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Process name: Patin-Couffin low level access layer for CD devices or low level access layer for CD/DVD/BD devices
Product: Patin couffin engine or Low level access layer for CD devices or VSO Software pcouffin
Company: VSO Software (www.vso-software.fr)
File: pcouffin.sys

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of pcouffin.sys: 4 based on 66 votes. Read also the 58 reviews.

540 users ask for this file. 39 users rated it as not dangerous. 11 users rated it as not so dangerous. 4 users rated it as neutral. 5 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 7 users rated it as dangerous. 7 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about pcouffin.sys:
mAd DVD Fab DVD lovlevel Treiber
Marmbo It is part of the install of DVD X Copy from what I can tell.
Its for DVD decoding, used by DVD copy prgs such as DVD XCopy Platinum, etc. harmless & necessary for these prgs to work
Jesse Silverglate Part of DVD Xcopy can cause Stop errors in XP system . If that happens disable when not using XCopy .
Jon It installs with VSO DIvX to DVD. Everytime I've installed it, playing dvd's and cd's lag horribly.
Mike It comes with DVDFab Platinum
IndianCheese It was required to install my PSP Video Vault software, which can rip from DVDs.
Zach Pcouffin is part of the Patin Couffin Layer for Dvd/Cd copying developed by VSO software for apps like DvdXCopy, DvdFab, etc
Liam it a process that comes with dvd applications...harmless really
RogerK It is a DVD decoder / driver for viewing movies. It does NOT de-encrypt CSS.
cpswarrior Installs whenever you install most DVD copy program  See also: Link
Andrew It is a necessary part of DVDFab Decryptor Platinum
Rico S Suave This is not from DVD X copy, because I installed it my self, it's a "paten couffine driver" used for decoding Movies, Leave it, it's fine :-).. You can add or remove it at any time with the "patin checker file" as needed while recording or not. You can also find it at this link above, but hush is thw word..  See also: Link
av cd/dvd driver for vso products (ConvertXtoDVD, etc.)
Jaap F
jbourne seems to be an issue with programs DVDFAB Platinum for copying DVDs
John A piece of crap...stops XP from a repair install
Tycale Convert X to DVD too
James Klaven It is a secret log kept by the FBI as part of its anti=piracy measures.
Matthew Effting It is installed as a part of DVD Fab Platinum but some malware can disguise themselves as pcouffin.sys  See also: Link
machinex757 that's it. comes with dvdfab platimum.
Bashi bouzouk From French cny VSO soft - comes with most of DVD decryptors  See also: Link
thomas it has something got to do with dvd software (burning software or dvd player)
J. J. Installed with Video Convert Master
jcland Installed by 1 Click DVD Copy Pro
BlackWhizz It is a part of ConvertXtoDVD
Matthew appears when im installing any software that has to do with DVD copying/ripping also software that burns AVI/MPG, and other movie file types. I believe its harmless.
Jack It was installed when i installed VSO's 'convert X to DVD' software
Frank idiots it is tricking you it is bad and it broke my pc
Jose installed with convertx2dvd  See also: Link
topdog if you are using DVD x Platium and you put dvd fab on you will not be able to use Platium again without some problems in short it will mess up ANY DVD and require to reinstall it best answer if programs like DVD X Platium are working ok do not install DVD Fab
for dvd decoding and encoding
Ben Is a part of the installation of Clone DVD
crash resident in my device mgr also .. do believe it is with dvdfab or such .. could this possibly be a virtual drive also ? .. my call of duty 2 single player wont run ..detects an emulator running /instaleed ... I can t not Find Any Emulator software running anywhere .. except for this pcouffin thing !
Stabilator Low-level CD-ROM driver installed by ConvertXtoDVD, is buggy and makes your system BSOD with PFN_LIST_CORRUPT 0x000004E error. Get rid of this software, there are hundreds of alternatives, besides an AVI-encoding application has no rights to start screwing with low-level cdrom drivers anyway.
Lakotahope when installing CloneDVD this installation wrote to this file....as it had previously expired as a trial ver., I thought to uninstall and clean registry, then reinstall..wondering where the time counter was kept....I still don't know... try using What's Running prgm to see how anything else accesses pcouffin.sys
Jorge part of DVDFab Platinum DVD ripper software
from DVDfab
lostinlodos Used in many programs, especially DVD and Codec software, needed for some video types to play, leave it alone.. WMV (DRM), WMA (DRM) , WMH, WMVHD and MP4HD will not play if unloaded/deleted.
It's a dvd burning/decoding file
Ivan Rudakov Comes with DVDFab, I think
Anant It is installed by Plato DVD Copy
jomama came with a hacked version of dvd fab platinum
User DVD decoder used by ConvertXtoDVD
arsinoljsw why cant i install DVD Xcopy on vista. I know Pcouffin.sys has something to do with it
temp ConvertXtoDvd installation
it works great for converting files to dvd format
comes with covert x to dvd
Fernando C. DVD decoder used by ConvertXtoDVD
stella it started installing when installing 1 click dvd
Richard Meyer Feeding this file to the "XP Installation" repair process allowed my repair to complete porperly. I simply found the driver "pcouffin.sys" on a known good instalation of XP that had "DVD Xcopy Platinum" and copied the file over by burning it to a CD.
Anon Closes Computer Continuosly
Reyals installed with blazehdtv
Ken CloneDVD will add it in. Check an analysis (file added) by Mcafee on installation of it in the link.  See also: Link
James Had problems for two weeks after installing ConvertXtoDVD, had to do system restore twice, still not sure if that fixed everything. Pcoufin is DANGEROUS.
Veio na instalação do MagicVideo Converter
Avohoito Came with DVDfab. On Vista Ultimate x86 and x64 locks LG GGW-H20L Blu-Ray Drive completely. Remove and you are golden. Tested on nVidia and Intel chipsets.
Muntra Installs with VSO-burning engine (which may install with DVDFab)  See also: Link

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