i exit it out.
Dave If you need Powerquest Drive image installed leave it. If you uninstall the program it stays, then re-boot in Safe Mode and delete it. Worked for me. I think after you repartition a drive you need this file as part of an undo process to work correctly.
Paul Olson Partition Magic
Folco Belongs indeed to Norton Ghost. To stop it, stop the "Norton Ghost" process in "Services"
Trueplayer A Norton file, should not cause you problems; if you are see link  See also: Link
Power Quest ,comes with Norton Ghost
Cactusnic Norton Ghost
jim it is norton ghost process
aceclose came with norton. i check my processes after every install and i installed norton ghost 9 tonight and straight away this showed up. it is powerquest v2. part of norton. clean!
Norton Ghost
David PowerQuest was bought by Symantec so it's Ghost 9 or old Drive Image. If you have validate image checked, it will use up lots of cpu power after the backup is done.
Dale It is Norton Ghost and it only eats up CPU when it is not working right for me. I reboot and that solves the issue.
AD Norton Ghost process
Swampwallaby Norton Ghost backup process
num3fan348 Does this service slow down computer startup/shutdown?
hayhaypaula It is located in my Norton Ghost/Agent folder and is obviously a Ghost process.
Administrative service for scheduling and disk imaging.
Captain Picard its Norton Ghost
Martin Part of Norton Ghost
Lynn West it's used to make a mirror image of your hard drive
Cody Seems to be related to Norton Ghost, but it has a lot of I/O reads to the hard drive, which can slow things down
e Norton Ghost service
Required BY DI 7 for making disk or partition image backups. main program of Powerqwest Drive Image 7. Allows onlineonline backups of open files. older programs would need to reboot to access the drive hardware before windows so there would be nothing happening with the disk during the imaging process. this is a low level service to attain that close access to the physical drive.
nolz A Norton Ghost file, it runs even if you deselect ghost from the startup tab on msconfig.exe. Sometimes fairly lightweight, this file seems to occasionally go for the power grab and soak your CPU bigtime. If you have this file running and never use Norton Ghost, and your IT dept does not use Ghost when you're gone to make periodic backups: Uninstall Ghost!
cj Used by Norton Ghost

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